Salman al-Farisi Mausoleum and Mosque (Jerusalem)

Salman al-Farisi Mausoleum and Mosque (Jerusalem)

Salman Al-Farsi Mosque
It is a great opportunity that will not be repeated by visiting one of the most important mosques in Palestine, which is the mosque and the mausoleum of Salman Al-Farsi, who was one of your companions, Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, the Messenger of God.

This mosque is located in the Al-Tur area or the village of Mount of Olives. Al-Aqsa and the city of Jerusalem.

You will notice that the mausoleum of Salman Al-Farsi is one of the mausoleums that have been restored and added some parts for it, if you compare it with the others mosques and shrines.

There was a mausoleum in the village of Boren and Areef in Nablus, Palestine, but it was damaged. There was another place located in Baghdad in the Al-Madaen area.

Your feelings will be different and full of spirituality and splendor all in this holy place which is called the area of Al-Tur, and it is said that Salman Al-Farisi, who was one of the companions of the Messenger of God, came to Palestine and stayed there until he died in this place.

There is a narration that says that he travelled from Palestine and went to Baghdad and buried there but until now there is no a clear evidence fully explained his place of burial.

Architectural design Salman Al Farsi Mosque and Mausoleum.
When you enter the mosque and mausoleum, you will notice the old Ottoman design of the Salman Al Farsi Mosque which is divided into three sections, the first of which is the section that was built in the Ottoman style and there is a section built in 1930 as well as a modern section built in 1992 which is the exterior building.

See the restorations that took place in this mosque in 1910 where the addition of the minaret and the front mosque, behind which there is the mausoleum and the tomb, the back room, and this was done by Muhammad Issa Abu al-Hawa, who contributed to the renovation work at his own expenses.

It is wonderful that the Salman Al-Farsi Mosque is the oldest mosque in the Jabal Al-Tour area or the Mount of Olives region, as well as the main mosque in the place, so you will enjoy this wonderful scene that is characterized by its presence in a sacred place and also you will enjoy the beautiful clear atmosphere.

There are many personal experiences of many who have confirmed that they feel psychological comfort when visiting this wonderful place. Therefore, you will find yourself in the middle of the mountain of the Tur, which was mentioned in the Holy Quran, and this makes your tour special.

Salman Al Farsi mosque and mausoleum is a destination for Visitors of all nationalities and from all over the world in order to see the shrine and the mosque and do not hesitate to take a tour in this distinctive place, which is one of the most famous mosques of Mount Tor.

There are many wonderful features of this place, so your tour in this place is a tour that has a special and distinctive character. You will notice the presence of ancient tombs in this place as well as you will see many shrines and you will notice the presence of high mountains and attractive places that will attract your eyes to sit in it to enjoy the view and take memorial photos in this place. You will be in a different atmosphere than any other place.

What will I do after visiting the Salman Al Farsi Mosque and Mausoleum?
When you go to visit the Salman Al Farsi Mosque and Mausoleum, you must take visit in Mount Al-Tur. This mountain, which has many features that you did not find anywhere else, including its religious relics and has historical value.


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