What is Abu Simbel Sun Festival?

Abu Simbel Sun Festival Guide

In the far south of Egypt specifically in Aswan the greatest king throughout all ages, Ramses II, sits and is surrounded by the statue of Ra Akhto, God Amun statue, and the statue of the god Ptah inside the holiest room in the Temples of Abu Simbel in order to receive sunlight on their statues twice a year. The great king and gods welcome guests in Egypt tours from all over the world also participating in a very strange phenomenon that puzzled all astronomers and architects that you will discover in Egypt day tours.

The most serious question is, Are you ready to document these historical moments in Egypt Classic tours? It is exciting that these moments in which you will notice the sun perpendicular to the statue of King Ramses II occur twice a year on October 22 Immortalizing the birthday of Ramses II and the second on February 22 which is the day of the coronation of King Ramses II on Country throne.

A very strange feeling that mixes excitement and fun that may control you while you are watching this anniversary that millions are waiting for all over the earth as satellites and television cameras are ready to transmit this important anniversary but you can be in the heart of the event in case of traveling to southern Egypt as a visitor to Abu Simbel temples in Aswan day tours to be one of the Many who will wait for this anniversary.

Being one of the viewers of this wondrous phenomenon it is not a difficult thing because within thirty minutes by plane you will travel from Aswan to Abu Simbel Temples through 7 Days Egypt tours in order that you can watch this strange phenomenon.

Abu Simbel Sun Festival Event February 2025

The Architects during the reign of Ramses II the Great were able to carve the Temples of Abu Simbel in a way that has not yet been discovered and in a very strange way which makes at a certain time of the year the sunlight penetrates 200 feet into the room of the Holy of Holies on the statue of Ramses II as well as the statue of Ra the sun god, and Amun the king of the gods.

But the rays of the sun do not perpendicular on the fourth statue, which is the god Ptah, the god of darkness, and this indicates the extreme precision in geometry and astronomy at that time.

Crowds of locals mixed with Egyptians from overall Egypt meet the international guests in 10 Days Egypt tour Packages from all over the world. They wait for the sunrise in front of Abu Simbel temples in order that they carefully watch the Sun rays penetrating the temple to reach the holiest room to stabilize the sun’s rays on the statue of Ramses The Second including the other two statues.

Visitors in 13 Days Egypt tours have to walk through an impressive entrance passing by its huge statues. After that they reach the big hall bordered by two treasury rooms then the temple where the statues are. After watching this highly anticipated event, crowds go out to try the Nubian dance and enjoy the traditional music during Aswan and Luxor day tours. Do not forget to have the delicious Egyptian and Nubian popular food such as koshari and falafel and try amazing Nile Cruises Luxor and Aswan.

Who built Abu Simbel Temples?

They are two treasured rocks, cut temples. The first one was dedicated to king Ramses The Second but the second one was dedicated to his wife queen Nefertari. Abu Simbel Temples were built by the order of king Ramses The Second within 24 years. The Temples are greatly considered one of the top Egyptian landmarks and are an extraordinary evidence of the development of architecture at that time. All these historical info will be relevant in Egypt Luxury tours.

Ramses The Second was known as Ramses the great. He led many military expeditions that enabled the great king to control all the areas the previous kings lost. After his death he was buried in the Valley of the Kings and his mummy now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. What do you think about visiting Aswan attractions in a new way? By taking a unique Egypt Nile cruise around places such as Phaile Temple and Edfu, It is considered a great journey to spend a special Egypt Honeymoon Tours.

What happened to the Abu Simbel Temple?

Before the construction of the High Dam The site of the Abu Simbel temple was different and therefore the phenomenon of the sun perpendicular to the statue of Ramses II was occurring on October 21, February 21, and unfortunately because of the Abu Simbel temple being exposed to the risk of drowning because of gathering water behind the High Dam.

Abu Simbel Temples were moved by 200 meters. The UNESCO organization supported the process of saving the salvation of the Abu Simbel temple. Foreign experts also participated in the process of replacing and reconstructing the Abu Simbel temple. Therefore, the time of the sun’s passage on the statue of Ramses II differed so that it would be on February 22 and October 22 of each year.

Abu Simbel Temples are the second most famous site in Egypt after the pyramids in the Giza region that is included in Cairo day tours, and the importance of these temple came because of the great king who built these temples, King Ramses II, to be a witness to his military victories and to be a witness to the great architecture development and the development of astronomy and other sciences at that time. There are many tours to book with ETB tours from Aswan, such as taking a felucca ride to Elephantine Island.

The location of these statues at the holiest room in Abu Simbel encourages a huge number of tourists to witness one of the strangest phenomena occurring twice a year in order to commemorate the birthday of the great king as well as the day of his coronation to the throne of the country.

Be on a date to put your feet on the blessed land on which the Pharaohs achieved great achievements that history have remembered and immortalized until now, of which are the achievements of King Ramses II. And do not forget to bring your camera and cell phone with you in order to document these achievements such as the temples during Egypt easter tours, Pharaonic statues and historical tombs such as the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. Certainly, everyone will welcome you to the land of civilizations to return to your homeland and you are very happy to visit Egypt. As well you can enjoy meeting friendly people.

If you are looking for adventure destinations that are coastal and different to visit, I advise you to head to Hurghada day tours or Dahab day tours. There are many things to do, such as snorkeling in the Red Sea, camping in the mountains, and visiting Safari.


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