The Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria

The Royal Jewellery Museum – Alexandria

All you need to Know about The Royal Jewelry Museum

It will be a great chance for you to visit the Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria. This beautiful museum includes a large number of the jewelry of the ruling family that ruled Egypt before the July 23 Revolution and it is wonderful that you will be in our Alexandria day tours which is one of the few places that is characterized by beautiful nature and Pharaonic antiquities as well. It is characterized by tourist sightseeing, of which the Royal Jewelry Palace is one of them.

When you approach this museum in Egypt tours, you will notice its beautiful design, which was built in the European style. The Royal Jewelry Museum is located in the Zizinia area. The area of the Royal Jewelry Museum is 4185 meters, and this museum belongs to Princess Fatima Al Zahra, who was one of the princesses of the ruling family in Egypt.

The Royal Jewelry Museum is a large palace that was turned into a museum in 1986 AD that includes a large number of treasures for the ruling family that you will discover in Egypt travel packages and very old rare artifacts since 1805 and years later, and the history of these jewelry goes back to the rule of Muhammad Ali Pasha, founder of the modern state in Egypt to the era of King Farouk I Who ruled Egypt before the July 23 revolution, after that these jewels were confiscated in 1952. You will be surprised when you know that the number of jewels in this museum is about 1150 0 pieces of jewelry. All this historical info will be clear in Egypt day tours.

Royal Jewelry Museum Architecture

Enjoy a quiet Egypt luxury tours of the Royal Jewelry Museum in the Zizinia area. This wonderful museum is located in a quiet area filled with greenery and trees. This museum is built in a wonderful European style that features a very beautiful antique façade of white color, as well as in front of it a wonderful garden with wonderful ornamental trees that will impress you in Egypt Classic tours.

The design of this garden was beautifully presented in several parts, and in front of the palace there are lights that have different colors. These lights show the features of the museum at night. This museum that is included in our Egypt Easter tours has four borders. From the south, Ahmed Yahya Street, from the north Abdel Salam Street, on the east there is the artist Ahmed Street, from the west, is the residence of the governor.

What is the history of the Royal Jewelry Museum?

The history of this museum that you will explore in Egypt Christmas tours goes back to 1919. Zainab Hanim Fahmy established this palace for her daughter, Princess Fatima Zahra, who was born in 1903, and Mrs. Zeinab Fahmy, is the sister of the famous architect, Ali Fahmy, who participated in the design of this palace. Fatima Al-Zahraa belonged to Muhammad Ali Pasha family, the founder of modern Egypt. The construction of the western side of the palace was completed before the death of Mrs. Zainab Fahmy, and after her death, her daughter Fatima al-Zahra completed the construction of the eastern part of the palace.

It was restored in 1986 and in 1994.The Supreme Council of Antiquities began the development process at a cost of 15 million pounds in order to accommodate a large number of valuable jewelries in the stores. You will notice that there is a great number of people visiting the museum in Egypt Short break tours because of the presence of many rare archaeological jewelry that you will not see anywhere. Enjoy this wonderful museum. Be ready to do a lot of distinctive activities after the end of your 7 Days Egypt tours to this museum as well as you will see a lot of wonderful European jewelry that has been specially made to be a masterpiece suitable for princes and kings. Take this chance and have an interesting time in the Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities to visit in 13 Days Egypt tour Packages.

What will you see in the Royal Jewelry Museum?

When you enter this wonderful palace, you will find a group of the finest and most beautiful royal jewels that were worn by members of the ruling family in Egypt, including the jewelry of King Fouad, King Farouk and his wife, princes and princesses. This museum is divided into ten halls in each hall there is a group of Jewelry belonging to members of the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha, and among these antiques is a collection of jewelry for the founder of the modern Egyptian state, Muhammad Ali Pasha, among which is a gold box with the name of Muhammad Ali on it, as well as a gold collections for Prince Muhammad Ali Tawfiq that contains a set of gold and platinum cups as well as approximately 2000 and a half of jewelry engraved with math and Flemish.

You will also see a special G watch for the Ottoman Sultans. There is a rare collection of collectibles belonging to Khedive Saeed Pasha, which is a collection of sashes, gold watches, decorations, and Egyptian and Turkish gold-encrusted necklaces. You will see in 10 Days Egypt trips a collection of various antique coins as well as a large number of collectibles of Khedive Ismail Pasha, including watches of gold and a gold handle Studded with diamonds.

You will take a unique 15 Days Egypt tour packages in this wonderful palace, and you will find a large number of valuable possessions for kings and queens, among the most important of which are a large number of antiques and jewelry of King Fouad the First, including gold medals, with pictures of the king. When entering one of the other rooms You will find a crown made of platinum and encrusted with diamonds for the king’s wife, Queen Shweikar. you will enjoy watching Queen Nazli’s jewelry, as well as King Farouk’s antiques and jewelry, including a chess set of gold. You will also see a plate made of precious stones that the Tsar of Russia gifted to the King of Egypt. What do you think about taking Rosetta Day tours in Alexandria?

What jewelry is in the royal collection?

You will see a group of jewelry of Queen Nermin, including medals, necklaces and commemorative medals as well as a piece of gold that was used in laying the foundation stone for large projects, and Collectibles of Princess Fawzia the daughter of King Ahmed Fouad as well as a set of medals and chest pains made of platinum encrusted with diamonds, the name of Fawzia is written on it. You will see the possessions of Princess Samiha and Qadria Hussein Kamel and a group of gold watches. The walls of the Museum will take your attention, which contain inscriptions and decorations. The ceiling also contains a group of colors and antiques. You will marvel at the beauty of this wonderful palace. You will live the life of Kings inside this palace, which contains the largest number of wonderful archeology. Also enjoy your visit to the city of Alexandria, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in which you can spend your vacation in the summer.


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