Great Sphinx of Giza

Great Sphinx of Giza

The Great Sphinx of Giza
The Sphinx tells about the civilization of the ancestors. The Sphinx is a unique statue that you rarely find like it in all the world, which is a jerry statue.

The statue of Spinx has human face and the body of a lion you will be amazed when you see this wonderful mythical creature staying in the middle of the relics in the Giza area next to the pyramids.

The Sphinx shows a side of the great civilization of the ancient Egyptian, and it shows the ability of the ancient Egyptian artists to wark anywhere and at any time.

The History of the Sphinx.
The statue of the Sphinx in the Giza area is located next to the three pyramids on the Giza plateau and the Sphinx is located next to Khafra valley.

It is one of the oldest statues that were carved .The Sphinx was made during the rule of King Khafra, who belongs to the fourth family, and archaeologists have confirmed that the face of the Great Sphinx is the same face of King Khafre’s face, which was seen in many ancient statues, and the Sphinx acquired great importance in ancient times after carving and that was clear at the eighteenth family and some special religious rituals were performed next to the statue of the Sphinx.

There are some stories tell that King Khafre is the Sphinx Others say that King Khafra built the Sphinx for Immortalize his father Khufu. There are some people say that the statue of the Sphinx was built during the reign of King Khufu.

The Sphinx is similar to many ancient statues that symbolize strength and courage in the Old times and all this information indicates the ancient Egyptian’s interest in art, especially sculpture. The ancient Egyptians appreciated the art of sculpture.

They used a lot of ways to make huge statues. The Sphinx is one of the most beautiful statues that were carved in ancient Egypt.

How the ancient Egyptians built the Sphinx?
The statue of the Great Sphinx was built in a wonderful style and great skill that indicates the greatness of the architecture at this time.

The ancient Egyptians had a large number of skilled artists who were able to make the most beautiful statues. The ancient Egyptians used great Jerry rock that existed in this region.

so it took about three years to sculpt the Sphinx. The statue of the Sphinx is 73 meters, its height is 20 meters. About 100 workers participated in the process of carving the Sphinx.

The sculptors used limestone hammers and copper ears, and the workers used a group of dyes to paint the statue before carving it, and this indicates the accuracy of the work in the ancient era and the use of accurate scales to measure dimensions and elevations.

The Sphinx is a symbol for power and wisdom.
The face of the Sphinx is heading towards the East. The statue of the Sphinx was made of limestone, and this statue is a mythical creature. It is a head of a royal human and a body of a lion.

This creature sits opposite the sun disk and the body of this mixed creature is a symbol for Power and the head symbolizes wisdom.

You will surprise when visiting the statue of the Sphinx because of its location among the pyramids and archaeological sites as the ancient Egyptian thought that it would protect these sites from the thieves and dangers.

The destroyed sphinx’s nose.
The Sphinx was built about 4,500 years ago, so it is natural to find some destructive things in the statue and there are some biological and climatic factors that contributed to deforming some parts of the Sphinx and the effect of these factors increases as the chronological age of the statue increases.

The erosion factors contributed to the destruction some of the lower parts of the Sphinx.

The human factor also contributed to destroy the nose of the Sphinx There are many stories that have been told about the cut nose of The Sphinx, and some stories say that the French campaign cannons were shoot toward the direction of the Sphinx to train soldiers and some stories say that a person named Muhammad Al-Saim is the one who destroyed the nose in order to indicate that the statue is an adversary who does not move, and therefore he must not be worshiped.

There are many, many stories and stories about this great statue.

Competent authorities make much efforts to save The sphinx and the UNESCO exerts a great effort to protect the Sphinx Because it is considered one of Egypt’s historical landmarks in the world.

Rarely you can find such this statue at the present time. The Sphinx is one of the statues which have most of their parts, and this statue attracts a large number of tourists to see the greatness of the ancient Egyptians in building and sculpting the Great Sphinx.

The cause of the hole under the ear of the Sphinx.

the Sphinx, is one of the most beautiful gigantic statues, therefore The Sphinx is one of the statues that are most interesting to archaeologists.

Some historians said that under the statue of the Sphinx there is a great city and this hole leads to this city, and two rooms were discovered under the Sphinx statue, and some stories say that this hole leads to a large group of treasures and the secrets are still surrounding this mythical statue .

The ancient Egyptians have many secrets that have not been known until now. Visit Egypt, you will see a great civilization at Giza area. This civilization gives you more and more information about the secrets of the ancient Egyptian.

Be sure that Giza is full of many strange things that our ancestors made in the past, these things amaze the whole world and make many and many tourists come to visit Egypt – the capital of civilization – and the heart of the world.


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