Port Said Egypt Sightseeing

Things to Do in Port Said

Port Said governorate is located in the north of the Arab Republic of Egypt on the Mediterranean coast. This governorate includes the city of Port Fouad, which is located in the continent of Asia. The city of Port Fouad transformed from an ordinary area to a city and Port Said governorate is one of the governorates of Qanah. This city was established in 1859. Port Said governorate that is included in our Egypt tours was called the governorate of Amom Al qanah.

Port Said city has great importance in resisting the British occupation. The number of suburbs in Port Said governorate is seven districts and the area of Port Said governorate is 1351 km.The number of residents of Port Said governorate is about one million people. From the south, Ismailia Governorate, and from the West, Damietta Governorate. All this historical info will be relevant in Egypt day tours.

The governorate consists of eight regions, and these areas are divided into seven parts, the eastern suburb, the Arab suburb, Al-Manakh suburb, Al Dawahy suburb, the southern suburb, Alzhor suburb, Arab suburb, and the city of Port Fud.

The Free areas in Port Said

The late President Muhammad Anwar Sadat ordered the establishment of the free area in Port Said governorate, where the goods that come to the governorate from any other country are not subject to customs duties. It led to economic prosperity .The distinguished location of Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea, makes it a great tourist place in Egypt tour packages that attracts many tourists from all over the world. Port Said Governorate has many beautiful tourist attractions to visit during Egypt Classic tours.

Suez Canal Authority Remarkable Building

The Suez Canal Authority building is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Port Said during Egypt luxury tours. The Suez Canal has great economic importance. The Suez Canal Authority building was called the House of Freedom or the naval base in the past. It is a beautiful palace.

The Suez Canal Authority building was built during the reign of Khedive Ismail. This building was for welcoming kings and presidents from all countries The Suez Canal linking the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea. The ships pass through this canal to other countries. The Suez Canal serves many and many ships traveling from one place to another. The Suez Canal is a very important strategic location to discover in Red sea tour packages. The Suez Canal Authority provides various services for ships passing through it.

Top sights in Port Said

The Port Said Lighthouse is located in the eastern region, which is one of the most beautiful places in the Governorate of Port Said Port Said Lighthouse is one of the most attractive factors in Port Said to visit in 7 Days Egypt tours. Port Said Lighthouse was built in 1869 It is a very high building with lights, and this lighthouse overlooks Palestine Street from the east.

From the west overlooking Memphis Street and Taif Street from the north and Al-Jabarti Street from the south This lighthouse is an old tourist attraction to visit in 10 Days Egypt tour packages. It is a very beautiful lighthouse. You can visit this lighthouse and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere next to the lighthouse. There is a group of cafes and shops in which there is everything you want in your 13 Days Egypt tours.

Abdul Rahman Lotfi Mosque

It is one of the coastal landmarks in Port Said It is one of the oldest mosques in the city. This mosque that is included in our Egypt Shore excursions was built in the Islamic style. The Abdul Rahman Lotfi Mosque is located in a wonderful place as it is located near the Suez Canal, and this mosque overlooks the Mediterranean.

The National Museum

This museum is an archaeological museum and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Port Said that you must add to your port said shore excursions. This museum includes a large collection of antiquities dating back to several eras in the past. There are artifacts from the Pharaonic era, the Greek era, the Roman era, the Coptic era and the Islamic era. This museum has a distinct location where it is located on the Mediterranean Sea.

The Abbasid Mosque

This mosque is one of the archaeological landmarks in Port Said. This mosque is located on Muhammad Ali Street. This mosque includes beautiful columns made of Italian marble decorated with bright colors. This mosque was established in 1912. You will gain a huge knowledge about the mosque during Safaga port trips.

The Military Museum

It is one of the most famous places in Port Said to visit in Egypt easter tours. This museum was established after the tripartite aggression on Egypt. This museum was established in 1964.The main purpose of establishing this museum was to explain that the Egyptian people stood in front of the tripartite aggression in 1956, the area of this museum is 7,000 meters.

This museum was developed in 2009. This museum includes a large hall to display some of the military equipment of the October War. There is in the museum’s garden a group of military equipment as well as a group of artworks that show the history of Port Said and the people’s tournaments.

There is also in the museum a hall for tripartite aggression where artworks that tell the tournaments of the people of Port Said during the period of the tripartite aggression. In the hall there is a group of pictures and personal belongings of the aggression members and there is in the museum the October hall. This hall displays war tournaments and some Israeli weapons and in this museum you can see in it the most beautiful works of wonderful art via Egypt Christmas tours. Do not miss the opportunity and do not hesitate to visit the Military Museum.

Victory Museum

This museum is located at the bottom of the monument in the eastern region, and this museum displays the people’s heroism against tripartite aggression, and this museum is considered one of the most important tourist and cultural attractions. In this museum the sea hall and the history hall. These halls provide a lot of information for the visitors in Egypt Honeymoon tours about wars.

This is one of the most attractive attractions for tourists and is distinguished by its wonderful design. On this base there was the statue of Delicious but it was destroyed during the triple aggression on the city, this statue was made near the Suez Canal at the time of the annual celebration of the opening of the Suez Canal.


It is one of the three cities that make up the old Port Said governorate, and in the past. It was called Dibluz. The number of its inhabitants was one hundred thousand people. It was one of the greatest ancient cities in the Pharaonic and Islamic era. It was called Ferma. It was several kilometers away from Port Said. The city includes a long and distinctive road that reaches the island of Cyprus and this city was the eastern key for Egypt. The city was completely destroyed during the Crusades in 1118.


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