St. Catherine Monastery tour from Sharm El Sheikh


Visit St. Catherine Monastery in Sinai with ETB Tours Egypt, and enjoy the adventure of climbing the Sinai mountain.


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ETB Tours Egypt guest, have a blooming nice day on the City Of Peace (Sharm El Sheikh), prepare yourself quickly for such a gorgeous day tour to St. Catherine monastery from Sharm, around 10:00 pm our representative will lock onto you from your hotel in Sharm then switch you by a private air-conditioned vehicle to start climbing Mount Sinai around 2:00 am.

Climbing the Mount of Sinai is always enjoyable and amazing experience. The mountain is 2286 meters above sea level; the mountain of Sinai gives amazing views of the whole region of Saint Catherine.

This was where Moses received the Ten Commandments of god. Once you arrive and reach the top of the mountain, you will spend the whole night watching the beautiful stars in the sky of Sinai. When the sun rises, the view will take your mind away.

After sunrise, you will go down the mountain to visit the Monastery of Saint Catherine, the oldest operating monastery in the whole globe.

Saint Catherine Monastery is featured for having some rare and unique books and manuscripts in its library, after finishing your day tour to St. Catherine Monastery, ETB Tours Egypt will smoothly switch you back to your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh

you must take visit in Mount Al-Tur. This mountain, which has many features that you did not find anywhere else, including its religious relics and has historical value.

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran In the Torah and in the Gospels, therefore, you will be in the midst of a sacred mountain that every person in the world knows about, and when you reach the Mount of Tur, you will be surprised by the natural beauty of this place.

The God has chosen to speak to our master Moses, and in order to give him the Ten Commandments. you will see pine and oak trees and you will find a winding road to climb to the mountain that contains the green exit. You will see the plain of Marh bin Amer in the south, and you will see the mountains Fakoaa and the mountains of Samra.

What will I see on Mount Al-Tour?

There are many, many, religious archaeological sites on Mount Al-Tur, which has a great value in the Christian religion and is called the Mount of Transfiguration and a site in which the Lord Jesus is placed. There is an Orthodox monastery is at the top of the mountain and it has plants and other attractions there.

The Transfiguration Church on Mount El-Tour.

This church was built in 1919 1924 and it is a Catholic church located at the top of Mount El-Tour. You will notice that this church was built on the remains of a Byzantine church built in the eighteenth century.

This church belongs to the Franciscan Monasticism you can visit the house of the monks who live in the monastery near the church. This church has three sections, and in the building, you will find a place for prayer.

The northern building has a drawing of the Prophet Moses taking the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai and the other section is a side dedicated to the Prophet Elijah.

The Catholic Church.

You can visit the Catholic Church, which was built in 1862 with the money of some people in Romania. This church is a duplicate of the Prophet Ilya. This church was the first civil religion that was built by Christians from Romania in the Holy Land.

An ancient archaeological cave with a historical value will appear for you. This was a place for Christian pilgrimage In the Middle Ages, with the increase in numbers, they were certain hours to visit it.

Your visit to the mountain is a wonderful visit and the mountain of Al-Tur has its importance because it has religious significance because the revelation came to the Prophet of God Moses on Mount Al-Tour.

There is a part of Mount Al-Tur in Egypt and the other in Palestine Likewise, Mount Al-Tur is mentioned in the Bible and also in the Torah. God also spoke to Moses on Mount Al-Tur. All these things are considered one of the most important features of this holy place. In addition, you will enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and fresh air during your tour on Mount Al-Tur.

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