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Best Activities in Hurghada

You can find a lot of things to do and visit in Hurghada day tours like:

  1. Giftun Islands
  2. Hurghada Marina
  3. Straits of Gubal
  4. Beaches
  5. Sindbad Submarine
  6. Desert Jeep Expeditions & Quad Biking
  7. Camel Rides
  8. Astronomical Nights
  9. Bedouin Dinner Tours
  10. Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites
  11. Gota Abu Ramada Dive Site
  12. Hurghada Aquarium
  13. Snorkeling in Hurghada

Hurghada is an Egyptian city in the Red Sea Governorate. Hurghada is one of the few cities that is characterized by warm weather and clear air. The city of Hurghada is a destination for many tourists from all over the world with ETB Tours Egypt. Hurghada is distinguished by the beauty of the site. As well as the accuracy of planning, you will find everything you want inside the tourist bazaars in the city of Hurghada, shops, and centers of domination during Egypt tour packages. The city of Hurghada is divided into a group of residential neighborhoods that contain old and modern homes, but tourist bazaars and malls are some kilometers away from homes, hotels, and tourist villages in Hurghada in the end beauty and every hotel contains everything you think of from markets, bazaars, swimming pools and restaurants and every hotel is a tourist resort. The city of Hurghada is the administrative city of the Red Sea Governorate that you can visit with the Red Sea tour packages. It is bordered on the north by the city of Ras Gharib and on the south by the city of Safaga shore excursions. A lot of water sports on the beaches of Hurghada, which was developed a lot by the government.

Tourist Resorts in Hurghada

Enjoy the large entertainment in the resorts of Hurghada on a large number of tourist resorts near and far from the city center. Tourist resorts in the city of Hurghada are considered one of the most beautiful resorts in Egypt luxury tours, as they overlook the Red Sea. Enjoy the beaches of Hurghada with sea trips by sailing in one of the luxury boats through these boats, you can practice your favorite hobby, diving or swimming, as well as enjoy the picturesque nature of wonderful waters, clear skies, and fresh air, and on the shores of Hurghada. Enjoy watching the sunset in your Egypt Christmas tours as well as the sunrise while you lie on the sands of the beach, you can eat delicious oriental food and play a lot of sports on the beaches, such as volleyball or soccer, as well as golf cars to take a tour in the resort and get to know all the parts of the resort that you will live in. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and you will be lucky to stay with us in Egypt short tour packages, especially in Hurghada and its wonderful resorts, shops, and centers. All resorts of Hurghada are characterized by golf cars that will dazzle you with their wonderful views. You can use the golf car to go to your room and go to the reception or any restaurant inside the resort.

Tourist resorts in Hurghada are an integrated place that meets all the needs of the tourists in their Egypt honeymoon packages, where you find places of entertainment and fun from the theaters where you can see the most beautiful theatrical performances, shows, and heritage stories. You can find entertainment places for children like the Aqua Park tour in Hurghada, which is very beautiful, as well as restaurants in which the most skilled chefs cook for the guests. Have snacks and drinks at the bars that are located on swimming pools and beaches. Buy your needs from the small shops and take all the souvenirs and beautiful clothes that express the Egyptian and Arab heritage. The resorts of Hurghada are the most beautiful resorts in the world in terms of luxury and beauty. Do not hesitate to come to the city of Hurghada and live in its beautiful resorts and enjoy the warm clear air. Try a safari tour by Quad Bike in Hurghada that is suitable for the desert. Try to use the telescope to watch the stars and the plants during your trip and you can take a bus or a car to visit another site for example visiting Luxor day tours or Aswan. You will surprised to find all the facilities in Egypt.

The Natural Regions in Hurghada

Enjoy the best islands in Hurghada and the nature of these islands, you will explore Seagulls Island, Magawish Island, and other islands in Hurghada during our best Egypt shore excursions.

Seagulls Island Hurghada

Seagulls Island is one of the most beautiful islands that the city of Hurghada includes during 5 days Egypt tour packages. It is called Seagulls Island because it is a place where a large number of seagulls gather, as it contains half the types of seagulls in the world. It also contains a beautiful group of animals and reptiles that will dazzle you with their beautiful shapes and is characterized by the clearness of water. Which allows you to see the beautiful coral reefs without the need to dive or swim in the sea. Seagulls Island has the most beautiful soft sand that tourists would love to see via Egypt day tours. It is a wonderful island. You will see everything beautiful. We invite you to visit Seagulls Island and enjoy all the joyful factors and beautiful landscapes.

The Red Sea Magawish Island

The Red Sea Magawish Island is a large island. It is called the Red Sea Paradise because there are beautiful landscapes and wonderful colorful fish and these fish are of different sizes, large, small, and medium. This island is also characterized by calmness as well as the beauty of nature and you can practice many wonderful beautiful sports such as windsurfing, water skiing, as well as diving, to see the best of what the Red Sea has during 14 days Egypt tours. You can dive in the Red Sea and enjoy watching the fish and all the beauty underwater.

Be sure that you will not forget these views and you can take a picture underwater to show your friends the photos of the Coral reefs with ETB Tours and during your amazing Egypt Easter holidays. Finally, we can say that Hurghada is a large city where the tourist can have a good time and practice his favorite sport and the tourist can dive under the water to take photos through 9 days Egypt tour packages.


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