Khan El Khalili, Egyptian Open-Air Museum

It is a large market that includes beautiful heritage artifacts. These artifacts were made by professional artists. Khan al-Khalili is a place in the Islamic quarter of Cairo. Khan al-Khalili is considered the most attractive place and Egypt day tours for tourists in Egypt like:

  1. Cairo Day Tours: You can visit Khan El Khalili and other attractions in Cairo via Cairo tour, you can also visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum.
  2. Alexandria Day Tours: Alexandria provides the best tours to Khan El Khalili and many destinations.
  3. Aswan Day Trips: From Aswan, you can easily visit Khan El Khalili market and buy many souvenirs.
  4. Luxor day tours: Luxor has many tours that will transfer you to explore Khan El Khalili Bazaar.
  5. Hurghada Day Tours: If you want to see Khan El Khalili from Hurghada, just be with ETB Tours Egypt.
  6. Sharm El Sheikh day tours: Sharm is the best way to go and explore Cairo's top sites like Khan El Khalili.
  7. You can take our Taba Trips and Excursions to enjoy the night in Khan El Khalili
  8. You can also book Marsa Alam Trips or Dahab Day Tours to go to the old Egyptian market in Cairo.

Khan El-Khalili was a mausoleum, this mausoleum was for the burial of the Fatimid caliphs. This mausoleum was built in 970 AD. This mausoleum was built by Jawhar Al Siqilli, who is one of the Sultans of the Fatimid state. During the rule of Sultan Barquq, who was from the Circassians, the black death spread in Egypt, but Egypt remained a center of economic activity.

During this period, the sultans built a group of commercial establishments near Khan El-Khalili, such as the agency of Sultan Qaitbay, Khan El Khalili is one of the Islamic parts of Egypt that is included in

Egypt tour packages. Khan El-Khalili is one of the oldest markets in the Middle East, although this place is very old, this place is attractive. It is visited by tourists from all over the world, Khan al-Khalili has a distinctive architectural character, and Khan al-Khalili is based on the ancient Islamic style.

Khan al-Khalili Location

Khan al-Khalili in the Al-Hussein region is among the two most famous mosques in Egypt, these mosques are Al-Azhar Mosque and Al-Hussein Mosque. Al-Azhar Mosque is a beacon of knowledge in Egypt and was built during the era of the Fatimid state. As for Al-Hussein Mosque, it is appreciated by all Egyptians. Khan Al Khalili is located on a street parallel to Al-Muizz Street.

This place is distinguished by beauty and creativity. It is one of the rare places in which you will find ancient civilization mixed with ancient beauty during Cairo tour packages. Khan Al Khalili possesses the charm of the place. Khan Al Khalili has a large number of old streets, heritage places, and artifacts, so you will never forget it. You can take Egypt short tour packages of Khan Al Khalili as well as the old area, you can visit the mosques of Al-Azhar and Al-Hussein Mosque because they are next to Khan Al-Khalili.

What will you see in Khan El Khalili?

Khan al-Khalili is an ancient heritage place that contains a large number of shops that are next to each other. The owners of these shops are very kind. In these stores there are all the things that tourists in their Egypt Christmas tours want to buy In Khan al-Khalili, they make copperware, as well as the wonderful arabesque that you will not see anywhere else.

The most beautiful artifacts and ornaments and these things are among the antiques that distinguish Khan al-Khalili. There are leather and copper products in Khan al-Khalili and these things have certain places. Artists and actors go to Khan al-Khalili to buy clothes that they use in artworks and concerts. The goods in Khan al-Khalili are displayed attractively, and these goods are side by side. These goods attract the attention of visitors to buy these productions as souvenirs for their relatives and friends.

Khan El-Khalili is an open museum

Khan al-Khalili is a famous place all over the world. If you are a guest on Egypt classic tours, it is natural that you will go to Khan al-Khalili. Khan El-Khalili products are rare things that will dazzle you. Khan al-Khalili is a square and around it there is a yard at the bottom of this place there are heritage shops and in the upper part there are Stores and housing. Khan al-Khalili is not just a place and a market, but it is a commercial center that offers souvenir gifts and antiques of this attractive place.

It is considered an open museum that you will walk in via Egypt Easter tours because some relics and artifacts look like the original artifacts. The word Khan is a Persian word meaning home and every institution is called Khan in the Persian language the khan is a floor that has a wide yard and is surrounded by places with a roof and behind it there are rooms for storing goods. As for the word Khalili, its meaning goes back to Prince Jharkas al-Khalili, who came from Al Khalil in Palestine with a group of Palestinian merchants, before the existence of Khan El-Khalili. This area was a cemetery of the Fatimid state, and these graves were transferred to Outside Cairo.

The Antiques in Khan El-Khalili

Khan al-Khalili is a market of 38 current markets which was created by the Mamluks, but Khan al-Khalili has a large fame and importance everywhere In the Middle Ages when trade flourished, Khan al-Khalili was a place to receive goods, and there were great marketers in the sixteenth century in Khan Al Khalili. This market was for the slave trade, then this market was moved to another place. Khan al-Khalili was renewed. It consists of two parts and two gates of marble, and these gates have the Islamic style. During your 5 days Egypt tour packages in Khan Al-Khalili, you will put your feet on the black basalt stones. You will see the Islamic architecture. You will find artistic products and the unique location of Khan Al-Khalili, and its beautiful products make it the most attractive place for tourists. Khan Al-Khalili has artistic touches. These touches express different ages. This place which you can see in luxury Egypt tours was built in the Mamluk, Islamic style. There are many places inside which water is available for passengers.

Visit Khan Al-Khalili with 14 days Egypt tours, which is considered one of the most beautiful archaeological sites. Buy a set of beautiful souvenirs. Souvenirs in Khan Al Khalili have a special character. The accuracy of the manufacturing and the beauty of the view are incredible.

Do not forget to take some pictures in Khan Al Khalili and you can walk on Khan Al Khalili Street during 9 days Egypt tour packages. You can buy some clothes that express the Mamluk and Fatimid eras. Indeed, you we be happy to visit Cairo and its wonderful sightseeing like Khan al-Khalili where the kind people and relaxation. The sense of admiration is available in Khan al-Khalili. Be with us in the modern and ancient Egypt.

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