Tour alla riva orientale a Luxor


Non perdere il tuo tempo in hotel a Luxor, fai un tour alla riva orientale a Luxor, visita il tempio leggendario del Karnak ed il tempio di Luxor con ETB tours Egypt.


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ETB Tours Egypt guest, have a sunny shiny morning on the land of Thebes (Luxor), enjoy having your delicious breakfast at your hotel, prepare yourself for such a fantastic Luxor day tour, ETB Tours Egypt occupational tour guide will meet you at the hotel lounge to start a superb Luxor day tour to view the East Bank in Luxor, your expert tour guide will give you a brief idea about what you will going to see & visit in your Luxor day tour, launching your visits with the legendary Karnak Temple, The temple complex of Karnak, dedicated to the Pharoah Amun, was the center of his worship and of his wife Mut and their son Khons. Each of them had a "precinct" (area) in the temple complex, the greatest and largest belonging to Amun. There was also a precinct for Montu, the falcon-headed local god. Proceeding to view Luxor Temple, It was known in the New Kingdom period as Ipt-Rsyt, which means the southern shrine. This was to differentiate between this Temple and Karnak Temple, which was the northern house of Amon Ra. Amenhotep III built Luxor Temple. The architect and overseer of the works of construction was the genius Amenhotep, son of Habu. The Temple run close and parallel to the river Nile from north to south. It was constructed on the site of a small Temple of Amon, built by kings of the 12th dynasty. At the time of Amenhotep III the Temple was only 190m in length and 55m in width. Basically, Luxor Temple was consecrated to Amon Ra in his fertility aspect. Lunch meal will be served for you in a good regional restaurant in Luxor before getting back to your hotel by ETB Tours Egypt.

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