Churches and Monasteries in Cairo

What is the famous Coptic Church in Cairo?

You should enjoy your visit to Coptic Cairo which is considered the most famous Coptic place in the world that contains ancient and historical Coptic shrines. These sites are located in an ancient Egypt area that is full of Coptic Islamic and Jewish religious monuments historical shrines mosques and synagogues such as the Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-Aas and the Jewish synagogues of Ibn Ezra, therefore, your tour in this place will be an integrated tour during which you will see the ancient churches and monasteries that tell about the history of the emergence of Christianity and the previous events from ages and you will know the role of these churches and monasteries in reception The holy family that came to Egypt because of the persecution of the ruler of Palestine.

The churches and monasteries in Coptic Cairo tell a great history of struggle they also contain relics paintings and inscriptions indicating Coptic history and mediating a lot of relics and events that will surprise you during your visit to Cairo tour packages.

The Hanging Church

It is one of the most famous Egyptian churches in the ancient region of Egypt and this church is next to the Babylon Fortress this archaeological church is among a group of Islamic Christian and Jewish religious attractions this church rises from the ground by about 13 meters so it is called the hanging church this church was built on the ruins of a holy place in which the Holy Family lived for some days and drank from the well inside it and this church was renovated and restored during the era of the Islamic State the hanging church consists of two floors and this church is built in the basilic style and it is rectangular and has a set of icons showing the Christ is on the throne next to him the Virgin Mary the hanging church contains many architectural artifacts including wooden structures and altars you will enjoy visiting this church very much in our Cairo day tours.

Abu Sifin Monastery

It is an ancient monastery which is located in Old Cairo, and it is the most important Coptic monastery for nuns in our tour of Coptic Cairo. Since its construction, it has had many names for example Abu Sifin Monastery for Girls, and The Monastery of Girls in the Patriarch’s Alley. This Monastery is to a person called Abu Sifin who was born in Roumieh city, his father and mother used to worship idols, after that, they converted to Christianity, and his name became Flopateer. Abu Seifin joined the Roman army in Egypt and he was famous for his good planning in wars. Abu Sifin has many icons in this monastery showing him fighting. Abu Sifin Monastery was a remote place that contained all the churches around it. this monastery had 45 monks, and it had a compartment for Saint Abu Seifin. The walls of this monastery contain many writings that tell historical stories. Join our luxury Egypt tours to Cairo and learn more hidden gems.

The Monastery of Saint Simon

It is a unique monastery, and You cannot believe what you will see on Egypt day tours to this amazing place, because of the beauty of the architecture and design of this monastery that is excavated in the Mokattam Mountain. This monastery consists of four archaeological churches to be an architectural gem in the middle of the mountain and contains wooden structures, a compartment, and paintings that embody the Lord Christ as well as this place It goes back to Saint Simon Kharrazi, who was a very famous cleric and the owner of a legend who moved the Mokattam mountain from its place during the reign of Al hakim Bamr Allah. This monastery has an area of about 1000 meters, and more than 2 million stones were used in the construction of this monastery. The Monastery of Saint Simon has a great holiness for all Christians inside and outside Egypt. What about joining our next Egypt tour packages to explore the beauty of Cairo?

Prince Tadros Monastery in Haret Al-Rum

This is a large monastery and it has several historical monasteries and it has a great church activity. It had a large number of bishops, monks, and Christian clergy it had councils of conversations, and this monastery had a large number of Orthodox monks as well as several archaeological rooms and Ancient inscriptions and decorations. You will get acquainted with many historical stories. This monastery had a role in spreading Christianity in the Old Ages, as well as The monastery contains many ancient paintings and manuscripts. Contact us to schedule your next 7-day Egypt tours.

The Church of the Virgin in Haret Zewaila

This church is one of the oldest buildings in Cairo. This beautiful church has columns and crowns that have been designed for different ages. This church derives its fame from the holy family that appeared in this place during their journey from Palestine to Egypt. The church was built in this place due to the presence of a well in this place where the Holy Family drank from, while they were in Egypt. This church contains icons dating back to the twelfth century AD. Pine is low, and it resembles Noah’s ship. Also, this church was designed from the inside in the form of a cross. This church was built in 352 AD. This church was built of limestone and has a group of antique columns and pictures and paintings of Christ and the Holy Family. You will enjoy your visit to this wonderful church in Egypt Easter Holidays.

The Church of St. George

Enjoy your 11-day Egypt tours in this round church. This church was built in the era of the tenth century AD, and it is distinguished by being in the area of the Interfaith Complex in ancient Egypt. The Patriarch of the Church in Alexandria allocated this church for the Rum Orthodox and this church is a great masterpiece built in the Byzantine style with paintings and wonderful drawings that you have not seen anywhere else. You will see in this place a painting of the Holy Family in which Joseph Alnajar appears leading the donkey on which the Virgin Mary carries the child Jesus and there is a fourth person in it. This church has many wonderful Coptic paintings and relics after visiting it you can join our Alexandria day tours.

The monastery of Anba Barsoum Al-Aryan

This monastery was built on a large area and was rebuilt and restored. The clergy built a large cathedral in it and several buildings for visitors and libraries. This monastery presents many human services in addition that it has a large role for worship, therefore, the role of this monastery appears as a social Centre in solving social problems. It has an exhibition of drawings. This monastery is considered one of the most important monasteries in our Egypt Christmas tours it contains a group of beautiful public collectibles and it has a set of antique pictures and wooden structures. You will feel great psychological relaxation in this beautiful place. Enjoy your visit to this wonderful place.

Saint Barbara Church

This church was built in the fifth century A.D. There is a historic altar, on the right of the altar, there is a wall of 4 meters high in which the body of Saint Barbara was found. Barphara had a story of struggle because of which she died at the hands of her father who used to worship idols. This church is considered one of the most beautiful churches with a beautiful layout, with a large number of pictures, and decorations. It has a long history since ancient times. Enjoy your visit to the Church of St. Barphara during our Egypt short tours and see the most beautiful Coptic monuments inside this church. The church is distinguished by its location next to the fortress of Babylon, next to it there are many ancient mosques and wonderful Coptic churches which are considered a large complex of religions expressing religious tolerance in Cairo.


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