diving in aqaba jordan

diving in aqaba jordan

Diving in aqaba jordan
Aqaba is a region that has a magical beauty, Easily, you can visit Aqaba by land, sea and air, and there are many international flights that come to the international airport in Amman, the capital of Jordan, and from Amman will arrive at Aqaba or via King Hussein Airport in Aqaba.

You can go to Aqaba through Wadi Araba area by crossing the border, and you can take the ferry or speedboat from Taba and Nuweiba to Aqaba. The wonderful Al-Aqab does not only give you a chance to enjoy its charming atmosphere, or staying in its amazing resorts which are the most important features, but Aqaba has archaeological attractions, therefore you will spend a wonderful vacation in Aqaba, as well as Aqaba contains very beautiful beaches. You can practice beach tourism on the beaches of Aqaba. You will find many options in front of you to enjoy them such as snorkelling, diving, water skiing and other sports

What is the special in the diving at Aqaba?
Aqaba gives you a lot of advantages that make you prefer this place over others for diving , therefore your time will be in paradise, especially under water, and one of the most important of these features is that you will enter the diving sites in a direct and very easy way to beaches without any difficulties ,so you will save your time And your effort .Among these advantages is that the waters of the Aqaba region are characterized by calm and less winds, so you will be safe and will not make a great effort in diving, as well as the vision in this area is very clear. By seeing the most beautiful underwater views after going under the water, you will notice some underwater coral gardens, the remains of ships and coral walls as well as the Aqaba region is characterized by great biodiversity and it is wonderful that Aqaba has more than 1000 types of invertebrates and also has 200 types of beautiful coral reefs. This is not all, but you will go to the Gulf of Aqaba, which is deeper and clearest gulf in the world, therefore the geographical location of the Gulf of Aqaba is a precious jewel linking several countries with archaeological and natural landmarks, and from Aqaba you can easily reach sites such as Taba, Petra and Sharm El Sheikh. Your vacation that you will spend in Aqaba will be one of the most beautiful moments that you will spend in your life. You will enjoy many, many archaeological sites there, as well as the beaches of Aqaba on the Gulf of Aqaba are rich in many wonderful beach sports and you can also fish in these picturesque places by trips Marine in boats. Imagine yourself on a luxury tourist boat in the middle of the water. This boat will provide you with an enjoyable time for fishing as well as relax under the warm sunlight. You will be one of the happiest people in that place. The water will display a place for a wonderful art painting, as well as inhaling the fresh air of Aqaba. You will find many, many interesting activities there. You will find it very easily to know the attractive tourist places in Aqaba.

Diving in Aqaba.
You will be lucky when you come to the beaches of the Gulf of Aqaba, which is one of the largest and the greatest marine destinations for diving in the world. Diving in Aqaba is the main sport there and it is rare that you will find anyone in Aqaba who does not know about diving in this place, because this area is one of the most beautiful underwater places. You will find very many diving sites in Aqaba. All of these sites are minutes away from the resorts of Aqaba. You will take the car or the bus, and after minutes you will be in one of these sites and you have to choose one of the diving sites that you prefer. You will choose the kind of diving you want, whether recreational or technical diving.Marine life is very healthy and has several advantages in Aqaba. It is known that diving sites in Aqaba have a lot of names and different sites and this goes back to the diving centres that you want. You will find in Aqaba detailed maps showing you the names of places as well as diving locations so it is one of the Aqaba advantages through which you will not spend time and effort to get to know the places of diving.

Coral reefs in Aqaba.
Your vacation Aqaba makes you explore the marine life through visiting many places, especially in the Aqaba marine park, which allocated to protect the marine life there and the preservation of coral reefs. Use your camera in order to capture the most beautiful pictures of these coral reefs, and you will be able to see clearly under the water, so your adventure will be better than before. In Aqaba you will find warm water, whose temperature in the winter period reaches 20 degrees and in the summer season to 26 degrees and the air temperature is 21 A degree in the day and sometimes up to 40 degrees, so this will cause a sea breeze, which makes you feel refreshed.

Diving trips in Aqaba.
When you come to Aqaba, you will enjoy diving in all areas and this is what distinguishes Aqaba because all its areas are available for diving and you can practice free diving. You will be on a luxury tourist boat through it you will dive and you can have lunch or dinner on this boat. You will practice Technical diving, because of the multiple terrain of Aqaba, the presence of debris of boats and ships, the presence of wonderful coral reefs, and you will go down to the depths of the sea. If you are fond of calm and the beauty of the sky at night, you can dive at night in Aqaba.This night adventure has great attraction. This gives a different feeling and a different experience from diving during the day, as well as the Aqaba is a dream for every underwater photographer, due to the calm water, as well as you can find many types of fish and marine creatures that have strange colours and shapes, and you will also watch beautiful coral reefs. It will be a great chance for you to take underwater photograph, and the beaches are close to the mountains so you will find mountain ranges and heights very close to the sea.


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