Abdeen Palace Museum

Abdeen Palace Museum

Abdeen Palace Museum, Cairo: A Tourist's Guide

Although Egypt is filled with luxurious Pharaonic, Islamic and Coptic museums, Abdeen Palace and its museums have features that differ from other museums that you will discover in Egypt tours. In Abdeen Palace Museums you will recognize the kings of Egypt in the modern era who ruled Egypt since Muhammad Ali Pasha ruled Egypt until the reign of King Farouk, the last king who ruled Egypt. The Abdeen Palace contains a group of historical and military museums that you will explore in Cairo day tours. These museums will make you close to the kings and their biography.

The history of Abdeen Palace Museum

This Abdeen Palace Museum is in the middle of Cairo which is a very spacious palace with an area of fifteen acres in the Republic Square in the Abdeen area that you can visit in Egypt travel Packages. This place was owned by a large military commander named Abdeen Bek. Khedive Ismail bought this palace from the widow of Abidin Bek. At that time, it was a small place. Khedive ordered the building of a palace in the modern French style in 1863 you will be dazzled in Egypt day tours by the splendor and majesty of the Abdeen Palace, which became the seat of government in 1872.

This Abdeen Palace Museum witnessed a large number of occasions and events that the Egyptians will not forget and also affected the modern history of Egypt. This palace is surrounded by iron walls and wonderful gardens containing trees, and ornamental plants. put your feet inside the most important palace in Egypt that was inhabited by six kings, all of them were sons and grandsons of Muhammad Ali Pasha, the governor who ruled Egypt during the reign of the Ottoman rule.

During your Egypt luxury tours in the palace museum, you will know that the late President Muhammad Anwar Sadat took this palace as the seat of government. The late President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak renewed This palace. This palace is a rare masterpiece to discover in Egypt Classic tours that was a witness to the most important events in the past. This palace continued to be the headquarters of the government for eighty years.

The importance of Abdeen Palace Museum

This palace is a symbol of democracy and represents the rule of the Egyptian people for the state. The construction of this palace was a major change in the rule of Egypt. Since the conquest of Egypt by Amr ibn al-Aas, Egypt was ruled from places far from the gatherings of Egyptians, and Amr ibn al-Aas ruled Egypt from the city of Fustat in Old Cairo. All this historical info will be relevant in Egypt Easter tours.

Ahmad ibn Tulun ruled Egypt from the city of Al-Qata’i, as well as Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, built his citadel on the mountain of Mokattam, which is in a very high separated place surrounded by walls and forts, therefore, the seat of government was a place isolated from the Egyptian life. After that the Khedive Ismail ordered the construction of the Abdin Palace and Egypt became managed from the heart of Cairo.

Your Egypt Christmas tours in Abdin Palace will be useful for you to know about the life of the kings and rulers of Egypt and how the ruler was spending his day, and the places in which they used to sit, eat and exercise, so you are a viewer of all the details of the life of the kings of modern Egypt. Be a guest in Abdin Palace, within minutes you will get acquainted with the luxurious rooms of the palace and its wonderful design contents. This palace captured the hearts of Egyptians and the hearts of rulers. Prepare in Cairo tour Packages to be the guest of kings to breathe fresh air inside the Palace Garden. Do not hesitate to enjoy the most beautiful view inside Abdeen Palace and check out more 7 Days Egypt tours.

The famous events in Abdeen Palace Museum

The Abdeen Palace witnessed important events in the history of Egypt. These events were a turning point for the rulers in Egypt and for the Egyptians who wanted to obtain their freedom and demanded equality. The most important of these events is the demonstration of the ninth of September 1881 in which a large number of Egyptians gathered and led them the leader Ahmed Orabi, who was riding on his horse and headed The Egyptians to the Abdeen Palace to say their demands for the Khedive, and the chief guard asked Orabi to get off his horse and walk on his feet to speak with the Khedive, but Ahmed Orabi refused and said that God created them free and did not create them as heritage or possessions the most important events in 1942 when the English government asked King Farouk to appoint Mustafa Pasha al-Nahhas as Prime Minister of Egypt, but King Farouk refused, so the British surrounded Abdin’s palace with tanks and forced King Farouk to appoint Mustafa Pasha al-Nahhas as prime minister. I Recommend continuing your journey in Cairo and take the Cairo islamic and Coptic tour after leaving Abdeen Museum Palace.

What is so special about Abdeen Palace Museum?

This magnificent palace has a unique architectural value that you will explore in Egypt Short break tours and has royal contents that tell the history of the kings and presidents who ruled Egypt. The palace has a theater for artistic and historical performances and seats covered with gold water. Inside the palace there are some suites, such as the Belgian suite in which the King of Belgium resided.

It is a very wide place that contains a hall designed in the Arabic style, and its floors are made of parquet. It has a door separating it from another hall called the Haramlek Hall, which only people distinguished by certain signs were allowed to enter.

There is a long corridor to enjoy and take photos via 10 Days Egypt tour packages in the throne hall that leads you to the royal suite covered with the most luxurious types of carpets. The royal suite has a number of rooms such as the bedrooms, the office, and the salon. There is also the queen’s suite. There is a guest suite.

On the ground floor there is the palace garden where you will enjoy viewing the most beautiful plants and trees inside through 15 Days Egypt tours & trips. There is also a very important pharmacy in it. There is also an office for King Farouk on this floor. Abdeen palace is one of the most important presidential palaces and it was restored by the late President Anwar Sadat, as well as the palace contains wonderful badges. These badges were placed in their suitable places.


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