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Philae Temple, Temple of Isis on Philae Island

Do you want to visit the place that was built for the god Isis with ETB Tours Egypt? The temple of Philae was rescued by the UNESCO organization and it was disjoined and replaced on Agilkia Island. Philae Temple was built in the third century B.C, and after the construction of this temple, some temples were built like the temple of Amenhotep and Arsenovis. The Romans beautified the Holy Island of Philae because the worshiping of Isis extended to Rome and Greece, and in the nineteenth century, Emperor Augustus built a temple at the northern end of his villa, and some emperors added some inscriptions in the temple in the fourth century AD.

What is Philae Island?

Philae Island divides the Nile River into two parts. This island had the most beautiful ancient temple sanctified by the Romans and the Greeks, it is the Temple of Philae that you will visit in your Egypt travel packages, which was almost flooded by the water due to the construction of the High Dam, so the water retention behind the dam. Therefore, UNESCO rescued this temple and moved it to the island of Agilkia in Aswan.

You will be surprised during Egypt day tours when you know that the island has great religious significance, this beautiful island, which is located in the middle of the Nile River, the island also considered a fortress of southern Egypt, and the word Philae according to the Greeks means "beloved", as well as for the Arabs called Anas Al-Wujud, and this island was a place for the worshipers of the god Isis, and you can easily reach this island by Egypt Nile Cruise tours.

Effect of Christianity on Philae Temple and Island

The purpose of building this temple was to worship the god Isis, whose worshiping extended to Rome and Greece, therefore there was great interest from the rulers of Rome and the Greeks in this temple on the island of Philae that you will explore during Aswan day tours. When the Christian religion was established and was admitted, the Emperor issued an order imposing the Christian religion in all parts of the country, therefore Christianity arrived on Philae Island, the Christian community was formed on the island, and the halls of Philae Temple were transformed to practice the new religion, and stones were moved from some sites to build Christian churches on the island.

When Egypt was conquered by Amr Ibn Al-Aas who has an amazing mosque that you will explore via Cairo tour packages, Philae Island was used in works and stories such as the stories of a thousand nights and nights. Although the Philae temple was affected by all the events that happened during the ancient era, its monuments continued to express a beautiful period characterized by prosperity in architecture.

Philae Temple is one of the most important temples in the world and you will enjoy all the stories of this temple in Egypt classic tours, especially as it derived its importance through its presence on a wonderful holy island surrounded by water from all sides of the island of Philae is located in Aswan, which has a large number of ancient Egyptian antiquities, and tourists from all over the world in their Egypt short tour packages come to it to see these historical sites and enjoy its wonderful weather in the winter season. Aswan is the best archaeological place that has factors affecting the tourists coming from abroad. Be one of the lucky persons who like to visit historical sites like Philla Temple with an Aswan tour to High Dam, Philae Temple.

Rescuing Isis Temple

The waters of the Nile River surrounded Philae Island from 1902 after the construction of the Aswan Dam and the Island of Philae was a historical treasure that included wonderful Pharaonic antiquities, temples, compartments, and pharaonic gates. These objects were representative of Pharaonic and Roman styles and you can go to see this with the most luxury Nile cruises.

King Nekhtobo built the Isis temple on Philae Island because he worshiped the god Isis. after his rule, the Ptolemies came to rule Egypt and also worshiped Isis the construction of this temple, which was called the Temple of Isis, and therefore they added some wonderful additions and they supported this temple, and the Temple of Isis became one of the most beautiful temples on the island of Philae that you will see if you take 15 days Egypt tours. After the construction of the High Dam, Philae Island became surrounded by water from all sides due to the Aswan Dam and the High Dam. This would lead to the sinking and damage of all the sites on the island of Philae, so the international community helped save these sites, and the search was also continuing to find the best way to preserve these places.

The island of Agilkia was reconfigured and the temples of Philae were dismantled and transferred to the island of Agilkia, which is about five hundred meters away from the island of Philae, all the temples of Philae and their contents became present on the island of Agilkia and you can easily visit this island with Lake Nasser cruise tours.

Design of Isis Temple

When you approach the gate of the Temple of Isis during Egypt luxury tours, you will find two large pieces of granite stones. These pieces are carved in the form of two lions in pink color. There are also two obelisks made of granite. These obelisks were written on them in the hieroglyphic language and they had a great role in deciphering the Rosetta Stone. The first edifice contains inscriptions of the god Isis Conscious of the eastern part, there are drawings of a pharaoh presenting the crown to Horus, as well as one of the pharaohs presenting incense to the god of Isis and Horus, and there is in the temple of Isis the birth house, which is the most important characteristic of the Ptolemaic temples as well as there are the birth houses of Horus.

Hathor Temple on Philae Island

This temple was built by Ptolemy VI, and this temple has a hall that does not have walls but has a group of columns. These columns are decorated with inscriptions and these inscriptions illustrate the honor of Isis and Horus in the official ceremonies. There are also drawings showing the gift of Isis in the temple of Hathor. Many celebrations and musical performances were held on the island of Philae, including Folk and official celebrations and if you are planning to see all of this we highly recommend Egypt Christmas tours. Philae Island was an island full of wonderful Ptolemaic treasures, therefore you can see all the treasures of Philae Island on Agilkia Island, which is located 500 meters from Philae Island. Get ready to take an interesting tour by Dahabiya Nile Cruise tours to reach the most beautiful island in the Nile to see the Temple of Philae, the Temple of Isis, and the Temple of Hathor that were on the island of Philae.


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