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Suppose you are one of those interested in ancient Egyptian antiquities and love beach tourism provided by ETB Tours Egypt. In that case, Alexandria will be the best destination for you because it contains one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages and it is a group of the most important historical tombs. Tombs of Kom El-Shoqafa have Pharaonic remains, statues, and wonderful monuments that combine Roman features, Greek, and Egyptian features, it is wonderful that these statues were placed in the Egyptian style with Roman clothes and you will explore them during Egypt travel packages.

These statues were made in the era of Antonine emperors the tombs of Kom al-Shoqafa are distinguished by their breadth and wonderful decorations, which are a clear pattern of mixing Egyptian pharaonic art with ancient Roman art in their city of Alexandria, in which the Greeks mixed with Egyptians and Romans, and these tombs were found by chance.

The discovery of the tombs of Kom El-Shoqafa

You will know that these beautiful tombs were discovered by chance in 1900 by the donkey that fell into the hole of the tomb at a depth of 12 meters and there were great efforts to rescue this animal, therefore the cemetery was discovered and the importance of this cemetery appeared because of its height and containing beautiful decoration, as well as this cemetery has a very intricate design and the area was called Kom Al-Shoqafa that you will see in Alexandria day tours, which means the abundance of pottery that the visitors of this cemetery left.

The history of Kom El-Shoqafa

When you take your Egypt day tours of the Kom El-Shoqafa cemeteries, you will realize that these tombs were not designed simultaneously, but the timing of expansion in these tombs differed. The main cemetery was built in the first and second centuries AD and this is evident on the walls of the tombs with drawings and writings that explain the date of their establishment as well as The sequence of decorations shows that these tombs were not built at one time. Still, there was a set of modifications, and these tombs continued to be used until the fourth century AD and you can visit the Kom El-Shoqafa cemeteries if you take our Egypt shore excursions.

In these tombs, there were some coins dating back to the reign of Treyman and the era of Kleinyouth and continued use of these tombs until the fourth century AD, after which the tombs were neglected. You have a golden chance to spend a happy Egypt short tour packages that will not be available anywhere other than Alexandria, which has several wonderful features.

Alexandria is characterized by its mild, charming atmosphere in the summer and is also located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, therefore, Alexandria shore excursions appear in this wonderful city and the area of Kom Al Shoqafa is a wonderful addition to the city of Alexandria Because it attracts a large number of tourists to visit this archaeological area. The tombs of Kom Al-Shoqafa will dazzle you with the beauty of their walls and their magnificent inscriptions, as well as the complex design of these tombs indicates the existence of a large number of skilled designers at that time when the tombs were built.

Design of the tombs of Kom El-Shoqafa

These tombs belong to the wealthy in the ancient era and they were used by some old families. Some rooms were added to these tombs. These rooms are excavated in a row, or two rows above each other. These tombs consist of several floors. After entering the cemetery in your Egypt Christmas tours, you will find an entrance Then there will be a ladder in front of you that leads you to the ground floor, which has a corridor and a round hall. This hall has three parts. After leaving this hall, you will find a ladder that leads you to the second floor. This is the main part for the burial of the dead and it has a room with three holes in the wall with subsidiary rooms for burial.

The round hall

After entering the entrance to the first ground floor on your 5 days Egypt tour packages, you will find a hall in the form of a circle, in the middle of which is a well, above this well there is a dome carried on 6 columns and between each column, there are walls except for the part that is in front of the entrance. These walls contain red-colored decorations.

The bottom of the well had five marble heads, which are now in the Greco-Roman Museum which is one of the best attractions in Alexandria, and they are the head of a priest, the head of a young man, the head of a boy, and the head of a child. There are models of heads made of pebbles and the features of these statues date back to the end of the first century AD.

The banquet hall

This hall was where the family of the dead would gather to eat during their 9 days Egypt tour packages to the cemetery on special occasions. It is a spacious hall in the form of a square. It has a flat surface as well as there are columns and the two front pillars have holes also in this hall there are three sofas carved into the rocks that are two meters wide and there is a wooden table in front of the sofas. It is believed that food was placed on it, and pillows were placed on these sofas.

The podium

There is a podium on the second floor that looks out the burial hall, and under it, there is a staircase, and this staircase leads to the third ground floor that you can explore during 13 days Egypt tours. This podium has a tendency towards the stairs and this podium hides a side of the decorative facade these wonderful tombs were hidden under the ground and it is wonderful that it is now a tourist attraction in the city of Alexandria via 14 days Egypt tours.

You will stop at the Kom El-Shaqafa cemeteries a lot to enjoy the splendor of this interesting place that contains corridors, stairs, and hidden rooms, as well as graves and luxurious dining halls in addition to inscriptions and drawings that show the way to sit and eat, as well as show the religious rituals during the burial of the dead. It is truly a wonderful place worthy of visiting and watching while Egypt luxury tours.


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