Egypt- Cairo tourist guide

Egypt- Cairo tourist guide

Egypt- Cairo tourist guide | Egypt Cairo travel guide | Egypt Cairo tourist attractions

Cairo is the capital of civilizations
Cairo is one of the most important and beautiful capitals of Africa and the Arab world, and it is the capital of Egypt.

Cairo is one of the largest commercial and cultural centers, as it has a large number of shops, commercial and cultural centers.

Cairo is located in the north of the Arab Republic of Egypt and its population is about nine and a half million people, and they are a mixture between the inhabitants of different regions in all regions of Egypt Its privileged location made it the political and economic capital of Egypt, and Cairo contains a large group of museums and historical monuments Therefore, it is a place that collects relics from all ages, including Pharaonic, Coptic, or Islamic relics, as well as modern day landmarks.

Cairo is a target for all the world because of its great importance.

Cairo attracts a large number of tourists annually, where it finds comfortable housing Luxurious hotels, picturesque nature and moderate atmosphere.

Cairo is an open place for entertainment and you can find everything you are looking for.

From entertainment, cinema, theater and natural monuments, Cairo is distinguished by the availability of means of comfortable transportation through them you can see the entire city and move to any place in an easy and simple way.

Enjoy the fresh air and the excellent people’s food offered by the finest restaurants Which have some delicious food. See the most beautiful zoo in Giza, which is the most beautiful zoo in the Middle East.

Get to know the good people of Cairo who do not hesitate to serve any guest Those who are distinguished by generosity, kindness, and truly you will feel the love between them If you like the ancient Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic civilization, you should visit Cairo and enjoy visiting the most beautiful museums and historical galleries.

It is the capital and includes a large number of great Egyptian antiquities.


Famous sightseeing in Cairo
1- The Egyptian Museum

The home of the Egyptian monuments which have been brought from all over the country –from the north and the south –from the east and the west to be very easy for who are fond of monuments and the guest from all over the world to watch the greatness of the past.

the Egyptian museum is a destination for all the tourists as it contains 150 thousands of antiquities for instance statues, old pictures, coffins, and mummies.

By reading the information on the signboard, you can know all about these old things and who designed them. The Egyptian museum was built according to the Islamic style and covered with red


2- The Coptic Museum

The largest Coptic museum in the world. As it includes about 16000 Coptic antiquities. these Coptic ancient treasures show us the history of the great aera in the past. the Coptic museum was opened 1910 ago.

It was established by Morkos Smekka . The museum was divided into two parts by a wonderful path and it is famous for the most beautiful Coptic arts


3- The Islamic Museum

Enjoy visiting the Islamic museum watching the best ancient Islamic things that illustrate more and more information about the greatest Islamic era at that time.

The Islamic museum is located at Bab Elkhalk in Cairo .it is one of the largest Islamic museums in the world This museum has a large collection of glassware, furniture and beautiful stones

4- Salah Eldin Citadel

Salah Eldin citadel is considered one of the most important places in Cairo it attracts more and more tourists .Salah El din citadel is characterized by marvelous minarets and domes.

Salah El din citadel was built on a high large rock that makes you think about how these people protect the city of Cairo.

salah El din citadel was named after salah Elden El Aywaby the leader who built it to save Cairo from the enemies.At night you can watch the amazing lights of the citadel that will attract your sight .you can notice that salah Eldin citadel has some palaces inside.

The citadel was designed according to the Islamic style really it is very wonderful place.

5- Cairo Tower

On the bank of the river Nile enjoy your trip in the Cairo tower. Cairo tower is a very tall building. It is about 187 meters high. Cairo tower is a fascinating structure it looks like lotus flower.

Use the elevator to be on the top of the tower and watch all Cairo city including the river Nile. Have your meal in the restaurant of the tower and drink your afternoon tea relaxing by the best sceneries.

Do not forget to look through the wonderful telescope to see some far places. Indeed, it is a legend.


6- Bab Zewalah

Bab Zewaila is one of the oldest and most famous tourist attractions in Cairo. Bab Zewaila was built in the eleventh century. Its fame was derived from placing the heads of Tatar messengers on it, as well as the head of Toman Bay.

Bab Zewaila has two beautiful minarets that tourists can go up to enjoy the wonderful views of Old Cairo.

Take your pictures and buy your souvenirs from the places around Bab zewaila . Be sure that you will be amazed to take a tour in this ancient place. It is really exciting


7-El Moez street

Al-Muizz Street dates back to the Fatimid state, where it was one of its vital streets, and it also continued during the Mamluk era You will be dazzled by the beauty of this street, which is characterized by the wonderful colors of its buildings The street contains many old mosques built on the Islamic style, as well as a group of old schools

Finally, there are many fantastic places in Cairo you should visit. Be among Egyptian people to be happy. Spend your trip in Cairo to know the sense of entertainment. Get ready for your trip to be in Egypt the country of civilization and cultures.

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