6 Things to do in Alexandria egypt


Explore Alexandria in a different  way and make new activities in Alex. 5 things



to do in Alexandria city, book your tour online now.

1.    Activities to do in alexandria: 

  1. Day Tour in Alexandria “Explore one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt where the see meets the history. Discover the city and visit the attractive sites in Alexandria”.
  2. Sea Food Tour “Have experience to taste the most delicious Egyptian food which you will never find in any place”.
  3. Shopping Tours “Get a fantastic Alexandria Shopping Tour, gold vendors, antiques, fabric, carpets and more you will find in one of the most famous markets in Alexandria such as Zanqt El Setat Bazar”.

2.    Places to Visit in alexandria: 

  1. Alalmein “It’s considered a place of pilgrimage, pray for the soldiers from all over the world who lose their lives in the war”.
  2. Rosetta “City of Rosetta is considered as a large open-air museum for Islamic architecture. Discover the city and take a tour to view the Islamic Turkish style of the Hanging Mosque”.

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