Best Jordan Tours & Holidays 2024-2025

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Jordan has one of the most important tourist attractions in the world, such as the wonderful Petra, the Dead Sea, and the wonderful Wadi Rum desert, which makes it an exceptional tourist trip.

  In this report, we take you on a tour of tourism in Jordan, the right time to visit, and the best hotels.
Tourism in Jordan..the most important tourist cities and the right time to travel.Tourism in Jordan..the most important tourist cities and the right time to travel
The tourism sector in Jordan occupies a prominent position among the various economic sectors, due to its advantages and places favored by tourists around the world.

The right time for tourism in Jordan

When do you go to Jordan?
  At any time of the year because it is characterized by four climatic regions, the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea have a particularly hot climate, and Aqaba has a warm climate almost all year round as it is located near the Red Sea with its tropical waters.

The most important tourist cities in Jordan

1. Tourism in Oman
Although Amman, the capital of Jordan, is not distinguished by its artistic historical richness, it preserves in its old town the ruins of ancient Greek Philadelphia and buildings from the Roman era, such as the theater, the Temple of Hercules, the castle, and a church from the Byzantine era.

Amman is one of the best tourist destinations in Jordan, as it is inhabited by a group of Jordanian residents, and it has many tourist attractions and shopping places, as it is the modern, cosmopolitan face of the country.

2. Wadi Rum desert
Located 4 hours south of Amman, Wadi Rum is arguably one of the most stunning desert landscapes in the Middle East.

And you can wander in the desert through excursions organized by the local Bedouins, which provides you with spending a full day in the desert through camping, and practicing sports such as horse riding, climbing, astronomical observation, and hiking to enjoy the antiquities from the Nabataean era.

3. Tourism in Aqaba

Aqaba is approximately 4 hours by road from Oman and just over an hour from the Wadi Rum desert. This beautiful city located on the Red Sea includes a group of wonderful coral reefs and calm tropical waters with little tides or waves. It is one of the most important Tourist attractions in Jordan for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, and one of the most important tourist places in Jordan, especially in the city of Aqaba, is the Japanese Gardens, as it is one of the best places for diving.

4. Tourism in Jerash
The city of Jerash is located north of Amman and it is one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world and the most in its magnificence. Tourists can enjoy visiting the archaeological sites such as theatres, famous squares and many temples, all from the Roman era.

How much does a visa cost to enter Jordan?
Jordan allows the issuance of a visa upon arrival, and the cost of the visa is about 50 euros. On the other hand, some tour operators in Jordan carry out the process of obtaining a free visa in the event of a contract with the traveler on tourism services.