The West Suhail Nubian Village

What is Suhail Nubian Village?

This village is located in the western bank of the Nile River in the north of the Aswan Reservoir, it is opposite Suhail Island, and it is located 15 kilometers away from Aswan. The people of the Nubian village of west Suhail, have not been displaced because it is located north of the High Dam and has a long history dating back to the ancient Egyptians. At first, the village was a small group of simple houses and the people of this village used to work in fishing and trading between Egypt and Sudan. This village is located west of Suhail Island, which is a sacred island by the ancient Egyptians who worshiped the ram. The number of residents of this village is about 10,000, most of them are Nubians and a few are people from Upper Egypt. When you walk through the streets of the village, you will feel that time has brought you back to find the old Nubian customs and traditions. Join our day tour to Nubian Village in Aswan and enjoy the cheerful vibes with ETB Tours Egypt.

How to enjoy in Nubian village of West Suhail?

Your tour of the Nubian village will be different from any other place in Aswan day tours. You will see the most beautiful scenery that you have not seen anywhere else in the world. A convoy of camels is waiting for you to be transported to West Suhail Nubian village to spend a beautiful day in the Nubian houses the best day of your luxury Egypt tours. while crossing the Nile, you will see the colorful village, which is a village with simple houses. These houses are colored in the most beautiful colors, as well as beautiful natural views. You will see the most beautiful sights there. The Nubian village is a place where you can feel psychological comfort and also you will enjoy the beauty of nature there, we always recommend it in Egypt Easter Holidays to celebrate with different vibes.

Gharb Sohail Nubian Village tourist attraction in Aswan

The West Sohail Nubian Village is considered one of the unique tourist attractions that there is no parallel in Egypt tour packages. It is located in Aswan Governorate and it shows you the features of the daily life of the Nubians. It attracts a large number of tourists because it has beautiful natural views and it has natural geographic boundaries, as well as it is of great historical importance. When you reach the Nubian village, you will hear the Nubian language because the Nubians use their language. The houses are built in the form of colored white domes, which protect the houses from the sun’s rays, as well as you will find beautiful drawings on the facades of the houses during your visit to Egypt classic tours.

History of the Nubian People

The people of this village moved from their original places in 1912, when the waters flooded their old villages, and the people of Nubia appreciate their ancient history and heritage because of the ancestors ’adherence to the ancient Nubian heritage. Sometimes some families raise crocodiles in their homes because in ancient times Crocodiles lived next to them on the Nile, so when tourists come to the Nubian village during Egypt Nile River Cruise Tours, they find many and many ancient customs for the people of Nubia, in addition to the charming nature of the houses, the Nile River with a wonderful view, and the Nubian houses are distinguished by the unique architectural character that depends on simplicity. The Nubian homes have very beautiful colors, so when you pass by One of the streets in the Nubian village will feel joy and happiness. Despite the simplicity of these houses, you will notice that they are very organized, as well as the Nubian streets are very clean and have a distinctive division and beautiful shapes. You will meet the people of Nubia and the people of the surrounding villages and they are very kind and cooperative celebrate Christmas with them if you decide to enjoy our Egypt Christmas tours. You will love every place you go in this area, and you will return to visit it again.

The Berber Beach in the Nubian Village

This beach is located in the West Suhail area in Nubia and has a long history. The ancient Egyptians used to visit this beach as well as the Arabs and it was considered a commercial center connecting Egypt and Sudan. It has many features that attract the tourist and one of these features is that the waters of the Berber beach are very pure, so when visitors go to it, they can see the rocks that are made of granite. During your Nile Cruises Luxor Aswan ask your guide to take you there.

Things to do in the Nubian Village

There are many activities that you can do in Egypt day tours to the Nubian village, for example, you can take a Nile tour on one of the boats in the Nile Cruise Holidays. You will enjoy the shine of the Nile water that reflects the sunlight. When you look at the sky, you will see the clear sky that makes you feel relaxed. In addition, you will inhale the fresh, dust-free air and you can take a tour of the Nubian markets that have a distinctive style in construction, within the markets, you will find many wonderful souvenirs that will remind you of this place during 8-day Egypt vacation packages. You will find miniature models of camels, and you will buy clothes, which has beautiful colors, you can ride a camel in the Nubian village and you will enjoy this enjoyable experience when you are on the back of a camel. You will enjoy rowing in the Nile when you are on a kayak.

Enjoy every moment of the Nubian village with our guided 11-days Egypt tours. Visit the people in their homes to live among them and the people of the Nouba are very kind. You will spend a special time among the people of Nubia and you will get to know the Nubian customs and traditions After completing your visit to West Suhail Nubian village in the Aswan governorate, you are invited to visit the beautiful Pharaonic monuments that are located inside the temples and the wonderful museums, for example, you can visit the Abu Simbel temple as well as the Nubian Museum, which includes a large number of Nubian relics that express the achievements of the Nubian people. If you have sufficient time in Egypt you can enjoy Nile Cruises from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan, it's one of the most interesting tours in Egypt.


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