Kalabsha Temple

Kalabsha Temple: A Nubian Treasure Near Aswan

Enjoy visiting one of the most beautiful temples of ancient Egypt, which is the Temple of Mandolis. It is the sun god of the Nubians that is known as Kalabsha Temple. If you decide to visit the Temple of Kalabsha during Egypt tours, you will travel 15 Km south of Aswan. This wonderful temple was located on the western bank of the Nile River. The Romans built this temple in 30 BC. Emperor Augustus ordered the construction of this temple on the ruins of the temple of Amenhotep III. It is seventy-six meters long and twenty-two meters wide. Although this temple was in the Roman era, it contains drawings of the god Horus that you will discover in Egypt day tours.

When you visit the Kalabsha temple during Aswan day tours, you will find stairs leading you to the roof of the temple, which overlooks the holy lake. This temple is distinguished by the drawings and inscriptions documenting the orders of the Roman commander to prevent pigs from entering the temple and there are drawings of the king of Nubia who appears riding a horse and fights the enemies and the water would flood this temple due to the construction of the High Dam. The water gathered behind this dam, therefore The German government supported the Egyptian government to move this temple to another place. This temple is one of the most famous Nubian temples in our Egypt Classic tours.

The History of the Kalabsha Temple

In this temple there were several idols for worship to explore in Egypt luxury tours, such as Amun-Ra, Ptah, Khanum, Isis, and Osiris, but the main and most famous deity in this temple was the god Mandulis, who was known to be the sun god. It is said that it is the god Horus. Also, there are many inscriptions and drawings on the walls of this temple showing the kings and rulers of this era with the gods and there are some drawings of the kings during the wars and the performance of religious rituals. All these historical info will be relevant in 7 Days Egypt tours.

This temple is distinguished by a distinctive facade, which is a charming achievement that leads you to a large courtyard, then a hall of columns, then you will find the Holy of Holies which consists of three rooms. What do you think about continuing your Aswan and Luxor day tours and taking a felucca tour on Elephantine Island?

What to see in Kalabsha Temple?

This temple has texts documenting the strength of the army at this time, and there are two historical texts, the first of which is King Silicon, who showed that he defeated the Palmyans who were brought by the Romans. After that the Palmyans wanted peace, and the king agreed to stop the war when he knew that they did not break their vows, and there is another text that forbids pigs from entering the temple, and this text belongs to a great Roman governor and the temple walls contain Greek and demotic lines, as well as Coptic writings, and this is evident on its columns.

Kalabsha temple that is included in our 13 Days Egypt tour Packages contains writings of bright and stable colors, and there is no doubt that if you visit the Kalabsha temple, you will feel very comfortable and you will know that the human can to build these huge temples and the achievements that were made in order to move the Kalabsha temple from one place to another place. This temple has great holiness According to the Romans, therefore, this temple was one of the most famous temples that have great historical significance that is considered a must see in Egypt easter tours and illustrate the ability of the ancient Egyptians, and this temple is one of the most beautiful temples of Nubia, and it is a temple that combined the Egyptian and Nubian style in building. Do not miss visiting a nubian museum during your 10 Day Egypt tours.

Facts about Kalabsha Temple

After the transfer of the Kalabsha temple, the island of Khurangi has four temples,Kalabsha, Bit Alwaly, Kurtas and Jarf Hussain. These temples attract a large number of visitors in Egypt Christmas tours from all over the world because these temples are characterized by distinctive inscriptions that tell about events that took place at this time and these inscriptions and drawings showing the daily life of the ancient Egyptians.

A short time ago, the Kalabsha Temple was the target of many tourists, due to its privileged location on an island near the High Dam because it is located directly on the bank of the Nile. Kalabsha Temple is now on the Khurangi island in Aswan and it is considered a great place for Nile Cruises Luxor and Aswan. The temples of the island of Khurangi, and Kalabsha Temple is the most famous one. Kalabsha temple was located in the village of Kalabsha, this village known to the ancient Egyptians as Talmis, and its construction dates back to Thutmose III and completed after his rule by Amenhotep the Second. Augustus, known as Octavius, dedicated it for worshiping the Nubian god Mandulis, as well as to the idol of Africa, the scenes that you will notice upon entering the temple were added by the Roman Emperor Gaius.

There are drawings showing Augustus presenting wine to Isis and Osiris, and after entering the temple in Egypt short break tours you will find a large courtyard ,on the left there are Coptic Inscriptions and two large towers, in the middle of them there are the main entrance gate of the temple and there is another open courtyard surrounded by columns and there are also four columns decorated with Inscriptions.

Attractions around Kalabsha Temple

Bet El Wali was built in a place close to the Temple of Kalabsha, and this temple was dedicated to his worshipers, Amun Ra, and it consists of an outside courtyard, a spacious place and his cabin, and there are drawings of Ramses II during the fight with the Ethiopians and Nubians and there are some religious rituals on its walls.

This temple is located at a distance of forty-five meters from the Aswan Dam and has a compartment from the Roman era. It was also dismantled and rebuilt near the Temple of Kalabsha. This temple that you can add in Egypt tour packages is distinguished by a group of Hathorian crowns located on the columns.

Jurf Hussain is the second temple of Ramses II and it is carved into the rock and called Bar Ptah or the house of the birth. This temple is very old like all the temples of Khorongy Island. All these temples were moved to Khorongy Island to save it from sinking and UNESCO contributed to the rebuilding process. After completing your visit to these temples, you can return to Aswan. Enjoy the wonderful weather in the winter and you can wander around the streets of Aswan to see the beautiful city in addition to the attractive Nile boats that will take you on a Nili tour and this river divides Aswan into two halves. Have Egyptian food and drinks inside the beautiful traditional restaurants and café. Enjoy every moment in Aswan because of the sightseeing which are the best all over the world.


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