High Dam in Aswan

Why is the Aswan High Dam So Important?

When you go to Aswan, a lot of people will talk about the High Dam, and during your Aswan day tours, you will know that the High Dam is the greatest civilian project of the twentieth century this project outperformed all the projects at that time and gained a great reputation more than the Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hongkong and the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France it is interesting that during the construction of the High Dam, there were 122 projects under construction in the world, The High Dam was the most important of these projects this great dam is located in southern Egypt in the Aswan Governorate, where the ancient cities of Pharaohs dazzled the world with its architectural beauty as well as its achievements The Dam is 3600 meters long and 980 meters wide, and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in luxury Egypt tours. The High Dam will be the focus of your attention to see a historical epic built by the Egyptians telling stories of the Egyptian struggle and insistence on challenging the difficulties Also when you visit Egypt on Christmas through our Egypt Christmas tours, you will notice a great Egyptian interest in the anniversary of the construction of the High Dam was completed in 1971

The Idea of Establishing the High Dam

Take your Egypt tour packages near this great building and do not be surprised when you know that the High Dam began its construction process with a simple idea presented by a Greek engineer of Egyptian origin, therefore, the Egyptian government did not neglect this idea, studies and designs for the site began, as well as the appropriate place to build the dam was determined after that the construction began in 1960 the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser devoted all the resources to the construction of the High Dam and said that the people who had abled to build the pyramids to bury the dead kings were able to build the dam to be a new achievement for Egypt the High Dam was a dream for every Egyptian who wished development and good for the country to preserve Egypt’s share of water. We recommend joining our Egypt classic tours to learn more about the history of the High Dam.

The Stages of Constructing the High Dam

After your visit to the High Dam, you will be eager to know the stages of establishing this human achievement The establishment of this project began in 1960 when the late President Abdel Nasser laid the foundation stone for this site, and the Russians were financing this project with forty-five million pounds, and there was four hundred of Russian experts at the construction site when your eyes are on the High Dam, know that the Nile River was diverted and the diversion continued for a period of four years, during which the power stations and all the processes that preceded the construction of the dam were done, after that the water entered the new waterway and in 1964 the diversion of the Nile course was completed in order to start storage in the lake of the dam which called Lake Nasser, and in 1967 the water level behind the dam reached one hundred and seventy-two meters therefore, the first feature of the achievement was seen, which is the generation of electricity by the turbines of the High Dam that illuminated the various regions of Egypt, streets, homes, and institutions in 1969, twelve electric turbines were operated to produce electricity for all Egyptian homes In 1971, the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser inaugurated the High Dam with the Russian President Khrushof and Muhammad Anwar Sadat, who became the president of Egypt after Gamal Abdel Nasser the High Dam achieved all the goals for which the dam was built, which were to generate electricity, regulate the flow of irrigation water and protect Egypt from floods this celebration appeared on Egyptian television screens so that all Egyptians celebrate this Great achievement. Now you can enjoy the Egypt Nile River Cruises from or to the High Dam and see the close attractions such as the Abu Simbel Temple.

Why was the construction of the High Dam the greatest human project?

Be sure that your visit to the High Dam is the best place that you will visit in your Egypt Easter Holidays because international reports have confirmed that the construction of the High Dam at this time led to the rescue of a large number of people from the floods that endanger the Egyptians in addition to that saved about five billion cubic meters of the water that was pouring into the Mediterranean Sea that dazzled the whole world in all places the whole world stood in respect and appreciation for Egypt, its government and its people, who sacrificed money, diligence and great time to complete this project the builders of the dam used about forty-three cubic meters of rock and sand. This concrete which was used in the construction of the dam was enough to make a street linking Cairo and Aswan. The stones used in this dam were enough to build fourteen pyramids like the Giza pyramids in Cairo tour packages Iron was used in the construction of the dam to build 19 towers like the Eiffel Tower. You can ask about our long Nile Cruises from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan if you need to spend a long time cruising the Nile River, on the other hand, you can check our Lake Nasser Nile Cruises if you need to take a cruise from the high dam.

The Construction of the Dam Affected the Temples and Tombs

The construction of the High Dam hurt the Pharaonic tombs and the historical temples south of Aswan when the High Dam was built, the water gathered behind the dam in Lake Nasser, which the water level rose and nearly flooded the historical temples that are considered a world heritage of mankind, such as the Temple of Abu Simbel and the Temple of Philae these temples were dismantled it was moved from its places to other islands far from Lake Nasser, which was behind the dam, so there was an achievement after the construction of the High Dam because modern technology was used to dismantle and transfer temples and place them elsewhere, and international institutions and cultural organizations contributed to supporting the Egyptian government in removing the temples.

The Structure of the Aswan High Dam

You will notice during your Nile Cruise Holidays of the High Dam that the dam consists of three parts. The first part is the body of the dam, which has forty-three million cubic meters of cement, concrete, iron, and other materials. This body was built after many studies that ensured no water leakage or collapse, as well as the study ensured the water retention behind the dam.

The dam body allows about eleven thousand cubic meters of water every second to pass from the dam’s body and the second part of the dam is the dam lake known as Lake Nasser.

The length of this lake is about 500, and this lake reserves 162 cubic meters of water behind the High Dam to be a strategic reserve for generating electricity and supplying Egypt with water in the event of drought, as well as protecting Egypt from the dangers of floods. The third part is the power station, this station has turbines to generate electricity. The produced electrical energy from the dam is about 45 billion kilowatts per hour annually. Join our Dahabiya Nile Cruises to see this huge creation yourself.

Many official agencies have participated in the completion of this dam, such as The Arab Contractors Company, the Armed Forces, the General Authority for Building the High Dam, and the Misr Company for Reinforced Cement Works that contributed to making a railway line to deliver workers to the construction sites and remove heavy equipment To the place of construction.

The construction of the High Dam tells the story of the struggle of the people and the government, and it is necessary to know this timeless story that indicates determination and challenge, whatever the circumstances, you will enjoy and be happy with this visit of Nile Cruises Luxor Aswan.


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