Mausoleum of Aga Khan

Do you wish to visit the Golden Mountain? This mountain is in southern Egypt in the city of Aswan, which has a high hill where is Aga Khan Mausoleum, which overlooks King Farouk's palace which became The Cataract Hotel. The mausoleum is distinguished by its historical value and ETB Tours Egypt will tell you all the stories about this mausoleum. On the other side, the Aga Khan Mausoleum overlooks some Roman tombs as well. The mausoleum also Overlooks the Temple of Satet, which was ordered to be built by Queen Hatshepsut. Next to the tomb of Aga Khan, there is the tomb of his wife, Umm Habiba. The tomb of Aga Khan was one of the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt tour packages. Tourists prefer to go to it and take pictures next to it. It makes you feel warm in this place, this mausoleum is located on the western bank of the Nile River and is opposite the botanical garden and you can reach it with Egypt Nile cruise tours.

Aga Khan Mausoleum Attracts Tourists

This majestic mausoleum attracts a large number of tourists, not only because of the importance of Aga Khan but also because this mausoleum is located on a very high hill. When you stand on this hill in your Egypt day tours you can see the Nile River that was sanctified by the ancient Egyptians and on this hill, you will see very beautiful colors in the clear sky as well as the water that shines due to the reflection of the sunlight. You will be amazed when you see the sailboats sailing in the Nile River. This view cannot be seen anywhere other than Aswan day tours and you can sail in this boat to take a beautiful tour in the Nile River and enjoy the charming air in Aswan, as well as you can go to the Botanical gardens to see the most beautiful plants and trees that you have not seen anywhere else. You will spend your Luxor and Aswan Nile cruise in the middle of magical nature. The charming nature attracts you and makes you think of returning to visit Aswan again.

The History of Aga Khan Mausoleum

Muhammad Shah al-Husayni, known as Aga Khan III chose this place and built his tomb on a high hill. This mausoleum was in the Fatimid style, and before Aga Khan built this mausoleum, he was suffering from rheumatism as well as some pain in the bones, therefore, doctors advised her to go to Aswan in winter, because its weather is warm in the winter and you can try Aswan weather with Egypt short tour packages, and also because the people of Aswan are very good, so Aga khan went to Aswan and he was with his wife, Begum, and he covered his lower half with the sand of the mountains in Aswan so that he recovered from rheumatism, but the doctors did not like this idea. Fortunately, Aga Khan covered his lower half in the sand, so he felt very much better, he was able to walk on two legs after he was sitting in the wheelchair, so Aga Khan loved this place and likewise, his wife loved this place and they used to go out to wander around Aswan and enjoy its warm weather in the winter as well as they used to sailboats in the Nile River and he loved this place very much and He always came to visit Aswan from time to time as well as the good people of Aswan loved Aga Khan, and you will also love Aswan if you book our Dahabiya Nile cruise which will take you to explore Aswan.

What did Khan decide to build in Aswan?

Aga Khan decided to build a villa overlooking the Nile River. It was designed by one of the most famous Arab architects and was a pioneer of Islamic architecture. The architect was able to build one of the most beautiful and luxurious palaces of Akhan. This palace is considered an amulet gem overlooking the Nile River that you can discover via Nile cruises Aswan to Luxor. The architect used Limestone and marble in building this palace, so he decided to build a cemetery this cemetery was built in the Fatimid style and used marble made of alabaster in the construction of this mausoleum and Aga Khan mausoleum has great features, so tourists from all over the world in their Egypt classic tours come to see it and visit the mausoleum and the palace. At night you will find beautiful lights emanating from the Aga Khan Palace, and you will find the magic of nature and modern architecture mixed in this place, your 9 days Egypt tour packages of this place will be full of excitement and fun as well as this wonderful atmosphere that will encourage you to go outdoors.

Aga Khan Palace saw Aga Khan's love for the Rose Seller

If you enter Aga Khan's villa during Egypt Christmas tours, you will smell the very romantic smell in this place that witnessed the biggest love story of Aga Khan and his wife Begum, who named herself Om Habiba, after she married Aga Khan and became Muslim. She was a beautiful French lady who was selling roses and won the beauty pageant contest in France to become the beauty queen of France and her real name is Vet Lebruss. She married Aga Khan after a great love story. She accompanied her husband on all his trips around the world and she went with him to about 40 countries and they always liked to visit Egypt and Sudan. He loved her wife and called her Yaky which is why he named his villa Yaky more to express that he loved his wife.

Aga Khan used to love roses so much that he used to fill the place where he sat with roses, therefore after his death, his wife always went and put a red rose on his shrine and came annually to Aswan to change the rose and replace it with a new one in appreciation of her husband. After her death, she was buried next to the tomb of her husband. Your Egypt honeymoon packages in this romantic place will be different from any other place because this place will make you feel the warmth of feelings and the purity of the heart. Enjoy a wonderful 5 days Egypt tour packages in Aswan next to the mausoleum of Aga Khan and his wife. After completing your tour, you can enjoy the beautiful pharaonic antiquities in Aswan. You can visit a large number of archaeological temples that contain the most beautiful statues and Pharaonic tombs as well and you can eat Egyptian food in the best restaurants in Aswan Governorate from our Luxor day tours. These restaurants overlook the charming Nile River. Your luxury Egypt tours will be the best tour you have spent in Egypt.


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