Baron Empain Palace

The Remarkable Baron Empain in Cairo

Take your Egypt tours in one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, which is the Baron Empain Palace. It is considered one of the archaeological palaces that you can visit via Cairo day tours. It was built in the nineteenth century. The Baron’s Palace is distinguished by sophistication and attractiveness and has a beautiful exterior. You will feel joy in Egypt travel packages when you first notice this palace. The Baron Palace belonged to the Belgian millionaire Baron Edward Empain, who came from India to Egypt in the nineteenth century.

The Baron chose a European design for this palace and chose the design of the French architect Alexander Marcel. It took about five years to build this palace. If you decide to visit this palace at night in your Egypt Classic tours, you will see the most beautiful lights. Which you love, so you can notice the beautiful colors of the walls of the Baron Palace, as well as you will get to know this wonderful palace through its distinctive design. This palace is located in the Heliopolis area in Cairo.

The Design of the Baron Empain Palace

Get ready to enjoy the most amazing archaeological places in your Egypt luxury tours. This palace extends over an area of 12500 meters and its design resembles the design of Hindu temples so from the inside you will see a beautiful European design similar to the design of the European Renaissance. The Baron Palace has 7 rooms and consists of two floors. A spacious hall has three rooms, one for hospitality and the second for dining, and there is a room dedicated to practicing billiards. All this historical info will be more relevant in Egypt Christmas tours. You will go up on the stairs made of marble and there are small Indian statues on it and after going up on the stairs you will find on the second floor a spacious hall and four bedrooms with floors covered with parquet and each room has a bathroom and these bathrooms are designed in a wonderful way, because these bathrooms are covered with mosaics of blue, red and orange colors ,these colors are harmonious with each other.

When you enter the rooms on the second floor you will find strange balconies carried on statues in the form of elephants and the floors of these balconies are covered with mosaics and there are twisted seats surrounded by statues everywhere. What do you think about taking a private tour of the Giza Pyramids after finishing your journey in Baron Empain Palace?

What to See in Baron Empain Palace?

If you can go up to the top of the Baron’s Palace in your Egypt day tours, you will find the wonderful roof that is wide and its floor is very beautiful as well as this roof resembles a park so the Baron used this roof for tea drinking at sunset and he also held some parties in it, as well as this roof are decorated with beautiful drawings of animals and plants, as well as some mythical creatures.

You can go up to this roof with a ladder made of luxurious rosewood. You will see a beautiful palace that you will not see anywhere else, because the design of this palace does not have any similar design anywhere, as well as the rooms of this palace are spacious. The air and sunlight go through the windows. It is strange that sunlight does not leave these rooms throughout the day. You will see in Egypt easter tours wonderful Indian statues as well as beautiful floors that have harmonious and attractive colors. You will enjoy the wonderful roof in this place.

Architectural masterpiece of Baron Empain Palace

If you focus on the materials used in the construction of the Baron Palace, you will find that these materials are alabaster, Italian marble and some types of glass that were brought from Belgium, and the people inside this palace can see through the glass of the windows and the opposite does not happen. When you approach the entrance to this palace, you will find through Cairo tour Packages wonderful statues and ivory spreads inside and outside the palace. You will find wonderful Greek decorations, as well as in the palace there are many Buddhist statues.

In the basement of this palace there is a kitchen and places for cars and there are a lot of rooms for servants as well as Marble Laundries. When you look at the basement you will find an elevator made of Walnut. This elevator leads to the dining room. You will see in this palace a high tower that was wrapped around itself because it is installed on a movable base so that it allows you to see the landscapes around you. The Baron’s palace tower has four floors and, in the middle, there is a spiral staircase on its sides with marble and inscriptions decorated with Indian Buddhist statues and on its balconies, there are wonderful decorations that will dazzle you in your Egypt Short Break tours. The palace garden contains flowers and plants and there is a tunnel under this palace that connects the palace and the basilica church. Cairo has wonderful places to visit because it is the capital, so do not miss the chance and take the Egyptian Museum and Khan El Khalili tour.

Who owns Baron Empain Palace?

Baron Edward Empain, he was an engineer and one of the richest in Belgium, he was born in 1852. This person was granted the title of Baron in 1907 by the King of Belgium, because he supported the colonies of the Kingdom of Belgium. He traveled to Several countries such as Congo and India, and then came to Cairo at the end of the nineteenth century. This person decided to stay in Egypt. He took the decision to establish a palace for him in one of the modern areas in Heliopolis and the architect Alexander Marcel chose this design and designed this palace in the European style of the Middle Ages. You will see the most beautiful rare scenes in this magnificent palace. During entering into the palace rooms in your 7 Days Egypt tours, you will find each room independently by itself and with a private bathroom. Indian Buddhist statues will attract you because there is no parallel in Egypt. You will see in every balcony a group of wonderful statues of elephants, and you will see statues made of ivory, as well as the area surrounding this palace is an area that has a natural and a beautiful shape. You will realize that the Baron’s choice of this place is a good decision, and after completing your 13 Days Egypt tour packages of the Baron Palace, you will be able to do many wonderful activities, such as visiting the area of Giza and also the city of Fustat.


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