Egypt Nile River: Nile River Map, Nile River Facts, Nile River History

Egypt Nile River: Nile River Map, Nile River Facts, Nile River History

Egypt Nile River
Nahr al Neel, Bahr al Neel or the Nile River are the same river in Egypt. It is the only river in Egypt and the tallest one in the world-The kind river and the artery of life in Egypt and in many countries in Africa- the Nile River has an important and a historical role for the Egyptian, It is the main source for happiness and prosperity.

The Nile River is very popular all over the world. You will be lucky to be here in Egypt to stay nearby the Nile River and the wonderful nature.

Fortunately, when you look toward the Nile River you will see the green plants beside the river where the farmers work and grow their plants and you will watch the amazing fields covered in green color.

Beside the river you can enjoy watching the eastern desert and its mountains. The yellow and brown colors of the desert reward you the relaxation and the quietness you need.

At the same time, you can understand the real sense of how the nature gives you the most valuable factors for relaxation, desert, fields, and the Nile River.

Do not forget to be near the Nile River either in Luxor or in Aswan. In El-Minia or Asyut, all these cities are located on the bank of the Nile River. Furthermore, that actually you feel the clear air.

The smell of the water mixed with the fame of the fields will be the surprise. Stay on the bank of the river. Try to be a fisher man by putting your hock in the Nile and practice your best hobby. Fish is the most delicious plate you will have if you stay near the Nile River.


Celebrations on the banks of the Nile.

There is no doubt that the banks of the Nile River are one of the most beautiful tourist places that you will think about a lot after ending your visit to Egypt, as it is the place that combines the magic of nature and the splendor of the excellent services that you can see around you.

Indeed, the banks of the Nile will show the beautiful scenery of green trees and beautiful fields in order to relax Your sight and you will also see a large group of comfortable luxury hotels overlooking the Nile.

Enjoy sitting on the banks of the Nile in the beautiful restaurants and eat fresh meals, the most famous of that is the delicious meals of Nile fish.

The government in Egypt, as well as investors, is interested in highlighting the beauty of the charming banks of the Nile River, where you will find all the services, restaurants and hotels, as well as fishing tools and beautiful heritage boats that will dazzle you with their beautiful colors and will attract you to the independence of these boats on the banks of the Nile River from the ancient heritage that is interesting and interesting, so do not forget and be keen to stay Beside the banks of the Nile.


The ancient Egyptians celebrated the Nile River.


The ancient Egyptians gave a great interest and sacredness to the Nile River, as they considered it a source of goodness and giving. the Nile River was a great source of life that characterized Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians dedicate a day that they called the Great Day of Loyalty, and it is said that they used to present one of their daughters to the river, but this narration was not substantially correct and this was an expression of their love and appreciation for the Nile River and they called the Nile River the God Habi and the ancient priests held huge celebrations of great importance and gathered a lot of people in order to see the celebrations, as well as the ancient Egyptian kings were interested in the Nile and that was indicative of their love and knowledge of the importance of this river. Among a large group of princes, the king sailed inside one of the great beautiful boats in the Nile River.

Despite the different stories about the way the ancient Egyptians celebrated the Nile River, but it is proven that they used to sanctify this river, the source of goodness, blessing and loyalty, and all these ancient stories showed the ancient Egyptians’ interest with the Nile River . They were really great.


The Nile River in Luxor and Aswan. | You can enjoy Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan

Egypt Nile River in Luxor and Aswan gives a wonderful scenery that makes them one of the most beautiful cities in the world and gives them the most beautiful colors.

The Nile River in Luxor and Aswan is distinguished by its width from the rest of the Republic, and in Luxor in particular, the Nile River plays an important role in transporting the guest from the eastern mainland to the west, where they can see the huge temples and beautiful museums on the western mainland, and the beautiful Nile boats are used to transport tourists and these boats are considered the most beautiful landmarks that characterize Luxor and Aswan.

The ancient Egyptians cut large stones that transported them from one place to another using the Nile River, especially during the days of the flood, so the ancient Egyptians were known that they were the most intelligent people in the world and their civilization was amazing achievements. Really when you visit Luxor and Aswan you will be in a great joy.

The agriculture on the Nile.

The ancient Egyptians gave a great importance to the agriculture, as Egypt is a large agricultural country since a long time and agriculture is totally dependent on the Nile River.

When you look at the Nile River, you will see the beautiful agricultural fields next to it, and this indicates the interest that the ancient Egyptians used to give to the Nile River and the soil in Egypt is considered Very fertile due to the seasonal floods that were coming from the south, carrying the good of the Nile for the Egyptians.


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