Mosque of Muhammad Ali

Mosque of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Mosque is a brilliant jewel in the fortified citadel.
Imagine that you are in an extremely beautiful place surrounded by walls decorated with marble made of alabaster, which is a rare type marble in Egypt. Imagine that you visited a high mountain inside which there is a building designed on the Ottoman Islamic style.

This imagination will turn into reality when you visit the Muhammad Ali Mosque in Egypt if you are interested in visiting the historical places that are glorified by ancient and modern history. It is more convenient for you to visit the Mosque of Muhammad Ali.

This archaeological site is called the Alabaster Mosque, because the mosque from the inside contains marble made of alabaster This marble catches the eye.

You have never seen such a mosque like this one. This mosque was established in the era of the ruler of the Ottoman state, Muhammad Ali Pasha. This ruler was not an Egyptian, but a Macedonian. He was the ruler of the Ottoman state in Egypt.

The mosque of Muhammad Ali was distinguished by accuracy in design and expansion. The construction of the mosque took about eighteen years and this is a great period during which designers used much effort to bring out a historical achievement that tells about hard work, seriousness and sacrifice.

Muhammad Ali Mosque is similar to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is located in Istanbul, Turkey. When you enter the area of the Mokattam Mountain, you are in this case an important guest, not only to visit Mohamed Ali Mosque but also to visit a large number of mosques inside the Citadel of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, for example the Nasser Qalawun Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque, the Rifai Mosque and other mosques.

All of these mosques are historical mosques built in different Islamic eras. The common factor for all these sites is that they contain creativity in construction and skill in design. When you take a tour around this archaeological area, you will see minarets and domes from a distance.

The skilled designer who designed the Muhammad Ali Mosque.
Muhammad Ali Mosque is in which the skills and expertise of the architects from the East and the west were used. Muhammad Ali Pasha’s plan depended on the diversity in building the mosque.

Muhammad Ali did not satisfy with one designer to design the mosque, but he brought a lot of designers from Egypt and outside Egypt, so when you visit the mosque you will notice that it is not a traditional mosque but it is a building in which the Ottoman experiences were used to have the Ottoman character and the Egyptian experiences in order to decorate and paint it from the outside and inside parts.

You will be amazed before entering the mosque because of the mosque’s minarets which are four eight meters and its luxurious domes that are silver in color.

Muhammad Ali brought a French person called Paskal Kost to contribute the design of the mosque, but the project stopped. After ten years, Muhammad Ali called some experts including the Turkish architect Yusef Bushnaq, and asked him to design the mosque in a way It was worthy of Muhammad Ali Pasha. This Turkish designer excerpted the mosque’s design from the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul.

The designer who carried out the construction of this mosque is unknown, but after researching the name of the person who helped thed designer called Ali Hassan, this assistant was supervising the organization of the stones in which the mosque was built.

Muhammad Ali ordered Some talented painters to paint some things inside the mosque. Designers were interested in making motifs and decorating them. When you visit the mosque, you will notice the attractive copper motifs that were painted by a Roman artist.

The sculptors did everything they could to present wonderful artifacts that express the ancient heritage. The talented workers participated in it and they took a long time to complete the historical Islamic work, which indicates that the era of Muhammad Ali was an achievements era that the world had not seen before.

When visiting the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, be sure that you are in a museum that radiates Islamic history and culture.

Get ready to take a tour inside Muhammad Ali Mosque.
Have you ever seen such a mosque that covered in marble with golden inscriptions on? This mosque is considered a live piece of Istanbul’s historical mosques. You will find this mosque in the form of a rectangle. This rectangle has two side, the first one is a place to pray which is a square. If you raise your eyes to the top, you will see a great dome with shiny decorations and attractive lights. The height of this dome is 52 m.

Around this dome is a group of half-domes. The second side is an open courtyard around which four arcades carried by columns made of marble. Before entering the mosque, you will be dazzled by the beauty of the oval domes.

These domes are covered by silver color above the domes, you will find a copper crescent. If you think about taking a tour around the mosque, you will notice that the mosque has three very wonderful fronts these fronts face Salah El-Deen Citadel.

This mosque is distinguished by 261 windows. These many windows made this mosque well ventilated, as well as there is enough light inside the mosque. The memorial pictures will be taken next to the copper tower that contains colored glass.

This tower contains the accurate clock that Louis King of France provided to Muhammad Ali Pasha. In the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, you will find three niches. The main niche was designed during the reign of King Farouk the First It is wonderful that you will find two pulpits.

The first one is made of wood and it is of the most beautiful pulpits in Egypt and its green color contains various beautiful decorations. The second one is made of marble.

Muhammad Ali Mosque is a jewel inside the Great Treasure.

If you go to Muhammad Ali Mosque, you must enter Saladin Citadel, which includes this mosque. It will be a great chance to take a tour inside the fortified castle that was built during the era of the Ayyubid state in the rule of Saladin, the Muslim leader who ordered the construction of this castle To repel any external attack. This citadel also took the attention of Muhammad Ali Pasha.

He carried out many reforms inside the citadel and also ordered the construction of a tomb for him inside the Muhammad Ali Mosque. This mosque continued construction until Muhammad Ali’s death. After Muhammad Ali’s death, Khedive Abbas Helmy continued maintenance, painting works, putting Gates and teaching.

If you want to have fun and recognize much about the Islamic history, take a tour in a place full of surprises and a sense of pleasure. Do not hesitate to visit the high Mokattam area on which the Citadel of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi was built.

This castle includes one of the most wonderful Islamic mosques that express beautiful Islamic art. It is amazing that it is characterized by Ottoman style in building. You can enjoy the exterior view of the mosque that will dazzle you with its beauty and the advantages that you can get from there is that you can visit a lot of the historical mosques located next to the Muhammad Ali Mosque and all this in a short time, as the castle of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, which has the  mosque of Muhammad Ali is considered  one of the most magnificent castles that  distinguished by the strength of their forts.

In the end, you will realize that the Mosque of Muhammad Ali is located inside a wonderful heritage treasure, this treasure tells about a great period in the history of the Islamic world.


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