Bayt Al-Suhaymi “House of Suhaymi

Bayt Al-Suhaymi is to be one of the most beautiful archaeological places. You will visit this house in Cairo and your visit to this place will be distinguished due to the wonderful location on Al-Muizz Street this area in Old Cairo contains a lot of Islamic antiquities and historical mosques, so you can enjoy a wonderful tour for a short time with ETB Tours Egypt. Many places appear in Old Cai, such as the Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque and many ancient mosques, as well as churches and monasteries in this place. The House of Al-Suhaimi was built on an area of half an acre in a small street called Al-Darb Al-Asfar. It is a museum of Islamic architecture and is considered a center of artistic creativity.

All About the House of Al-Suhaimi

This house is a traditional Arab house that you can visit during Egypt travel packages, but it has a style dating back to Cairo, and this house consists of two parts, namely the Kebly side and the Bahri side in relation to the tribal section, built by Sheikh Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Tablawi and the Bahri section built by Sheikh Ismail Shalabi. You can enter the house in your Cairo tour packages through an entrance that leads to the yard in which there are plants and trees, and all the rooms of the house look out over the courtyard. This house was built in a wonderful and special Ottoman style and the ground floor was for men.

The Ground Floor of Bayt Al-Suhaymi

The ground floor of Bayt Al-Suhaymi is a distinct and tidy place, and there is a hall divided into two parts. The ground floor is covered with colored marble, there is also a group of writings on the walls and poetic verses. The ceiling of this hall is made of wood covered with drawings and plant decorations and you can see this amazing house with our Cairo walking tour, this hall was used to receive guests Men, and senior officials, and there is another section on this floor on the north side that passes inside the house the cold sea air and has a wooden roof. This place was used in the summer and on the seaside or Bahri side, there is another council and that consists of two parts, and this place is distinguished by the architectural splendor and luxury, in the middle, there is a covered water basin, and its fountain in the form of a candlestick, the Bahary part has a ceiling of wood in the middle of it has a small dome with a group of openings through which air and light enter. Also during Cairo day tours, you will see that there is a very beautiful room for reading the Holy Qur'an. There is a large chair made of wood and there is in this room a lamp made of copper lighted by oil and when you walk around this ground floor, you will find that Al-Suhaymi House is a house built in the traditional style and there are many rooms that have different purposes and decorations. This house will attract you through classic Egypt tours with its beauty as well as this house has a very external shape. Enjoy watching the ground floor of the House of Al Suhaimi and you will be surprised by many wonderful places inside it.

The First Floor of the Suhaimi House

When you go up from the first floor, you will notice that there are many rooms for the family and you will find that these rooms are similar to the ground floor rooms, but these rooms differ because they have many windows, these windows look out to the street. In your Egypt short tour packages, you will be surprised at the beauty of the first-floor rooms covered with blue faience and beautiful floral decorations. There is also dinnerware made of porcelain and decorated ceramics, and on the first floor, there is a small room that is used for storing crops. On this floor, there is a wonderful bathroom covered with white marble and a wonderful ceiling in the shape of a dome. In this bathroom, there is a stove for heating water and there is a basin carved from one piece of harnessed marble, in addition to the water tank. There are also two parts in this house that you can explore during Egypt day tours, where is one of them in the front which is a garden in which there is a wooden sofa and many trees, while the back has a water basin and a mill.

Al-Suhaimi House Artistic Creativity Centre

You will find this house as an open museum of the wonderful Islamic architectural arts. The Suhaimi Museum is also a center for artistic creativity of the Cultural Development Fund, and this house hosts different teams of folklore and you can easily book our 5 days Egypt tour packages to enjoy visiting this historical house. These teams in Al-Suhaimi House offer musical arts, the art of puppets, and the art of shadow imagination. There are places to teach young people at the museum to preserve the ancient Egyptian heritage and protect the Egyptian heritage from being disappeared. This house was once upon it for a long time. Therefore, the government restored it with a grant from the Arab Development Fund, which cost 10 million pounds and the restoration work continued in this museum for five consecutive years. And if you are on Al-Muizz Street visiting Al-Suhaimi House, you should try the Cairo food tour to enjoy the amazing Egyptian food during your visit.

Al-Suhaimi House is an Ottoman Architectural

Al-Suhaimi House is considered one of the most important archaeological houses in the world and indicates the splendor of Islamic architecture in the Ottoman era, and we will take you on a journey through the Ottoman era with our Egypt Christmas tours. Archaeologists described Bayt Al-Suhaymi as the pearl and crown of Ottoman architecture. It is wonderful that despite many years since its establishment, it retains all its features and derives its importance from the distinctive heritage site and it is noticeable that the house of Al-Suhaimi is distinguished by the wonderful Ottoman planning, which consists of two floors, as well as in front of the door of the house there are two trees, one of which is olive trees and the other is a Sidra tree. After you cross the door in your 14 days Egypt tours, you will find yourself on the ground floor of the House of Suhaimi. Enjoy your visit to the House of Suhaimi with Egypt tours and see the ancient Islamic architecture and how the Ottomans designed this house. You will see the life of the Egyptians in that period how they were eating and the rooms of the house. You will imagine the classic old life that the Egyptians lived during the period of Ottoman and Mamluk rule.


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