Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria

Guide about Qaitbay Citadel

Have you ever been to a fortified castle by the sea? If you want to achieve this wish, do not hesitate to visit Qaitbay Citadel during Egypt tours. You will realize that this Citadel is the northern guard of Egypt. Its area is 150 meters and it is square in shape. It is interesting that Qaitbay Castle is surrounded by water on three sides. This citadel has external walls and outer walls that have towers. The towers have windows used by the soldiers to shoot arrows at the enemies coming from the side of the sea.

As for the internal walls, had weapons for the soldiers, as well as the rooms for soldiers. This citadel consists of three floors and on each corner of the castle there is a high tower used for monitoring the sea, as well as to shoot arrows towards the enemies. There is a large mosque on the first floor to see in Egypt day tours, as well as a large group of corridors.

This mosque is next to its minarets. Unfortunately, the minaret was destroyed. If you go up to the second floor during your Egypt tour packages of the citadel, you will see a large group of wonderful corridors that the soldiers used to repel any attack by moving from one place to another.

The History of Qaitbay Citadel

There are some rooms in which the soldiers were stationed. It is wonderful that you will find on Egypt shore excursions a mill to grind grain and a bread machine for the soldiers, and if you search for the history of the citadel, you will find that Qaitbay citadel is an integrated castle with halls, restrooms, the bakery and the mill. The Mamluks developed this citadel, but the Ottomans neglected it.

If you go up to the top of the citadel in Egypt Classic tours you will see a large part of the wonderful Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy the fresh air inside the beautiful Qaitbay citadel. Qaitbay Citadel, built on the remains of the lighthouse of Alexandria.

The place on which the Citadel of Qaitbay was built is a great strategic place, and this is what you will realize when you visit the area surrounding the castle. The rulers of Egypt used this place for more than one purpose. During your Alexandria day tours to the Citadel you will know that the citadel was built by some stones that were brought from Teba and Memphis. This place was the same place as the lighthouse of Alexandria which was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Qaitbay Citadel Facts

The idea of building the castle was created during the 7 Days Egypt tours of Sultan Qaitbay to Alexandria, then he ordered the construction of a tower in place of the lighthouse of Alexandria and the tower was developed to be a castle and its construction continued for a period of two years.

If you go to Qaitbay Castle in 10 Days Egypt tour packages, you will notice that there is a great interest from the rulers of Egypt for the castle because this site qualifies it to defend the city of Alexandria, which is the northern gate to Egypt. And they provided it with soldiers and weapons during the era of the Ottoman Empire.They took care of the Castle.

the number of weapons and equipment in the castle increased. Due to the weakness of the Ottoman Empire, the French campaign, under the leadership of Napoleon, was able to defeat the garrison in the castle, and then Alexandria was occupied, and Egypt was easily occupied.

The citadel is not only an archaeological place to explore in 13 Days Egypt tours, but it is also a historical place that tells about the strength of the Egyptian army during the reign of the Mamelukes in Egypt and the way the castle was designed indicates the interest of the rulers in the city of Alexandria.

The Date of Establishing Qaitbay Castle

When you visit this fortified castle in Egypt luxury tours and stand facing the sea that separates Africa and Europe, listening to the explanation of the tour guide, you will know that choosing this place was a military achievement in order to protect Egypt from the north.

Qaitbay ordered the building of this castle in 1477 on the same place as the Alexandria Lighthouse which was 150 meters tall and had three floors. The first floor was a square. The second floor had eight sides. All this historical info will be relevant in Egypt easter tours.

The third floor was a circle above this lighthouse, there was the deity Poisson, which was the god of the sea. the Greeks used in building the lighthouse a group of large stones and on its surface, there was a fireplace, above it there was a mirror in order to reflect the light of the flames so that the ships can see it from 20 kilometers away, but unfortunately this lighthouse was destroyed due to a devastating earthquake during the Mamluk rule of Egypt.

The Role of Qaitbay Citadel in preserving Egypt

The Citadel of Qaitbay was the impregnable fortress of Egypt from the north. When you visit through Alexandria shore excursions the castle, make sure that it is not only an archaeological place, but also it is a special place chosen by the rulers of Egypt to be one of the factors that kept Egypt from the danger coming from the sea.

Qaitbay Castle remained six centuries as a guard of the northern borders and did not fall except three times, the first time during the rule of the Mamluks and the second time during the rule of the Ottoman Empire, due to the attack of the French campaign led by Napoleon, the third time when the British occupation fired cannons at the castle.

Why is Qaitbay Citadel a unique tourist place?

Qaitbay Castle is considered one of the tourist attractions in Alexandria Governorate, as it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea that separates Europe and Africa .Qaitbay Castle is located in the center of the city of Alexandria and it is one of the most famous castles throughout history because it was an impenetrable fortress that repels enemies coming from the sea and after the completion of visiting this castle from Safaga Shore excursions, you can go to other beautiful landmarks in the city of Alexandria that are filled with many beautiful archaeological places such as the Library of Alexandria and other places.

Visit the castle for its wonderful location in Egypt Christmas tours on the sea and you can sail in the Mediterranean and watch Qaitbay Castle from the sea. You will notice that the external shape of the castle is a painting painted by the most skilled Artists, the castle distinguished by its external beauty, also inside the citadel you will be dazzled by the many wonderful corridors in which the soldiers used to move, as well as the high towers that had weapons and windows that used to launch arrows towards the sea.

If you go up to the top of the castle you will be surprised by the view of the sea and you can see the room in which the Sultan was sitting, as well as the mill, the bakery, and the equipment that were used by the soldiers. Enjoyed in Egypt Short break tours the fresh air and nature. The picturesque nature inside Qaitbay Castle, and don’t forget to take memorial photos that remind you of the most beautiful days in Alexandria.


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