Tale of the Sacred Scarab at Karnak Temple

Discover the Tale of the Sacred Scarab at Karnak Temple

The great king Amenhotep III’s gift to his wife for keeping their love forever. This precious scarab sits in front of the holy lake in the temple of Karnak that is included in our Egypt day tours, south Egypt. The royal scarab is a source of happiness because of its strange powers and intense attraction that dazzled many archaeologists. You can imagine during Luxor and Aswan day tours that this ancient scarab has amazing energy with which it fulfills many wishes for those who give it seven laps. All these fictional stories will be more clear on your Egypt Classic tours in Karnak.

Facts about the sacred scarab in Karnak Temple

Never Stop surprising during your 7 Days Egypt tours at Karnak temple watching hundreds of tourists and locals wrapping around the holy scarab to get their share of happy safety and good fortunes. Virgin girls decide to wrap to get married to those who love, pregnant do the same to get baby boys, everyone who has a wish decides to wrap.

You may be more surprised via 10 Days Egypt tour Packages to know people’s aspirations are already being fulfilled. Likewise, every roll around the scarab has a specific significance and symbolism. 5 laps around the holy scarab nullify envy and bring luck, but three times to get rich. As for the woman who does not have children, she must wrap 7 times and, the girl who wants to marry the boy of her dreams, she circulates 6 times, these myths have passed from Egyptians to tourists, this matter is related to popular traditions. You can also enjoy and rey for fun these amazing activities in your 13 Days Egypt tour packages.

The scarab statue in the middle of Karnak Temple

Scarab was the ancient Egyptian amulet to bring good luck and wealth. Scarab manufacture passed through several stages beginning with turquoise stone, basalt stone to gold, this explains the presence of the scarab on the Pharaonic temples and tombs that you can explore during Egypt tour packages. With regard to the scarabs of the sacred lake in the Temple of Karnak, it is the most scarabs associated with myths. It is installed on A pink Granite stand, weighing 5 tons and 190 cm long. I recommend taking a tour through our Luxor day tours to discover many historical and pharaonic places that will take you to another level of fun, such as a Hot Air balloon ride in Luxor and visit various important temples such as Luxor temple.

Secrets and oddities of the original archaeological scarab are hidden. If you have the original scarab, squeeze a piece of lemon on it so it can move, that because of the magic present inside the Pharaonic scarab, it can move on a certain quality of marble and glass panels.

The sacred scarab is called (Khebery) according to the hieroglyphic language, renews itself every day and a scarab has a great symbolism for the pharaohs, so the king decided to present it to his wife so that love could continue with them every day, also to support her health and wellness. Do not miss Booking now our Egypt Honeymoon tours to Luxor with your love.


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