Saint Barbara Church in Coptic Cairo

The Church of St. Barbara

The church is a wonderful place of Coptic history. When you take your Cairo day tours to this place, you will feel happy and relaxed. The Church of Saint Barbara is one of the most famous Egyptian churches located east of the Babylon Fortress. This church is near the Jewish Synagogue of ibn Ezra, as well as near a group of historical mosques that you can visit all on an old Cairo tour. You will wander in a church dating back to the fourth century AD and the fifth century AD. The church of Saint Barbara was established by the writer of Abdul Aziz ibn Marwan, the ruler of Egypt. It was devoted to honoring Saint Sir Bakir. This historic church has been subjected to a lot of vandalism and unfortunately, it was restored incorrectly the Coptic Minister John Abbah played a role in the restoration of this church in the era of the Fatimid state during the reign of the Caliph Al-Mustansir, and John Abbah was a Coptic minister who had a great position with Al-Mustansir, and many accused him of treason. When his innocence appeared, the Caliph fulfilled his demand, which he presented to him before, which was to rebuild his church, Abu Serja. There were supplies and building materials that were sufficient to build another church. Therefore, the church of Saint Barbara was rebuilt without the permission of the Caliph, the Caliph was very angry and he ordered Johan to damage one of the two churches, so John was confused between the two churches and fell dead. Therefore, the Caliph refused to damage any church so you can visit it easily in our Cairo tour packages.

Who is Saint Barbara?

The story of Saint Barbara is a story of insistence and struggles that will make you love this place. She was a very beautiful lady born in Asia in the third century and her family worshipped idols her father was a fanatic of idols, and he hated the Christians. During our luxury Egypt tours you will know that she meditated on the stars, the sun, and the planets, and prayed to the Creator, many people advised her to meet a Christian scholar called Origen, who visited Egypt so she talked to him about the Gospel, and that is why her heart became attached to Christ and turned to the Christian religion, but her father did not know. The great woman spent all her life in worship and a large number of young men offered to marry her, but she refused. A very wealthy young man offered to marry her and Barbara’s father was happy with this person, but Barbara apologized for marrying him, and one day Barbara asked her father to build her a bathhouse, and her father built this bath and traveled in business. She used that place for worship and she destroyed all the idols and set up the cross on the door of this place and the top of the palace. When her father returned, he was angry at what Barbara had done and put her in a dark Cellar. The ruler at this time informed the story about ordering to bring her and her father to his palace, and Barbara did not want to worship idols, she was killed by her father in Heliopolis, and this story is a story of a great struggle of a young Egyptian woman who converted to Christianity and the Church of Barbara is a very famous historical site in the world, and you will enjoy visiting this place in our Egypt Easter Holidays.

What is the architecture of the St. Barbara Church in Cairo?

When this church appears, you will find it in the wonderful Orthodox style in your Egypt classic tours to the Babara Church, which consists of a rectangle about 26 meters long and about 24 meters wide, as well as a height of about 15 meters and it is one of the most beautiful churches in the city of Fustat and consists of two floors. This church is famous for its wonderful woodwork Especially the middle of the structure made of sycamore wood and ivory. This church dates back to the Fatimid era and has very beautiful decorations. In the church, there is also a picture of the Lord’s Supper, as well as a cross with the image of Jesus Christ, and next to it there are small icons of the Virgin Mary, so there is a marble altar on top you will see all these antiques in our guided Egypt Christmas tours. The altar has a wooden dome and 4 marble columns as well and there is a wonderful marble amphitheater behind the alter, this amphitheater has pieces of marble and consists of seven steps in the form of a half-circle, and this place was for the priests’ sitting. The northern structure is free from altars and also contains a small door from which you will exit to a rectangular hall with a shrine called the shrine of Saint Barbara, this shrine has undergone a lot of modifications and has an engraved wooden frame with colored drawings. There is a niche for Saint Julian, as well as Saint Demiana. These niches have golden colors all our guests are impressed by seeing them in our Egypt short tour packages. The names of the three saints Damiana, Julian, and Barbara are seen in the form of the sun disk built by a clever designer.

A wonderful visit to St. Barbara’s Church

Your visit to this historic church will make you acquainted with one of the most important archaeological areas in the world that attract tourists to visit Egypt day tours. Inside the church, you will find quiet lights, as well as rare beautiful pictures and other aspects of beautiful art. When you leave the church, you have a great chance to wander the streets of Cairo in our 8-day Egypt vacation packages which is considered a complex of religions, containing ancient historical mosques, beautiful Coptic churches, as well as the Jewish Synagogue of Ibn Ezra. All these places are very close to each other. you can visit many of these places in a short time in our 5-day Egypt tour packages. Take your for identify the most beautiful religious monuments in the world You will walk in the historical streets, which were built during the reign of the Mamluks and the Fatimids. You will enjoy the old markets that have wonderful souvenirs, so do not forget to take beautiful pictures and sit in the wonderful heritage cafes that have many old customs and traditions during your 11-day Egypt tours in Cairo. Do not forget to visit the oldest market in Cairo, which is the Khan Al Khalili Market, a very old market In Cairo. it is one of the ancient heritage markets that contain wonderful Pharaonic, Coptic, and Islamic souvenirs that you should visit in the Islamic and Coptic Cairo tour. Your tour will be full of excitement. Have fun at this wonderful place, which is a complex of religions with many historical places.


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