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The Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor

It is the second-largest Interfaith complex in the world. Karnak temple is a large site where thirty Pharaohs witnessed the building. It is considered a very large interfaith complex that was a place for worshiping for hundreds of years. This temple was very small and then turned into an interfaith complex. the Karnak Temple is the largest human heritage in all. During your Luxor day tours to the city of Luxor, you will hear the name of the Temple of Karnak frequently in the city.

This archaeological site is located on the eastern bank of the Nile River in the city of Luxor, which was called Thebes. This area was known to the ancient Egyptians with prestige and dignity. You will be amazed with Egypt travel packages at this luxurious place with its wonderful statues. Karnak temple is characterized by a very large turnout of tourists due to the importance of this place because it is one of the global places that are unparalleled.

Karnak Temple during the Era of the Pharaohs

You will not stop to admire the Temple of Karnak, this temple consists of four parts, the Amun Ra courtyard, Mowot district, Monfer district, and the fourth is the temple of Imhotep. It also contains a group of small temples. When you enter the temple in Egypt day tours, you will be in the hospitality of the Rams Road, which is the main place to receive guests. This road is 87 kilometers long and 76 meters wide. When you go on this road, enjoy seeing 1200 wonderful statues. These statues have a ram head, they were designed like the Sphinx in Giza. The heads of the statues symbolize the god Amun.

Treasures of the Karnak Temple

After entering the temple gate, there is the Amun courtyard. This spacious courtyard with an area of 250 thousand meters. This courtyard was built during the era of the 18th Dynasty. This was a special time because Taybeh became the capital of the country. This is not all, but you will find more and more surprises with Egypt Christmas tours. On the left of the courtyard, you will find wonderful columns showing the ingenuity of the pharaohs in the construction of columns. Enjoy watching the surprising statue of Benozem. Take your Egypt short tour packages of the Temple of Ramses III and do not stop because you will find many surprises accomplished by the pharaohs in this place.

On the front of the temple, watch columns dating back to the eighteenth family. These columns consist of a large hall that was built during the era of the nineteenth family. This hall is about five thousand meters and has 134 columns of which 22 columns are 10 meters and 12 columns are twenty-one meters high. You will see via 5 days Egypt tour packages, the wonderful obelisks that no one will see except the visitors of the temple. The obelisks belong to Tuthmos the First and the Queen Hatshepsut, you will be in the hospitality of the Pharaoh and the goddess during Egypt classic tours because this temple was only entered by the king and monks. After these obelisks, you will find small rooms and courtyards.

Above the columns of the temple you will find a set of pillars, each pillar weighs about twenty tons. If you think a little, your thoughts will be distracted due to the reason of how to raise these pillars over the columns. It is said that the giant cranes raised these supports, but this process will take a long time and need a great balance. It is said that they used Sandy slopes to pull the stones up and place them over the columns.

Karnak Sacred Lake

In the middle of the Karnak temple you will find the sacred lake, this lake is a mysterious secret of the ancient Egyptians. This lake contains water that does not move and does not dry up throughout the year. This lake is far from the Nile so you can take Cheap Nile cruises to reach it and has been in existence for more than three thousand years. Thutmose III ordered to dig it and it is impossible to dry up despite the process of evaporation, so most of the residents of Luxor go to it to bless it. During Nile cruises from Aswan to Luxor, you can see the length of the lake is eighty meters and its width is forty meters.

Karnak Temple represents an unforgettable history

The Roman Emperor Constantine the First admitted Christianity in 323 AD. After three years of this admission of Christianity, specifically in the year 326, the king's son ordered the close of all pagan temples everywhere, therefore no religious ceremonies were held in this temple since its closure. Still, the halls of this temple were used for some important celebrations that you can discover in Egypt Easter tours, due to the beauty and the ingenuity of the buildings in the Karnak Temple. This place occupies a great place in the hearts of researchers who are interested in Egyptian antiquities because it is a place that has no parallel in the world.

Why did they name it Al Karnak?

The word Karnak was derived from the word Karnak, which is an Arabic word meaning the village. With strong forts, many temples were named Karnak. Before that time, the temple was known as Bar Amun, meaning the home of Amun or Bet Amun, but in the Middle Ages, it was called Ibn Sut which means the chosen place. In 9 days Egypt tour packages you will know that the ancient Egyptians believed that Thebes in which this temple was built was established in a high place at the beginning of making creatures. The god Ptah stood in this high place after making the creation. They believed that the god Ptah stood on the ground of this temple to start making the creation.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the god Amun interacted with the people of the earth in this temple, Therefore, the ancient Egyptians paid attention to this temple and used to sanctify it, so they built more than wonderful places inside it, and the Karnak temple remains a witness to the ancient Egyptian history, which established a civilization that the whole world tells about. After completing your Egypt luxury tours to the Karnak temple, be ready to take many enjoyable 14 day Egypt tours around other wonderful temples of Luxor.

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