Touren zum St. Katharinenkloster ab Taba


Wenn Sie Abenteuer mögen, sollten Sie den Sinai-Berg besteigen und das St. Catherine-Kloster im Sinai mit ETB Tours Egypt besuchen. Genießen Sie Ihre Taba-Tagestour.



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-Abholung von Ihrem Hotel.
-Englisch sprechender Reiseführer.
- Eintrittsgebühren zu den oben genannten Sehenswürdigkeiten.
-Eine Flasche Mineralwasser pro Person.
-Alle Steuern und Servicegebühren.

* Die Preise werden pro Person in US-Dollar angegeben.


-Alle optionalen Touren

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Single 2-3 Persons 4-6 Persons 7-10 Persons
$ 260 $ 140 $ 120 $ 80

ETB Tours Egypt guest, have a wonderful day! Get ready for a captivating day tour to St. Catherine Monastery from Taba. Around 10:00 pm, our representative will pick you up from your hotel in Taba and transfer you by a private air-conditioned vehicle to start climbing Mount Sinai at around 2:00 am.

Climbing Mount Sinai is always a thrilling and breathtaking experience. The mountain stands at an elevation of 2286 meters above sea level, offering stunning views of the surrounding region of Saint Catherine. It is believed to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God.

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, you will spend the night gazing at the mesmerizing starry sky of Sinai. The sunrise from the summit will leave you awe-inspired. After sunrise, you will descend the mountain and visit the historic St. Catherine Monastery, the oldest continuously operating monastery in the world.

St. Catherine Monastery is renowned for its collection of rare books and manuscripts housed in its library. After completing your visit to St. Catherine Monastery, ETB Tours Egypt will ensure a smooth transfer back to your hotel in Taba.

During your visit, you may also explore Mount Al-Tur, which holds religious significance and historical value. This sacred mountain is mentioned in the Holy Quran, Torah, and Gospels, making it a place of global recognition. The natural beauty of Mount Al-Tur will captivate you, with its pine and oak trees and a winding road leading to the mountain's summit, which offers panoramic views of the Marh bin Amer plain in the south, as well as the Fakoaa and Samra mountains.

What will you see on Mount Al-Tur? There are numerous religious and archaeological sites of great importance, particularly in the Christian faith. The Transfiguration Church is located at the top of Mount El-Tur and dates back to 1919-1924. This Catholic church was built upon the remains of a Byzantine church from the 18th century. The church belongs to Franciscan monasticism, and you can visit the adjacent monastery where the monks reside.

Additionally, you can visit the Catholic Church, which was constructed in 1862 with the support of individuals from Romania. This church, a replica of the Prophet Elijah, was the first non-denominational Christian church built by Romanians in the Holy Land.

As you explore the mountain, you will come across ancient archaeological caves with historical significance. These caves served as pilgrimage sites for Christians during the Middle Ages, with designated visiting hours.

Your visit to Mount Al-Tur is an extraordinary experience, as the mountain holds religious significance, being the place where God revealed Himself to the Prophet Moses. Part of Mount Al-Tur is located in Egypt, while the other part extends into Palestine. Its mention in the Bible and Torah further adds to its importance. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and fresh air during your tour of Mount Al-Tur, making it a truly memorable journey.

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