Petra Tours von Taba


Besuchen Sie Petra, die Rote Rosenstadt in Jordanien, während Sie von Taba aus reisen. Sie haben die Möglichkeit, am Toten Meer vorbeizufahren, bevor Sie wieder nach Ägypten zurückkehren.




-Yachtticket Taba / Aqaba / Taba Abholung von Ihrem Hotel.
-Englisch sprechender Reiseführer.
-Eintrittsgebühren zu den oben genannten Sehenswürdigkeiten.
-Eine Flasche Mineralwasser pro Person.
-Alle Steuern und Servicegebühren.
-Rückfahrt-Yachtticket Taba / Aqaba / Taba Alle Transfers mit klimatisierten Bussen.
-Ganztägige Tour in Petra zu allen wichtigen Sehenswürdigkeiten.
-Jordanisches Einreisevisum.

* Die Preise werden pro Person in US-Dollar angegeben.


-Alle optionalen Touren

Preise & Unterkunft


Single 2-3 Persons 4-6 Persons 7-10 Persons
$ 650 $ 510 $ 440 $ 375


ETB Tours Egypt guest, have a wonderful morning in the beautiful city of Taba! Start your day by refreshing yourself with a shower and preparing for an exciting adventure tour to Petra. Our ETB Tours Egypt representative will pick you up from your hotel in Taba in a modern air-conditioned car, and you will be transferred to Taba port.

From Taba, you will board a ferryboat that will take you to Aqaba port in Jordan. During the journey, you will have the opportunity to marvel at the wonders of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth and the saltiest sea in the world. The Dead Sea is known for its unique properties, and you will experience its buoyancy firsthand.

Upon arrival in Aqaba, you will proceed to Petra, an ancient city established by the Nabataeans in the 3rd century BC. Petra is renowned for its pink rock-cut architecture and its rich history. Often referred to as the "Red Rose City," it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

To enter Petra, you will ride a horse through the Siq, a narrow canyon that leads to the main site. As you journey through the Siq, you will be surrounded by stunning natural scenery and have the opportunity to admire the impressive monuments carved into the rock formations.

Explore the fascinating ancient city of Petra, marveling at its intricate architecture, such as the Treasury (Al-Khazneh), the Monastery (Ad-Deir), and the Royal Tombs. Learn about the rich history and culture of the Nabataeans as you wander through this extraordinary site.

After your day tour to Petra from Taba, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Taba by ETB Tours Egypt. Relax and reflect on the unforgettable experiences and magnificent sights you encountered during your adventure to Petra.

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