Aswan Travel Guide and Tourist Information: Aswan

Aswan Travel Guide and Tourist Information: Aswan

Aswan Travel Guide and Tourist Information: Aswan
Aswan is an ancient Pharaonic civilization.

Aswan is the main city and the capital of the Aswan Governorate. It is located in the south of Egypt. The ancient Pharaonic Antiquities.

The ancient Egyptian preferred this place due to its distinguished location between the cities and the city of Aswan on the eastern bank of the Nile River, which is the most important city of Upper Egypt It is one of the tourist attractions, and these monuments are considered ancient historical landmarks

which are ancient monuments, statues, temples and coffins as well as wonderful natural monuments such as the Nile River that characterizes the city of Aswan and the Nile River gives Aswan great historical importance because the ancient civilization in Aswan built on the Nile River .

There are many features that we cannot count, such as the picturesque nature, leaves, plants, and luxurious buildings, and there are the restaurants, the large halls, shopping centers, and the House of Culture, and the city of Aswan is located at the first waterfall of the Nile and the population of Aswan is 200,000

but if you want to know about the atmosphere of Aswan ,Aswan Moderately warm weather Aswan is considered one of the winter tourist places, and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, where tourists come to it throughout the year especially in the winter season In order to enjoy its charming atmosphere and not forget sun, which the tourist sits underneath in the winter season enjoying the beautiful rays of the sun. Aswan also distinguished by the quietness.

If you come to Aswan, you can enjoy the tranquility and the beauty of the nature of the neighbor, the mountains and the Nile River, and you can walk in the streets of Aswan and see the beautiful city and ride the stagecoach, which is an ancient means of transport from the Egyptian heritage.

You can also visit the beautiful historical monuments in Aswan and Aswan which were of great importance in the past Because it was a center for the gathering of armies in the past, and Aswan played a big role in the fight against the Hyksos, and King Ahmose expelled the Hyksos, and in the Roman era, why did many temples be established in Aswan.

The most important Sightseeing tours of Aswan.

The Abu Simbel temple.

It is one of the most beautiful temples that you will see in Aswan and is located west of Lake Nasser, and this was not its original location because when the river was diverted during the construction of the High Dam, the temple was moved and UNESCO helped in deciphering its contents and transferring them and there In the foreground of this temple are four huge statues of Ramses II, who built this temple and the temple witnesses two important events every year.

The first event is the sun perpendicular to the statue of Ramses II on the day of the king’s birth, and the second event is the sun perpendicular to the statue of Ramses II on the day he took power and the museum consists of what the temple owes.

The first is a large temple of King Ramses II, where he used to sit, so what is full.

The second part is a small temple place and is dedicated to his queen wife, Queen Nefertari, and the design of the two temples are similar, and this temple must be a large number of tourists all the year.

Philae Temple.

It is one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt and Aswan, and the temple is located on the island of Agelica , and this island is one of the most beautiful islands in Aswan, and this island embraces the temple of Philae. The temple of Philae was flooded and therefore it was moved to the island of Jelica.

The temple is distinguished in the large building, as each era added some additions to the temple of Philae, where the Pharaonic era, the Greek and Roman era, and some renovations were added to it, and you could go on a beautiful Nile trip to the island of Agilica and then go to the temple as this temple is distinguished by its beauty and splendor design.

The temple of phiale covers all the island of Jelica. The walls of the Temple of Philae contain a lot of inscriptions and decorations.

You will be lucky to see the greatness of the ancient Egyptians, which is represented in the greatness of the Temple of Philae and its ancient history, as well as the inscriptions and decorations.

The Nubia Museum.

The Nubia Museum is one of the most famous and most beautiful museums in the world, and it is one of the unique museums that contains the most beautiful and wonderful ancient antiquities.

The museum was inaugurated in 1997 and it won a prize in 2001 and the museum contains a lot of things indicating the ancient Nubian culture, and the wonderful Museum is one of the most amazing museums In Egypt.

The museum consists of three parts, the first part is for antiquities, the second part is in the gardens, and the third part is public places and consists of three parts.

The Nubia Museum contains a large number of antiquities, as it contains about three thousand antique pieces.

When you enter the Nubia Museum, you will enjoy the walking in the wonderful garden, then you can take pictures inside the caves that have been established in the garden.

The island of plants in Aswan.

the island of plants in Aswan is a very beautiful island and the water surrounds it from all sides, and the island is in an oval shape and its area is about a kilometer and the island contains a large group of important plants and royal palms.

The island is known as Kitchener Island, as the residents of the city of Aswan go to the island, and they spend happy times inside it throughout the day, and it is possible to reach an island through Cairo wooden felucca and take some beautiful pictures there. enjoy with the best Nile cruise luxor aswan


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