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The Tombs of Abydos

Spend your exciting tour in Upper Egypt at one of the most archaeological areas in the governorate of Sohag near Thebes with ETB Tours Egypt. This time you will be in the midst of a group of tombs that belong to ancient princes and kings where the first writing was found. This area is called the tombs of Abydos or Umm el-Qaab. You will enjoy your Egypt tour packages in one of the oldest ancient cemeteries to the east of the tombs of the kings. It will be a surprise for you when you know that 650 tombs have been discovered in this place.

When you visit the tombs of Abydos with Egypt Christmas tours, be sure that these tombs belong to the pre-dynastic era as well as the era of the first, second, and third families, there are the tombs of Dido, Philae, and Mandil, which belong to the regions that were the headquarters of the god Osiris. These historical tombs were used to bury the ordinary ancient Egyptians, then changed to bury princes. The tombs included the Pharaoh, who was called the first scorpion. This area became a place for the burial of kings and princes as you will discover from Luxor day tours. The area of Abydos or Umm el-Qaab was discovered in 1885 AD by Amal Imilino. In ancient times these tombs were called Khenta Minty, and their name changed during the Fifth Dynasty.

The value of the historical area of Abydos

Take your Egypt short tour packages of the archaeological area of Abydos. This region was the capital of Egypt at the end of the pre-dynastic era and the discovery of this place had a great role in knowing the beginning of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Recently, there was an important discovery that indicated the oldest civilization in ancient history, so you will be cheerful in such a place where the ancient kings and princes lived, and it is expected that the area of Abydos and the residential area are for the senior officials who were responsible for building tombs and royal walls. Also, Egypt in the pre-dynastic era includes the beginning of the existence of man on earth until the beginning of the era of King Mina who unified Egypt.

The Cemeteries of Abydos

Abydos area located in Sohag governorate is an area that you can reach with our cheap Nile cruises, it was sacred in ancient Egypt because it had cemeteries and old residential cities that had a large religious place. This area was a center for the worship of the god Osiris. Abydos region is distinguished by that it has a large number of tombs designed by the ancient kings.

There was an archaeological discovery and you will see it during 5 days Egypt tour packages that led to the identification of a place with cemeteries consisting of fifteen cemeteries as well as an ancient city. It is beautiful that tools of daily life, and primitive huts were found. This indicates that there was another city whose job was to support workers with food and drink to build tombs in this region. All these discoveries express the ancient Egyptian history and a lot of information about the Pharaohs, methods of burial, and life. It is wonderful that the discovered tombs that you will explore with Egypt day tours have unique architectural forms designed by the ancient Egyptians and there is more than one terrace in the tombs, and sometimes the numbers of terraces were up to four terraces, therefore these tombs are different from other tombs. This indicates the importance of the persons of these cemeteries, as well as they had a great social position during the era of the First Dynasties.

The tombs that had terraces in the era of the First Dynasty were in Saqqara, but the discoveries in the Abydos region indicated that the Abydos area had the Appearance of tombs with terraces. Also, 15 tombs were discovered that were made from mud brick, these tombs differed in their architectural style, and the discovery of these tombs had a great role in determining the history of the city of Abydos, as well as determining the social positions of the people who lived in this area.

Abydos Cemeteries are the oldest in history

Your tour from Egypt shore excursions to the Abydos region will be the most important because you will be in the oldest cemetery in human history. It has relics dating back to prehistoric times at late ages, therefore, the Abydos region is one of the most important areas in Egypt. This region is rich in information, and ancient relics. There are three ancient temples. These temples are the most famous temples built in the ancient era, these temples are the Temple of Ramses II, as well as the Temple of Seti and the Temple of Osiris and you can visit all these temples with our Nile cruises from Aswan to Luxor. This area is characterized by a large number of monuments buried underneath.

The oldest historical boat was discovered next to the Temple of Seti, as well as this area extends over an area of 400 acres and includes the Temple of Seti the first, the Senusret III funeral group, and the Ahmose I funeral group. There is also a Tite cabin. Taking care of this area began in the nineteenth century because it is a city full of relics that illustrate the history of Egypt over a very long period, and also a large number of pharaonic tombs and monuments have been restored in this region, as well as this the region reveals every day new secrets about the history of the Pharaonic dynasties. Your 14 days Egypt tours there will be very useful, through which you will learn about the history of kings and ancient myths as well as how to build cemeteries and tombs of princes, officials, and senior statesmen.

The modern state is present in Abydos

In the Abydos area and during 9 days Egypt tour packages, you will see the tomb of King Ahmose as well as the tomb of his grandmother TetiSheri and his wife Ahmose Nefertari. These tombs were built after dismissing the Hyksos from Egypt and during the period of the rule of the modern state and the nineteenth family, the buildings in Abydos belonged to King Seti I and Ramses II, and the built the Temple of Ramses the First and the Mortuary Temple of Seti the First and if you want to explore these amazing temples, Movenpick Darakum Nile cruise will make it easy for you.

It is wonderful that the Temple of Seti I retains its features now and has a yard and two holes leading to the main building, it has a slightly high platform and rooms belonging to Seti the First, as well as there is a list of the kings of Abydos in the southern part of the temple. Abydos preserved a great historical value due to its royal monuments and Pharaonic tombs as well as a large city many of its remains are now in the area. You will enjoy your 13 days Egypt tours of this wonderful archaeological area. know the burial methods of the ancient Egyptians. You can enjoy seeing tombs relatively different from the other tombs in Egypt from other day tours we provided like Alexandria day tours and Taba trips. This area is an archaeological area characterized by the presence of the oldest cemetery.


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