Khufu's ship - The Sun Boat

Where is Khufu's ship now?

Enjoy one of the most beautiful achievements of the Pharaohs, which is the Khufu ship or the sun boat. This ship was buried in the Great Pyramid, which is the pyramid of fear. This ship was made more than 4,600 years ago. Strangely, it is seaworthy in these days. This ship was used in the era of the ancient Egyptians, but its use was a mystery that no one knows. It is believed that this ship was placed inside the Great Pyramid to enable the king to sail to the sky after his death with the god Ra, and this boat was discovered by Coincidence when one of the archaeologists was digging next to the pyramid and found a group of stones covering a large number of wooden panels that were parts of the sun’s ship, and there is no information by way of the ancient Egyptians building ships. Our tour guide will take you to one of our interesting Egypt tour packages to the pyramids of Giza to know the King's history and visit the Khufu Ship which is found now in the Grand Egyptian Museum one of the modern destinations in Cairo day tours.

The Achievement of the Khufu Ship

Also called the sun boat, this boat is exquisitely made. When you see it, you will realize the greatness of the Pharaohs in the arts of sculpture and design it was found in 1954 near the base of the Great Pyramid and this ship was located inside two layers on top of each other on them a roof and it is wonderful that this ship was found disassembled and made of cedar wood when the parts of the ship were found. We recommend to join our luxury Egypt tours to know the ship's history it is a good ship, the number of its parts is about 1224 pieces, and it has oars and fins for direction and compartments. You will see this ship in its basic shape after its installation and its length is about 42 meters This ship is a great funeral ship used by the ancient Egyptians. The ship to restore life, and there is a legend among the ancient Egyptians showing the god Ra when he was a child and then an old man and he used to board the ship and sail in it during the day and then disappear at sunset. By joining our Egypt classic tours that include a day tour to the pyramids of Giza you can learn more secrets about Khufu's ship.

Sun Worshipers Among the Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians took care of the design of the Khufu ship or the sun boat because sun worshipers spread in northern Egypt during the reign of King Khufu. Mythology mentioned that there was a daily trip to the sun that the god made and texts show the presence of a group of monkeys in the day watching the Sunrise and the texts on the walls indicate these monkeys dancing and celebrating the appearance of the sun. Our tour guide will take you to Egypt Easter Holidays journey as a kind of celebration and to learn the Myths mentioned that the god Ra, used to get into the sun ship during the day and sail with it to the sky until evening and then move from the day ship to the night ship these journeys continued at night and day, and the sun worship and solar voyages spread in the pyramids area.

The Discovery of The Sun Boat

The Egyptian archaeologist Kamal al-Mallah discovered two pits in 1954 AD. By joining our 3 days short break in Cairo one of our best-selling Egypt short packages you will learn about the parts of the sun’s boat or the Khufu ship were extracted from one pit, and all these parts were collected by Egyptian experts the assembly process continued for about 10 years, as well as there was a second pit containing several parts which will be put together shortly, as for the pits that contained the compound of the sun had about 1224 pieces. These pieces were parts of the sun’s boat. The length of this pit is 31 meters and its depth is 5 meters. The ceiling of this pit was pieces of stones and the number of pieces used in the ceiling which is about 41 pieces that were written in Hieroglyphics, the texts of the stones indicate the work team that brought these stones, as well, as stones bearing the name of King Khafre, who ruled the country after the king Khufu. The pit in which the parts of the sun’s boat are made of 13 layers, these layers used to contain the parts of the sun’s boat. The sun’s boat was a royal boat with oars made of cedar wood you can see it in our Cairo tour packages. The discovery of this boat indicates the extreme craftsmanship that existed among the ancient Egyptians to preserve these wood materials and these parts remained for thousands of years until they were discovered the way to preserve these parts indicates the beautiful style and the wonderful system in which these parts were placed without any destruction of this wonderful compound. You can see it and take pictures next to it in a special museum near the Great Pyramid.

The wonderful design of the Khufu ship

This ship is a beautiful royal boat and deserves visiting among 8-day Egypt vacation packages. This boat was found disassembled in a pit that includes 1224 pieces. This ship has oars made of cedar wood. This boat is made up of its nest and 10 oars and has two fins A wooden plank was used to anchor on the beach, the length of this ship is about 42 meters and its width is 5 meters. This ship is similar to the papyrus boat, and you will be surprised when you know that the installation of this ship took 10 years it is now in the museum of the ship next to the Great Pyramid and archaeologists say that this boat did not descend into the water but only existed at the construction site of the pyramids.

What can I do in the Khufu ship area?

Enjoy your time in this wonderful archaeological area that contains the Sun Boat Museum located next to the pyramids of Giza and you can spend an enjoyable Egypt day tours in this archaeological place, which includes the pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, which are Pharaonic buildings that are unparalleled anywhere in the world. You can enter these pyramids on the private day tour to Giza Pyramids and see the tombs of the Pharaohs, as well as you will see the mystery which is the ship of Khufu. This place is a pharaonic site of the first class. You will feel a natural beauty and you will practice many activities in this place such as horse riding and camels as well as stagecoach riding. You will get to know the ancient past of the Pharaohs and their achievements and how to build these high pyramids and celebrate the Christmas holiday with our amazing Egypt Christmas Tours. Do not stop walking in this archaeological site and you can take memorial pictures next to the pyramids, as well as you can see the Sphinx, which is one of the most important pharaonic achievements in history. Also, you will see the wonderful pyramid of Saqqara in one of our unforgettable 5-day Egypt tour packages.


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