The Hanging Church | Egypt | Coptic Cairo

The Hanging Church | Egypt | Coptic Cairo

The Hanging Church
The Hanging Church is a center for the old Christian culture. The location of the church has contributed to attract many visitors for the church and for the whole holy area around the church. The church is an archaeological site. It is about thirteen meters above the ground.

The Hanging Church is located among mixture of religions, where you can visit the most sacred area in Egypt.

Next to the Hanging Church there is Amr Ibn Al-Aas mosque, there is also the Ibn Ezra Jewish temple. This place is considered a source or   Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions.

The Hanging church was built on the ruins of one of the gate of the fortress of Babylon. This church is considered one of the oldest churches, that the world appreciates.

One of the advantages of the Hanging Church is that its location is not far from the Coptic Museum, the Church of Saint George, as well as the Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-Aas and the Temple of Ibn Ezra.

The Hanging Church and the Holy Family
Since ancient times, Alexandria was the seat of the Pope in the Marcous Church. Alexandria continued to be a place for the papacy for a thousand years. The headquarters of the papacy moved to the hanging church. A large number of patriarchs were buried in the hanging church.

Therefore, the hanging church is one of the most important churches in the world. The Virgin and her son Jesus hide in the church, and Saint Joseph AlNajjar was with them.

At that time the ruler of Palestine was killing all the children because he was afraid of the prophecy that showed that one of the children would take his throne.

One of the accounts says that there was a monk lived in the crypt beneath this place. The Hanging Church was a place to hold trials for priests and bishops, therefore the Hanging Church was a tourist attraction for many Copts.

The Description of The Hanging Church
This church is a beautiful building that is distinguished by the beauty of the building inside and outside. When you approach the hanging church you will feel that you are inside a beautiful art painting .The church receives a large number of visitors interested in Coptic antiquities and ancient Coptic history .The front part of the church is in Mary Gerges Street .

This church has two floors .This church was built In the Basilian style, and in front of the church there is a beautiful fountain.

The hanging church is in the shape of a rectangle. The hanging church is 95 meters long and 185 meters wide. The hanging church contains wings and structures.

Inside the church there is a wonderful group of wooden veils. These veils take the attention to it, due to the accuracy of manufacture and the middle veil inside the church Made of ebony wood, it is an architectural masterpiece.

This veil is engraved with some drawings and crosses. There is a picture of Christ sitting on the throne. It is a large place and next to it there are two small wings and among them there is a group of high columns that made of granite. there are wonderful columns.

These columns that separate the wings are built from the marble and they have a beautiful crown above the columns.

The church contains three structures, the first structure is called Mary, the second one is called The Baptist and the third is called the Saint George.

The Hanging Church is a center of ancient Christian symbols and this is evident in the interest in the Church from the inside.

Stages of The Hanging Church development
In the beginning, the site where the hanging church was located was a place to hide the holy family from the ruler of Palestine who wanted to kill Jesus, the son of Mary, and the holy family continued inside this place for three years.

During the era of the Islamic state, some renovations were made in the church because the St.’Morcos asked the governor to give him the permission in order to renew the church, and that was done during the reign of Harun al-Rashid.

During the rule of the Fatimids, the ruler allowed the Patriarch to make some renovations to a large number of churches and rebuild the destroyed churches. A group of clerics are buried in this church.

The three religions gathered in Old Cairo
The Hanging Church derives its importance through its unique position among the Islamic and Jewish monuments, therefore the Hanging Church is distinguished from other churches and it is a symbol of the Christian monuments in the world.

Amr bin Al-Aas mosque and the hanging church
The Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-Aas is one of the most important Islamic archeological sites, which is located next to the Hanging Church. Muslims said that this mosque was built after the Islamic conquest of Egypt. This mosque was called the ancient mosque.

This mosque has six doors. The mosque   was expanded in several years. Four minarets were built for the Mosque of Amr bin Al-Aas.

During Crusades against Egypt, Minister Shaoz burned the city of Fustat in order not to fall into the hands of the Crusaders so parts of the mosque were  destroyed.

The Coptic Museum
This museum is at a close distance to the Hanging Church, and you can visit the Hanging Church, the Coptic Museum, the Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-Aas, and the Temple of ibn Ezra in a short time. The Coptic Museum includes a large number of Coptic antiquities since the first century AD.

This museum tells about the Roman persecution of Christianity and there is a group of manuscripts that document What happened in the Roman era, after that the Christian religion was admitted be romans.

there are paintings in this museum that express the activities that people did in the Roman era and beyond that.

Ben Ezra Temple
This temple is related to the Jewish religion. This temple is located in the city of Fustat. The Temple of Ibn Ezra is considered one of the largest temples in Egypt. Officials in Egypt  interested in restoring the temple. There is a large library in the temple.

This library contains books that talk about the history of the Jews in Egypt. The origin of this temple was a church and it was sold by the Orthodox Church.

So it turned into a Jewish temple, and it is said that this temple was chosen by the Prophet Moses to be a place of praying. This temple was rebuilt more than once and this temple is located in Old Cairo, which is full of much about religions.

Tourists prefer to go to Old Cairo because there are quite a few. Archaeological mosques and historical churches .When you go to the Old Cairo area, you will feel that you are among the most sacred places.


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