Tutankhamun Tomb in Luxor

The Tomb of Tutankhamun

Many people worldwide wish to visit the most famous tomb in Egypt tour packages the history of mankind, which is the tomb of the young Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. This tomb is the most famous in the world, because of its secrets, tales, and stories. These stories are surrounded by mystery about the life of the young pharaoh.

Your visit to the tomb of the king will not be forgotten throughout your life because you will be Inside the tomb of the Pharaonic king, who took over the rule of the country at the age of nine and continued to rule the country for six years and died at the age of fifteen, the tomb of Tutankhamen has a great historical value you can visit it in Luxor day tours in the Valley of the Kings and his accessories and golden mask are found on the Egyptian Museum you can visit it in Cairo day tours.

When the tomb was discovered, it was not subjected to any theft, but it was a complete tomb in which all the treasures of the small Pharaoh were found. The Egyptian tomb of Tutankhamun is the greatest human treasure. All archaeologists in the world are interested in studying this magnificent tomb and all the tourists ask to visit the tomb in luxury Egypt tours.

You will not believe what you see such as jewelry, masks, decorations, gifts, antiques, and small statues of the King Tutankhamun in our Egypt classic tours. This tomb does not hide anything, but it presents all its treasures for the visitors on Egypt day tours, as well as the young pharaoh, presents all his beautiful possessions for you to see the achievements of the great kings in Pharaonic Egypt.

Mysteries and Secrets of Tutankhamun's Tomb

Tutankhamun, the young Egyptian pharaoh belonged to the eighteenth family. The fame of this pharaoh was not due to his achievements that affected the history of ancient Egypt or the wars in which he defeated his enemies, but his fame came thousands of years after the discovery of his tomb. Join our Egypt Easter Holidays in 2024 to celebrate Easter and learn more about Tutankhamun's history.

When the tomb was discovered, the archaeologists found all the tomb treasures, and none of them was lost or stolen as well the pharaoh died at the age of fifteen and it was a strange death. No one knew the reasons for the death of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The Early death leads to doubts about the cause of the king’s death. Some people thought that the king was killed because his wife married his minister who ruled Egypt after the death of Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun lived in a Transition period to rule Egypt. Akhenaten was the one who placed Tutankhamun on the throne of Egypt. We recommend joining our next Cairo tour packages that include a visit to the tomb chamber in the Egyptian Museum.

Akhenaten was the first Egyptian king to call for worshipping only one god. The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in 1922 in the Valley of the Kings we visit on the west bank of Luxor tour to Valley of the Kings by Howard Carter. It was discovered that Tutankhamon was the son of King Akhenaten, and Tutankhamon took over the rule of Egypt after the death of his brother, Prince Menkh Ka-Ra.

The rule of Tutankhamun

The reign of Tutankhamon was most secretive, because there was a revolution that flared up in Tel Al-Amarna against Akhenaten, who moved the capital from Thebes to the sister of Aton in Minya, and Akhenaten was the first Pharaoh to call to his worshipers of one god.

There is a belief that says that Tutankhamun's death was not natural and it is likely that he was assassinated by his minister, and there is a large number of pieces of evidence that show that this minister married the widow of Tutankhamun. This widow asked the king of the Hittites to send his son to Egypt to marry her, but the son of the king of the Hittites died before entering Egypt. The period of Tutankhamun was very exciting. To know more about the king's history join our guided Egypt Nile River Cruise tours to Luxor and Aswan and see all the tombs and temples of great pharaohs.

The period is filled with mysteries that have not been known for most of it so far, and if you want to know more about the life of this young pharaoh, you can spend the most beautiful times in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor which is the tomb of the king during our Egypt Christmas tours

Treasures at the tomb of Tutankhamun

When you enter the luxurious tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, you will know that the treasures of this tomb are unparalleled in the world. These treasures are in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, as well as some of them are in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. You can visit both of them in our 7-day Egypt tours.

It is wonderful that this tomb was found completely without stealing. this tomb includes 358 pieces for example the golden mask and three coffins designed as the body of the human, one of them made of gold and the other made of wood covered with gold water. Many antiquities were made by skilled designers because of the achievements of the eighteenth family which was distinguished by openness and urbanization because there were import and export operations in this period.

The contents that belonged to Tutankhamun, show how the pharaonic tomb was prepared and how the equipment and statues that belong to the gods were placed, as well as the trumpet of Tutankhamon, made of silver and another one made of copper. See all his accessories and know about his history in our Nile Cruise Holidays which include a visit to Luxor and Aswan day tours.

Some writings and contents tell about the king’s life and his favorite hobby which was hunting, as well as his relationship with his wife.it is wonderful to find the throne of the young king, which is the only chair that was found about the era of the Pharaohs.

What is so special about King Tut's mask?

One of the most important things in Tutankhamun’s tomb is the golden mask of the king, which weighs eleven kilograms, this mask was found covering the face of the young Pharaonic king, and on the forehead, there is the mask of the female Scorpion and the snake of the caper, as well as his necklace on his chest. Join our recommended 11-day Egypt tours to cover different attractions. There was a belief that this mask would facilitate the king’s soul to recognize his body at the time of resurrection and eternity.

This mask had a beard, but it separated from the mask, but it was installed after that. Maintenance of this mask was carried out by German experts and they took great care of this mask. The curse of the Pharaohs chased the discoverers of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Many believed that there were curses that did not differentiate between thieves and discoverers of the tombs of the Pharaohs. This curse caused many people to become sick and die. It was strange, that after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, deaths occurred for a large number of people who contributed to the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

In the beginning, the founder of the mission specialized in opening the tomb died. He was suffering from a bad disease shivering because of the fever. The other one was an English person who visited this tomb after its opening, when he returned to England, he died because of the fever and the X-ray specialist for the tomb of Tutankhamun also died.

Strangely, twenty-two people died who had a relationship with the tomb of Tutankhamun. This tomb dazzled the world because of its beauty and its treasures of which there is no tomb like the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, who amazed the world with his secrets.

Most of these secrets have not been discovered. Certainly, you are eager to visit this wondrous Pharaonic tomb, so do not let the chance be lost and join our 13-day Egypt tours.


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