The High Dam

The High Dam

The Mountain of the Dead
If you are a fan of adventure, especially in the desert, you must go to visit the Mountain of the Dead, which is one of the most important historical sites and a tourist attraction in the Siwa Oasis in the Governorate of Marsa Matruh.

You will ask why this mountain is called the Mountain of the Dead and the answer is that it contains nearly 3000 Pharaonic tombs. This mountain is located in one of the most beautiful oases in the world, which is the oasis of Siwa.

This mountain was discovered by chance during the Second World War in 1944 when the people of Siwa fled from the war that was between Germany and Britain. People go to a mountain that was in the shape of a cone.

This mountain is far away 2 kilometers from the city, and people discovered that inside this mountain there are small cavities that were used as tombs. This mountain is a unique site that you cannot see like it anywhere.

People discovered that there is a group of Pharaonic tombs and a large number of mummies that It belongs to the kings, princes and senior men of the state.

Tombs of the Mountain of the Dead
When you go to the Mountain of the Dead, you will know that this mountain has hollows, these hollows are small tombs that cover most of the mountain, as well as these tombs have a large number of beautiful Pharaonic mummies.

These mummies will attract you to cry wondering about how the dead are embalmed. The mountain of the dead has a large number of mummified mummies, these tombs belong to the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty, which is one of the ancient Pharaonic families that ruled Egypt.

This place lasted for a long time to bury the Greek and Romans, and this place was a great home for the ancient Egyptians, because it contained bodies for the kings and princes.

These tombs combine in their design of ancient Egyptian art as well as Greek art. These tombs are filled with inscriptions that amaze the eye like the inscriptions of the god Naat standing below the Sycamore tree.

There are also drawings of the crocodile that expresses the god Sobek, and these graves contain writings explaining the history of the dead, their achievements, and the wars that he carried out in this world.

This mountain was also expressing an illustrative map of life during the reign of the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty, as well as attractive drawings and beautiful colors that show that this place is the place of the sacred ancient Egyptians. Enjoy this archaeological place that includes a large number of graves and beautiful drawings.

This place was found in which a group of god tombs that made the ancient Egyptians sanctify this mountain.

The mountain documented the war battles that launched against the Libyans who wanted to entre Egypt on the west side, these Libyans who were defeated by a large number of Egyptian kings and forced them to return to their country, therefore this mountain is a mountain of victories It contains many beautiful memories immortalized in history in addition to the fact that this mountain has a group of priests who had a great position among the ancient Egyptians

What can I do near the Mountain of the Dead?
When you go to Siwa Oasis, allocate part of your time spending an enjoyable time among mountain ranges. After your visit to the Mountain of the Dead, you can go out on a wonderful safari trip. These unique trips, which are distinguished by a dazzling character and elegance, will be in an SUV and fly into The Western desert  far away.

You can reach one of the places that were previously prepared for you to be ready to sit in. Sitting in one of the Bedouin tents in order to drink Bedouin tea, as well as you will see the beautiful Bedouin tents and their attractive colors and have a delicious meal.

Enjoy some popular food inside these tents when you look at the sky during the safari trip, you will feel reassured and calm. You will spend a happy time in this place and you will enjoy the Bedouin life that you will not live except in the Siwa Oasis

The Goddess of the Mountain of the Dead
When you go to the Mountain of the Dead, be ready to know more about the ancient Egyptian deities. You will find the tomb of Isis and the tomb of the crocodile Sobik.

These tombs are similar to the structure inside the cave. This cave consists of three tombs of mummies found in these caves whose owners have not been identified until this time, therefore the mountain of the dead has not been revealed with all its secrets yet, as it is largely shrouded in mystery.

In the mountain of the dead there is the Tiber cemetery, this cemetery is one of the most beautiful tombs decorated with inscriptions and painted in red colors.

There are also beautiful pottery vessels that were used by the ancient Egyptians in the past.

Pottery is now used by the inhabitants of the same region as well as the cemetery of Si Amun, which is one of the most beautiful tombs that have been discovered in the western desert and this cemetery belongs to a number of rich Greeks who used to live in this area that has clear and beautiful views that express the ancient Egyptian belief in resurrection and eternity. This cemetery is very important because it expresses the mosque among the ancient Egyptian art.

Greek art. This great mountain is one of the features of the Siwa Oasis which is 650 km away from the capital of Egypt. The number of the inhabitants of this area is fixed and does not change and is 340, according to the ancient legend that says when an old man dies in the evening, a child will be born is the morning. It is strange that this myth is actually fulfilled.

You will breathe the beautiful air in this wonderful place as well as you can go to wonderful archaeological places in one of the most beautiful places in the world. This charming place will be the most beautiful moments of your life because you will live in the desert among the mountain ranges and in the open air.

you will be on a date with the charming natural beauty mixed with the ancient Egyptian civilization. Enjoy every moment in the Siwa Oasis as well as you will take beautiful pictures that will remind you of the mountain of death that was Sacred to the ancient Egyptians.


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