The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Things To See in NMEC

Your Egypt Tours to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization will be an integrated visit through which you will know about the history of Egypt from the beginning to our time. This Egypt day tours to this museum will see through it all of Egypt and this trip will take you to all parts of Egypt in addition to the site of this distinguished museum in the city of Fustat, which is a historical city of great importance since the Islamic conquest of Egypt.

The area of this museum is about 33 acres inside this museum, about 50,000 antique pieces, each antique piece tells a specific period of time in the history of Egypt as well as explain the development of Egyptian civilization in many areas during Egypt travel packages. You will see a lot of treasures. In this place, for example, photographic models, oil paintings, artifacts, Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic and Arab stones, this museum also contains contents that express Sudanese civilization and the modern era, as well as this distinguished site which is on the lake of Ain Al-Sira.

The History of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

The idea of establishing this museum appeared in 1982, at that time, UNESCO announced the establishment of a National Museum of Civilization in Aswan, but in 1999 the current site of the museum was chosen in the city of Fustat. Studies are being conducted at this site for a period of 5 years and this museum is now located near the lake of Ain Al-Sira. This museum contains 130 thousand square meters of buildings and this site includes 50,000 antique pieces from many of the Pharaonic eras, and there are also a number of rooms to preserve antiquities. It is expected that the contents of this museum will be displayed in nine halls, including a major exhibition that talks about the achievements of the Egyptian civilization that you will discover in Egypt Classic tours. Exhibitions expressing the beginning of civilization on the banks of the Nile River and the beliefs that were widespread among the ancient Egyptians, as well as exhibitions of mummies dating back to the kings of Egypt.

You will see in this museum a large number of very wide squares. You will see a center for education and research during Cairo day tours. There is also an exhibition and an expression of the development of the city of Cairo since Ancient times and after that the Coptic and Islamic era and the modern country. you will see during 7 Days Egypt tours in this exhibition a lot of great film material that tells about many of the rulers of Egypt in the era of the Pharaohs as well there are many videos and books that tell about the development of the Egyptian civilization and the daily life of the ancient Egyptians and how much Egypt managed to defeat the enemies.

You will notice that this museum is a wonderful museum with everything you want through 10 Days Egypt tours. You will be amazed at the beauty of this charming place. Do not stop spending the most beautiful times in this museum. you will be able to know a lot about Egypt through this place in 13 Days Egypt tours.

Facts about National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is a precious treasure in Egypt. Enjoy visiting this wonderful museum in Egypt luxury tours, which is located next to the Babylon Fortress, which was built on the remains of many churches and next to it a large number of mosques and the Jewish Synagogue, which was named ibn Ezra, so this area is a wonderful complex of religions. you will find yourself inside A large religious complex during Egypt easter tours and a meeting place of ancient and modern civilizations, therefore, after completing the visit to this museum, you will get a lot of useful information about Egyptian civilization via Egypt Shore excursions.

Be sure that this museum is a historical encyclopedia that displays the Egyptian civilization in different times. You will find about 50 thousand antique pieces that tell about the different eras in Egypt from ancient times to the modern era. It is expected that this museum will include many other departments, including service and entertainment places and research centers to discover in Egypt Short break tours, and it is wonderful that this museum will attract Egyptian citizens as well as foreigners from everywhere in the world.

This museum contains an exhibition of Egyptian crafts and industries that were occurring in Egypt through the ages and the purpose of this exhibition is to identify the ancient crafts in which the ancient Egyptians made and how this craft developed after that it became a clear mark in Egypt, such as the manufacture of pottery, weaving and carpentry. This museum is distinguished by the antique pieces that have no parallel anywhere. You will see in the Cairo tour Packages many and many wonderful masterpieces and statues.

What can I do in the Fustat region?

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is located in the city of Fustat, which is a city full of various treasures of many different civilizations, including the Islamic, Pharaonic and Coptic civilizations. You can go on a wonderful Egypt honeymoon tours to the distinguished Islamic mosques. You can also enjoy visiting some churches located at the Babylon Fortress, such as the Hanging Church, St. Barbara's Church, and these churches are famous churches in which the Holy Family settled for a short period. You can also visit the Ben Ezra Jewish Synagogue.

This synagogue is one of the most famous ancient Jewish places in Egypt. Tourists from all places in the world come to visit it in 15 Days Egypt tours and therefore all of these places are wonderful global archaeological sites. It is great that in the middle of these places there is the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, and therefore the location of the museum is a suitable and unique place, so take this chance and take a historical archaeological tour in this archaeological place. You can find many nice restaurants to have some delicious food and you can have some Egyptian drinks. All these things you can do in the area of old Cairo, so be ready to spend your tour in Egypt, the land of the great civilization.


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