Prince Mohamed Ali Palace (Al Manial Palace)

Enjoy visiting one of the most beautiful royal palaces in Cairo, which is located in Manial Al-Rawda in Cairo and dates back to the royal era. This palace was built in 1901. The area of Manial Palace is about 61711 cubic meters. Manial Palace has a beautiful Islamic artistic style. You will enjoy visiting this palace with ETB Tours Egypt, which derives its importance from the diversity of the arts of architecture, this palace was built on several styles and varied like the arts of Ottoman, Mamluk, Andalusian, and Levantine architecture. When you reach Manial Palace during Egypt travel packages, you will see a large wall designed in a style that reaches the Middle Ages, either from the inside the palace is surrounded by gardens that contain rare trees. Prince Mohamed Ali Palace includes places to stay and receive guests, as well as a place for the throne of the King, the mosque, and the museum. This luxurious palace that you can enjoy visiting in your Egypt luxury tours belonged to Prince Muhammad Ali who was the son of Khedive Tawfiq who was the Crown Prince. Prince Muhammad Ali supervised the construction and selection of the palace's design. Before his death, he recommended that the palace would turned into a large museum.

The History of Manial Palace

When you take your tour of Manial Palace with Egypt day tours, you will know a lot about the ruling family in Egypt and you will know about the date of the establishment of this place. Ownership of Manial Palace was moved from one person to another inside the ruling family in Egypt. First, it was owned by Mostafa Fadel Bash then It was Owned by Khedive Ismail, after that the ownership of this place was transferred to Duke Adaman, and in 1987 the ownership of this palace was transferred to one of the French in Egypt after that Prince Muhammad bought the palace and he supervised its construction and you can know all this info with our tour guides during Egypt classic tours. Prince Muhammad Ali preferred some important parties and meetings inside the palace and Many senior officials and princes attended parties in Manial Palace. Before his death, Muhammad Ali recommended turning the palace into a museum so that people in their Egypt short tour packages could see the arts of architecture and decorations in this palace. After the 1952 revolution, the Egyptian government took the property of Muhammad Ali Pasha's family, and in 1964 this palace was handed over to the Egyptian Company for Tourism and Hotels which converted the palace into a big hotel. After that, the Prime Minister ordered removing this hotel because it hid the beauty of the palace, and you can visit this palace with our Cairo tour packages.

The Design of Manial Palace

You will be amazed at the beauty of Manial Palace and you will be impressed by its beautiful design, which varied in construction and used in its design in many styles. This palace is located in the north of the island of Rawda and during Cairo day tours we will take you to explore this amazing palace. The Manial Palace was built in an area of 5000 meters, and this Palace was built in the Fatimid, Mamluk, Ottoman, Andalusian, Persian, and Levant styles, it's also consists of a group of parts.

The Part of Welcoming Guests in Manial Palace

This part was built to receive senior officials and their guests, princes, and kings, and this part of Manial Palace has antiques, furniture, carpets, and Collectibles that you can see in your 5 days Egypt tour packages. This place is divided into two parts, The first floor has rooms to receive officials and princes, and the second floor has two rooms in the Moroccan style and the Levantine style, these rooms are very wonderful and beautiful that will attract you during Egypt Easter tours.

The Part of Residence in Manial Palace

This building is the first building that was formed and this place was the residence of Prince Muhammad Ali, it consists of two floors between them there is a very beautiful staircase. The first floor has rooms for women and the blue salon as well as a dining room and contains the Prince's office and it is nice that there are many custodial rooms that you will see in your Egypt Christmas tours. The rooms of the palace are designed in a way that every room differs from the others and this place contains several jewelry and collectibles belonging to Prince Muhammad Ali.

Part of The Throne in Manial Palace

This building consists of two floors, on the first floor there is a beautiful throne and it has very large rooms that contain a group of golden wooden seats and contains a large picture of the rulers of Egypt for the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha and this place contains natural views of Cairo and Giza. Prince Muhammad Ali welcomed the guests in this hall on occasions such as festivals. The upper floor consisted of two halls for sitting in the winter season and another one belonging to the grandfather of Prince Muhammad Ali, and this hall was in the French style.

The Golden Hall in Manial Palace

This room was used for official celebrations and you can enter it with our 15 days Egypt tours. Although this room is empty of antiques, this room is considered a beautiful artistic masterpiece, because there are some inscriptions, very beautiful forms, and some decorations on its walls. This hall's contents are transferred from the house of Muhammad Ali's grandfather to the Manial Palace. It was called the Golden Palace because a lot of gold is found in its walls and there are palm-shaped columns.

Clock Tower in Manial Palace

This beautiful and wonderful tower contains a large clock that has hands in the French style and its hands are in the form of snakes. This tower was built in the Andalusian style like the towers that were used in the observation. This tower contains writings in beautiful Kufic script. You will enjoy a lot to watch this magnificent tower in your 14 days Egypt tours.

The Manial Palace Museum

The Manial Palace Museum is a wonderful museum that contains 15 halls. In the middle of these halls, there is a yard that has a small garden. During your 9 days Egypt tour packages you will see that this museum contains a very beautiful number of carpets, Arabic manuscripts, oil pictures of the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha, contains metal artifacts as well as preserves a collection of crystals, writing tools, clothes, bedspreads, and furniture. This museum contains several halls with many beautiful archaeological contents such as writing tools, silk handkerchiefs, and secret boxes. This museum contains weapons, swords, and daggers. Your interest in this wonderful palace will increase when you see its contents that reflect the period of rule of the sons of Muhammad Ali. After enjoying Egypt tours in this palace, you will learn a lot about Muhammad Ali Pasha, who ruled Egypt before the establishment of the Republic and this palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in Egypt as well as you will take wonderful pictures in this wonderful palace.


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