the temple of Edfu

Best Things to do in Edfu

Your most important and most beautiful destination in Aswan governorate is the area of Edfu. The temple has high walls. This temple expresses the Ptolemaic era, which is distinguished by its luxury and sophistication. The temple of Edfu that is included in our Egypt tours is the second largest temple after the Karnak Temple.

It was Built, when there was a great battle between the god Horus and the god set. Cross the Nile River to the West Bank in the city of Edfu in Upper Egypt to get acquainted with the most beautiful Ptolemaic temples, which is one of the best Ptolemaic shrines that you will discover in Egypt day tours.

This temple with its high walls was built in the period from 237 to 57 before Christmas. This temple represents the Hellenistic era in Egypt and it is characterized by the presence of information about the language and tells strange myths. The temple includes more and more about the conflict that was between Horus and set Hor. All these historical info will be clear in your Egypt tour Packages.

The History of the temple of Edfu, Horus Temple

Take quick steps towards the Temple of Edfu, which presented a gift to the god Hor. This deity is a sacred falcon with a human body and the head of a falcon.

This temple contains a wondrous statue of the god of Hor that you will explore in Aswan day tours. Edfu temple contains statues that embody the god Hor in the form of a falcon and a sacred day is designated for celebrations and the election of the god Wor, who has a sacred niche in which this god stayed for a year.

This huge temple that tells myths and legends was built in a wonderful way and this temple continued to meet the admiration of all visitors in unique Egypt Classic tours from all over the world.

This temple witnessed several stages that began with building a basic building with three halls and a niche from which small side rooms branched into the Temple of Edfu. Ptolemy III ordered it to be built in 237 BC.It is amazing that it took twenty-five years to build the main building.

In the reign of Ptolemy IV, there were works of decorating on the walls with inscriptions and drawings. This work took six years, and in the same year the main gate of the temple was laid. The country settled, so the walls were decorated with gold and inscriptions and attractive colors.

During the reign of Ptolemy, the Ninth, the temple was opened and finally the temple was completed during the reign of Julius Caesar, who went to conquer Britain. in that period the The Roman Empire reached its great age. If you are a fan of history I suggest continuing your Day tour in Luxor from Aswan.

This great temple is located between high thick walls. A large part of the temple is buried under the town of Edfa and the inscriptions on the walls of the temple talked about the splendor and beauty of this era in which the temple was built. There are high walls and beautiful inscriptions and a niche for the god Hor.

All these things distinguish the Temple of Edfu, which took a great time to build. The kings of the Ptolemaic state saw this temple as their greatest achievement, telling about their wars, customs, ways of life, and religious events. As long as they became a strong and large state, this is clear in the Temple of Edfu. Do not miss the chance and try Nile Cruise Luxor and Aswan.

What did this great temple of Edfu contain?

This temple that is included in our 13 Days Egypt tour Packages contained a sacred lake and a temple altar, as well as kitchens, stores, barns, livestock, as well as birds, and there was a place for the priests to stay. The temple contained a group of places that were used on occasions such as marriage ceremonies, feasts and religious rituals.

Certainly, when you visit the Temple of Edfu during 7 Days Egypt tours, you will be in the place where the religious ceremonies and rituals were held. This is a place chosen by the kings and priests to be the place where the festivals of Poplar were held. The Temple of Edfu was a place for performing prayers that were called the legal prayers. These prayers were linked to the lunar feasts, as well as associated feasts.

There were solar occasions inside the Temple of Edfu. There was an open room for performing daily prayers. In these rooms there were offerings and pure water, and there was a group of priests purifying themselves in the Holy Lake to perform prayers inside the temple. What do you think about taking a Nile Cruise from Luxor after finishing your Luxor day tours?

The Wonderful Architecture of Edfu Temple

The Temple of Edfu is a unique temple that has its complete parts. This temple is in the wonderful Ptolemaic style. When you approach the Temple of Edfu during Egypt easter tours, you will find two large rocks at the entrance. These rocks were made of granite rocks that are inscriptions explaining that the temple gate was made of cedar wood that was imported from Lebanon. This gate has bronze and gold on it.

This door is distinguished by its drawing of the sun disk that has two wings and it symbolizes the God of Hor. When you enter the temple in your Egypt Christmas tours, you will find a huge courtyard on the side of the courtyard, there are columns with crowns of flowers as well. There is a hall with eighteen columns. This hall has three parallel rows. Also, inside the temple you will find the Holy of Holies room.

What is special about Edfu Temple?

The Temple of Edfu is unique because it differs from the Pharaonic temples and it took a long time up to 180 years to build. This temple with its strong walls dazzled tourists, as well as its beautiful drawings and historical rooms in which celebrations were held.

You will be lucky when you travel to Aswan in your Egypt luxury tours, the beautiful historical city that includes a large number of ancient Pharaonic monuments, As well as the picturesque nature of this governorate.

You can visit many historical monuments in Aswan, not only the magnificent Edfu Temple, but also you can sail in the Nile River by the beautiful sailboats in Egypt Nile Cruises.

You will be in the middle of the Holy Nile River that admired the ancient Egyptians, as well as your tour on the west bank of the Nile River, where restaurants that serve Egyptian food and the popular cafes that you can sit and watch the view of the Nile River.

You will feel calm and relaxed. Do not hesitate to visit the Temple of Edfu, which was a symbol of strength and secrets in the era of the Ptolemaic State.

See the most beautiful and wonderful places on the western bank of the Nile River. Enjoy the warm weather in the winter. This atmosphere will make you feel that you are another person whose life is full of happiness and joy. If you are looking for an adventure journey to live Check out our Hurghada day tours or Dahab day tours.


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