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All about Abu Haggag Mosque

Devote a part of your time when you are in Luxor to visiting Abu Al-Hajjaj Mosque. This ancient mosque was built 850 years ago. Do not hesitate to visit one of the most beautiful mosques in Upper Egypt with ETb Tours Egypt. Abu Haggag Mosque acquires its importance from its presence in Luxor Temple, therefore it is an Islamic site at the heart of the Pharaonic civilization. If you visit the temple of Luxor via Egypt tour packages, you will visit the Abu al-Haggag Mosque. Most of the tourists in Luxor will devote a part of their time to be inside this mosque, the Mosque of Abu Al-Haggag in Luxor was built for Abu Al-Hajjaj and you will see this unique mosque in Luxor day tours, who was born in the sixth century in Iraq Abu Al-Hajjaj traveled from Baghdad to Mecca, which lasted for a short period, then he went to Egypt and settled in the city of Mansoura, one day he saw this person in a dream ordering him to go to Luxor in Upper Egypt, therefore, Abu al-Hajjaj moved to Luxor, and the people of Luxor welcomed him well. Abu Haggag al-Aqsory lived in Luxor till his death and people in Luxor celebrate the birthday of Abu Al-Hajjaj due to their admiration of him.

The Design of Abou al-Haggag Mosque

This beautiful mosque, which is a pearl among the mountains has four minarets. This mosque is a small place in the form of a square, and above it there is a small dome also, there is an entrance on the western side of the mosque. Abu-El-Haggag Mosque in Luxor was built on the borders of the Temple of Luxor and it was built during the era of the Fatimid state there is a minaret built in the Fatimid style, this minaret was ordered to be built by Minister Badr Al-Jama. Inside the mosque, there is a wonderful niche that is devoid of decoration and there is the shrine of Abu Al-Haggag Al-Aqsari, who is the mosque is named after him. This mosque has a group of balconies built with red bricks that you can see during Egypt short tour packages. This mosque was restored recently, and it took three years to restore the mosque, upon the restoration they discovered that the archaeological columns of Luxor Temple were used in building this mosque, as well as the remains of a church inside the mosque were discovered. The inscriptions on the Pharaonic columns indicate that Ramses II was absolved from stealing the statues of his ancestors. The restoration process in the Abu Al-Hajjaj Mosque was very important because the wooden ceilings were raised and replaced by another one, and the mosque was greatly expanded.

Abu al-Haggag Mosque (Islamic, Coptic and Pharaonic)

Your pleasant visit with Egypt classic tours to the Abu Al-Haggag Mosque will make you realize that this mosque contains among its walls Pharaonic, Islamic, and Coptic artifacts because the mosque’s restoration process illustrated the discovery of the remains of the fifth-century church, this church is built in the Roman style and there are pharaonic inscriptions on the eastern wall of the mosque that you will explore through Egypt Christmas tours. The pillars were moved from the Luxor Temple to build the mosque. The writings written in the hieroglyphic language explain that King Ramses II was making sacrifices to the god Amun Ra, therefore this mosque expresses the meeting of the three civilizations in Luxor. Your Egypt day tours of the Abu Al-Haggag mosque will be very valuable because you will be in Luxor Temple at the same time as your visit to Abu Al-Hajjaj Mosque. After you visit the mosque, enjoy the most beautiful Islamic views of many mosques in Luxor, and enjoy the Pharaonic antiquities in the Luxor Pharaonic Temple in your 5 days Egypt tour packages, which includes unique statues of the pharaohs, columns, and huge Pharaonic walls. Enjoy the fresh air in Luxor the capital of ancient Egyptian which was called Thebes, and it was a gathering place for armies in the Pharaonic era.

Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly Mosque

One of the other important mosques in Egypt is Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly Mosque, if you are a fan of beach tourism, you should go with Red Sea tour packages, which include first-class tourist cities. The Red Sea Governorate is one of the governorates that attract tourists due to the presence of the beaches of the sea. There is also the best archaeological mosque in Egypt, which is Abu al-Hassan al-Shazli mosque which will be included in Marsa Alam day tours. It was built in the era of the Ayyubid state. Where is the mausoleum of Abu al-Hassan al-Shazli? In Marsa Alam, this mausoleum has eight ribs on each rib there is a window and in the center of the mausoleum there are eight pillars and also has a dome and the roof of the mausoleum has decorations. Recently, the Ministry of Endowments built a mosque next to the mausoleum, this mosque has places for ablution, and there is a school for the memorization of the Holy Quran.

Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly Mosque is a Sufi Shelter

If you reach the village of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly, which is the pearl of the Eastern Desert, and the favorite place for Sufis in the world. this village is located 150 kilometers southwest of the city of Marsa Alam and you can reach this village with 14 days Egypt tours. This village is among the mountains of Wadi Hamithra. In this village there are the mosque and the tomb of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly, when you approach the mosque, you will see the beautiful lights shining from the minarets of the mosque, which has four minarets These minarets illuminate the desert. The number of residents of the village of Abu al-Hassan al-Shazli is two thousand people, most of whom work in grazing and gold prospecting. The tribe of Al-Ababda lives next to the mosque in the area of Hamithrai. The Admiration of Al-Shazly attracts many of his lovers to visit his mosque. Famous people visited the mosque for example, Shoky Allam, the Minister of Endowments, and Sheikh Ali Joma, the former Mufti, you will enjoy your visit to the village of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly from Egypt shore excursions, which is located in the heart of the desert because you can take safari trips in the areas near the mosque. These 9 days Egypt tour packages have different characteristics because you can enter the Bedouin tent to live in the desert environment and eat Bedouin food or have some drink. You can also go to Marsa Alam and enjoy the wonderful beach tourism, one of the most important advantages of your visit to the village of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly is that you will be in the open air among the beautiful golden mountain ranges. when you stand on the mountains in your luxury Egypt tours, you will see the ancient mosque, which is a jewel that illuminates this area. Enjoy your visit to the picturesque Red Sea governorate to enjoy the fun atmosphere there.


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