Monasteries in Wadi Al Natrun

What are the monasteries of the Wadi Natrun?

Start your tour in Egypt in the churches and monasteries of Wadi El Natrun, It is an Egyptian city located in Al Buhaira Governorate which is in the northeast part of this Governorate. You will love this area very much because it was a great site that has a historical value in the Pharaonic era. Salt was extracted from this place for the sake of mummifying the dead. Wadi al-Natrun has great Coptic importance because the holy family visited this place is Wadi al-Natrun so join us in our luxury Egypt tours to discover their history. The first Monastic congregation took place in the area of Wadi El Natrun in the fourth century AD; therefore, this area is one of the holiest areas of Egypt. Wadi al-Natrun is located in the western desert of Egypt, which was an independent place on its own, and through this place, the Lobbyists were attacking the regions in Egypt, therefore Egyptian rulers conquered this place in the past and they added the eastern part of it, which is now the Western Desert, so the Wadi Al-Natrun region was independent in the past during the Pharaonic era. So, why not explore these monasteries and know their history in our guided Egypt tour packages?

The Monastery of Anba Makar

It is a Coptic Orthodox monastery located in Wadi al-Natrun west of the Nile Delta in northern Egypt. This monastery was a home to Anba Maqar, who is considered one of the students of Saint Anthony the Great, who founded the Christian monasticism, Anba Makar stayed for a long time near this monastery in the desert of Wadi al-Natrun. Spend the Easter holiday with us through our Egypt Easter Holidays and learn the history of the monastery. Pope Shenouda III was the chief of this site. After the death of Pope Shenouda in 2012, the monks of the monastery requested the return of Saint Michael, so that he became the head of the monastery. For a certain period, The area of this monastery is about 11 square kilometers and contains farms and buildings. This monastery has seven churches to visit in Egypt classic tours and there are dwellings for monks there is an old dining room for the monks. There is a small hospital in this monastery, there is a museum, ancient Coptic relics, and also it has a library with a group of wonderful manuscripts, in addition that you can see the tombs of the prophets John Baptist and Al-Ishaa in the main church, and the historical monastery includes many churches such as the Church of saint Makar, and many Coptic monuments will be witnessed in this church, such as the Domes of the structure of St. Benjamin and this dome is very impressive, as well as the veil of the Northern Temple and the Church of the martyr Abskhiroun, in which you can see wonderful archaeological buildings during Egypt short tour packages in addition to the facade of this ancient church. You will see a group of beautiful icons such as the icon of Christ’s baptism as well as the supplication icon in which you will see Christ in the center of the icon. You will see in the monastery fortress a group of antique churches Like the Church of the Virgin Mary, which contains a structure with three ancient alters, you will enjoy your visit to this other wonderful monastery. This place is one of the recommended places to visit in Red Sea tour packages.

The Monastery of Saint Bashoy

It is one of the most famous monasteries in Wadi El-Natroun, which is a Coptic Orthodox monastery. When you take one of the Hurghada day tours to this monastery, you will know that it belongs to a person called the saint Bashoy, who was a student of the saint Makar. The monastery was established with the help of a group of monks in the fourth century AD. The area of this monastery is about Two acres. This monastery also contains five churches, and the largest church is Saint Bashoy. This monastery contains a large garden with an office and a well for the martyrs and also contains housing for the monks. Pope Shenouda III stayed for a long time in this monastery. One of the most important churches of this monastery is the church of Saint Benjamin. This church has a very beautiful dome, and in the church, there is a box for the possessions of Bishop Bashoy. There is a wonderful archaeological structure as well as the church contains an altar you can join our Cairo day tours to Wadi Al Natrun as it's one of the Cairo tour packages that we recommend to enjoy with us. In this monastery, there is the Church of St. George and the establishment of this church dates back to the eleventh century AD this church is now considered a store, and there is an antique marble tablet, as well as a very beautiful altar and a collection of antiques. There is also the beautiful church of Abskhiroun Al-Qalini to visit during our Egypt day tours, which he established in the ninth century AD and contains a group of antique structures.

Al-Baramous Monastery

One of the antique monasteries in Wadi El-Natroun, which dates back to Maximus and Domadius, who were clerics in the fourth century AD, and this monastery has a beautiful archaeological group of icons, as well as there, are some archaeological churches and there is the Church of John the Baptist and a new guest palace as well There is a library arranged in a collection of wonderful, valuable books. A group of patriarchs came out from this monastery, including Pope Christodoulos. Join our 8-Days Egypt vacation packages to know the full history. Saint Makar chose the location of this monastery and excavated a cave in which he was worshipping, therefore people loved this person very much, as well as Saint Makar stayed in this place for ten years until The Baramous Monastery was completed and this monastery enabled you to find the artifacts on its walls, as well as the wonderful archaeological structures. The domes are beautiful. You will feel the sanctity and reassurance within this great religion located in the Holy Land in Wadi Al-Natrun during the 11-day Egypt tours.

The Syriac Monastery

It is a Syriac Orthodox monastery and this monastery is one of the most important Coptic monasteries, therefore there are antiquities and Coptic art in it. This monastery contains artifacts and historical treasures to see during 12-day Egypt tours. It is one of the smallest monasteries of Wadi Al-Natrun and the area of this monastery is about an acre the appearance of this monastery in the fifth century AD is attributed To the Syriac monks who lived with the Coptic monks, and on the southeast side of this Monastery there is the Church of the Virgin. The churches of the monastery were built in the basilica style, as well as a large group of beautiful icons. You will enjoy your Egypt Christmas tours in the monasteries of Wadi Natrun and you will notice that this area is a sacred place with many and many archaeological sites and wonderful monasteries. After completing your tour in Wadi Al-Natrun, you can take a great tour of the other tourist attractions in this wonderful place that has an attractive desert view. You will enjoy the fresh air and the desert atmosphere. Do not let the chance and enjoy taking beautiful photos. This tour suits couples it's a new adventure for couples to enjoy in their Egypt Honeymoon tours.


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