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Info About the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is one of the most famous and most important museums in the world. The Egyptian Museum is located in the city of Cairo in Tahrir Square, and the Egyptian Museum includes a large number of ancient antiquities that you can see during Egypt tour packages. The reason for the many factors that distinguish the Egyptian Museum is that most museums attract tourists from all over the world because it contains antiquities A great pharaoh, and that comes to all those interested in these monuments to see the history of this museum.

The museum was established in the year 1,835 in the Azbekiah garden, then it was transferred to a hall in the Citadel of Salah El-Din, then it was transferred on the coast of the Nile, then the site of the museum ended in the heart of Cairo in Tahrir Square that will include in Cairo day tours. The Egyptian Museum is distinguished from other museums because it is a general museum that includes 180,000 antique pieces that were discovered in the tombs of kings, clerics, and princes, as well as you will find traces of the stages of ancient Egyptian history.

The Egyptian Museum consists of two floors. The first floor contains a large group of statues, paintings, and coffins. We can say that it is the most beautiful museum its statues tell the history sequence that you can see during Egypt day tours, and it also contains different things. Second, it contains the statue of King Tutankhamun, the statue of King Khufu, and Tutankhamun's mask.

It also contains many treasures from the kings that came from a different family and in the Egyptian Museum you can see the place, where artifacts, mummies, statues, antiquities, and other military equipment from the ancient era are collected from all over Egypt so that it is easy for the tourist, and now you can check Egypt short tour packages to visit the Egyptian Museum

We want to rise to this entrance and learn about the history of Egypt and the stages of ancient Pharaonic history Copies are considered the Egyptian Museum a cultural building because they tell the history of Egypt, the royal family, and the princes, and you can know a lot of ancient historical Pharaonic information with ETB Tours Egypt and you can see the greatness of the past and ancient history. The site of the Egyptian Museum gives it great importance because through the means of transportation available in the city center, you can reach the Egyptian Museum and you can entry is very easy.

The design of the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is based on the ancient classical style and does not have any influence on ancient Egyptian art, but the museum halls simulate the compartments in the ancient Egyptian temples. The Egyptian Museum facade has two columns in the Greek style, such as the columns in the Temple of Philae, and at the top of the museum there is a statue of Hathor so on the sides of the entrance there is a statue of The god Isis and there is also on each facade two letters in an abbreviation of the name of Khedive Abbas Hilmi II, who built the Egyptian Museum, in the museum and during Egypt Christmas tours you will see two floors, in the upper floor includes several antiquities of the modern state, among the most famous of which are King Tutankhamun's relics. You can see two halls for the mummies. The design of the building takes into account future expansions as it facilitates your movement from one hour to another.

Contents of the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is distinguished In the presence of a group of antiquities, which includes about 180 thousand pieces, the most important of these is what was discovered in the Dahshur area in 1894, and these pieces are the greatest Archaeological pieces in the world, and the artifacts in the Egyptian Museum are considered a great thing, as they indicate the stages of ancient Egyptian history.

Among the most important of these pieces are prehistoric pieces where no human being knew how to write, for example, there are the museum decorative tools, fishing tools, and tools of daily life that you can discover in 5 days Egypt tour packages.

As for the founding era the Egyptian museum contains treasures from the first and the second family, such as the beautiful utensils and tools used in this era, as well as the antiquities of the old state, the most important of which are the details of Djoser, and many things from the Middle Ages. Daily life, coffins, small statues, and decorative tools

The History of the Egyptian Museum

The idea of building the Egyptian Museum started when Muhammad Ali prevented the exit of Egyptian antiquities abroad by establishing a place for antiquities in Azbekiah, but this did not prevent the transfer of Egyptian antiquities abroad., so the French archaeologist who worked in the local museum established a place on the shore of the Nile that you can reach it with cheap Nile cruises, and this was a distinct idea, but then the antiquities were drowned due to the flood of the Nile, and therefore the contents of the museum were transferred to another place in the palace of Khedive Ismail in Giza in 1902, then the Egyptian Museum entered the current location in Tahrir during the reign of Khedive Abbas Helmy II and from It is wonderful that the sanctuary is one of the buildings whose blood is forbidden because it is one of the historical buildings via Cairo tour packages.

The treasures of King Tutankhamun in the Museum

King Tutankhamun was an Egyptian king and he was one of the kings of the eighteenth family. All the treasures of this family are made of gold, so you will feel surprised while watching the treasures and you can explore all the treasures of King Tutankhamun in Luxor day tours.

This king ruled for nine years and died at the age of eighteen. Although this king did not have any prominent role, his tomb was distinguished by beautiful treasures, the tomb was discovered in 1922, in the Valley of the Kings, where this valley includes a large group of wonderful tombs in Egypt classic tours, the Death of King Tutankhamun, a beautiful set of coffins was prepared and some texts were written on them, inside these coffins, there were the king's mummy and his mask made of pure gold and there was in the burial room shoes for the king made of Gold is placed on the foot and there was also a set of gold necklaces on the king's neck, and one of the most beautiful treasures is a mask of the king that you will see in Egypt luxury tours, which is made of pure gold and weighs about 110 kilograms of gold, and there is this mask covering the king's head, as there is in the tomb of King Tutankhamun of gold fingers Hands and feet so that the body is protected from damage and the multiplicity of the treasures of Tutankhamun are the most beautiful treasures in the Egyptian Museum. They have a charm that attracts tourists and their great value.

Therefore, the Egyptian Museum in Egypt because of its history of the great ancient Egyptians that you can see in your day tour with 14 days Egypt tours, which indicates the greatness of ancient Egyptian civilization. To visit the Egyptian Museum in Egypt:

And with ETB Tours Egypt, you will find a lot of day tours that will take you to explore the Egyptian Museum like Alexandria day tours and Taba day tours.


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