Temple of Kom Ombo and Crocodile Museum

What do you know about Kom Ombo Temple?

Enjoy your tour in Kom Ombo temple, where the worship of the crocodile Sobek and the falcon Horus was Practiced. These were the most famous deities at that time. The word Kom Ombo means the hill of gold. The temple is called Kom Ombo due to the gold mines near the city of Kom Ombo. These mines resulted in extreme luxury at that time and progress in all fields. Kom Ombo Temple is one of the temples that you have to visit in your Egypt luxury tours to know about its history, it's one of the main destinations in Aswan day tours.

The people of the city also worked at that time in training the elephants, and a port was established there to receive the elephants that were coming from India to be used in the Ptolemaic wars.

The city of Kom Ombo gained great importance due to the presence of one of the most beautiful Egyptian museums in it, which is Kom Ombo temple, which is considered a luxurious temple with very high columns as well as statues of great beauty to see during your Egypt tour packages.

This temple tells the history of the Ptolemies and their role in enriching the cultural aspect of Pharaonic Egypt. The Kom Ombo temple is a great historical achievement you will know in our guided Egypt classic tours to Kom Ombo Temple. All its visitors are dazzled by it because they do not believe in the beauty of its huge walls and columns.

Temple of Kom Ombo Architecture Design

You will discover that the Kom Ombo temple is composed of two temples, during your Egypt Nile Cruise Tours to the temple you will notice that there are two rooms for the Holy of Holies and a part of the temple for the Sobek god on the eastern side of the temple in the desert. On the western side, there is the God of Horus. When you enter the temple, you will find on the left the god Sobek, and on the right the god Horus.

King Ptolemy the Fifth built this temple. Tiberius ordered to add the inscriptions on the columns. The Emperor Domitian added some beautiful additions to the temple and the construction of this temple continued for 385 years.

In this period the Roman Emperors added the most beautiful artistic and architectural touches to this building. When you enter the temple in our Nile Cruise Holidays, you will find the edifice followed by a courtyard and a hall for the pillars, and after the hall, you will find another hall of columns, there are three yards and two compartments for Horus and Sobek.

These buildings are surrounded by large corridors with ladders and small rooms. These rooms were used to store grain and other things. There are some texts inside the temple explaining that the Temple of Kom Ombo was built on the ruins of another temple, older than the Kom Ombo temple, there is no other information available about the shape of this temple, the date of its construction, or the kings who contributed. The Temple of Kom Ombo is one of the most important temples in southern Egypt you should visit it during our Egypt Easter Holidays and celebrate Easter in Aswan and Luxor day tours visiting the most important temples of Egypt, which is a great tourist attraction that attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world because of its historical and cultural importance.

There is a large number of writings and inscriptions that express the life of the ancient Egyptians and document this information and the history of the Kings over hundreds of years and their achievements and wars that they fought against the enemies from neighboring countries.

Why did the Ptolemies think of establishing the Kom Ombo temple?

Worshiping the god Sobek, was the main purpose of building the temple, as well as the worshiper of the god Horus, each god symbolized a certain thing, and the god Sobek represented the crocodile, which is an amphibian creature that lives in the water and on land, but the god Horus expresses the sun, therefore the gods express the world and the hereafter, and the worship of the gods continued for a long period.

Facts about the Temple of Kom Ombo

The ancient Egyptians took great care of this temple. When you visit the temple, you will notice this care clearly in the walls, on the columns, and on statues. The Temple of Kom Ombo has a very large gate and a large hall the Holy of Holies is located in the north and the gate of the temple is located on the Nile River directly because of the flood, the temple’s edifice disappeared, finally it sank. You will enjoy the picture in this temple in our Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan.

The entire edifice, the front pillars hall, the great gate, and the pictures surrounding the temple were destroyed, after that, the rest of the hall was destroyed due to the earthquake that struck this area, and efforts continued to rebuild the hall again and there were great efforts to raise the temple gate that was located at the river, but the human element had a great role in demolishing Parts of the temple because many parts of the temple were used in building a sugar factory during the reign of Khedive Saeed.

After that, some parts were restored in this temple and many parts were reconfigured and reopened shortly after.

Can I visit Kom Ombo Temple extensions?

In the temple, there is a house for the birth and this place is located in front of the front hall of the main temple the house for the birth consisted of an open front yard leading to a hall of pillars and this place was for the rites of the birth of the main. The inscriptions decorate the hall of the pillars and there is a compartment for the god of Hathor that belongs to the empire Domitian and this compartment was built on a terrace to which it goes through a ladder. This terrace was designed in the Roman style. This terrace is located east of the temple and it is a group of stones. in the middle of this terrace, there is a glass box with three dead crocodiles found near the temple. In this temple, there is a gate of Queen Hatshepsut and King Tuthmosis III. We recommend joining our Kom Ombo tour from Aswan to enjoy all its story.

This gate is located on the west of the temple wall, and on this gate, there are drawings of one of the Ptolemaic kings with the god. There are drawings of King Thutmose III, and there is also a gate of King Ptolemy VIII, this gate has drawings of King Ptolemy VIII, who was killing the enemies and presented them as offerings to the god Sobek and the god Hathor.

Reasons to Visit Kom Ombo Temple

This gate is located on the western side of the temple and there is The compartment of the Sobek god, which was ordered to be built by Empress Caracalla, this compartment is located northeast of the temple and was built in the Roma style on a terrace which is reached through a staircase, and there is also a nilometer in the temple to measure the level of the Nile from time to time, and thus taxes are determined on the agricultural land and this nilometer is located on the northwestern side of the temple and dates back to the Roman era, as well as there is the Holy of Holies that consists of two important halls, but they were destroyed and the rest of them are the granite bases and.

Among the Holy of Holies, there are seven rooms you will visit in our Egypt short tour packages, in the fourth room, there is a ladder leading to the roof that was used to dry the grain, and there is a corridor for the exit in which there is a plate of medical surgical instruments and these tools were presented by the king to the temple and with these tools people were treated inside the temple, as well as the crocodile museum near the Kom Ombo temple, and there are several mummified crocodiles that were found near the temple to see in our Nile Cruises Aswan to Kom Ombo Temples.

Your visit to the Kom Ombo temple in Egypt Christmas tours will be full of all the useful information that expresses the life of the ancient Egyptians, the way of fighting, the weapons used, cooking food, and ways of worship. You can bring your partner to spend unforgettable Egypt Honeymoon tours in Luxor and Aswan temples with ETB Tours Egypt.


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