The Kings road in jordan

The Kings road in jordan

The Kings road in Jordan
Before you start your tour on The Kings road you must know a lot about this road that used to start on the outskirts of Cairo and then head north to Damascus and the Euphrates River if you are in Jordan the Kings road will start from Jerash passing through several Jordanian cities.

It is one of the important trade routes that the previous great countries and civilizations relied upon your tour will start from Jerash then you will pass by Amman and Madaba and other Jordanian cities and your tour will end after visiting Aqaba.

Start your tour from the beginning of the Kings road from the Jordanian city of Jerash that is a wonderful historical city and you will see beautiful tourist attractions in it. You can wander around this ancient Roman city.

Enjoy your tour in this city that called the City of Thousand Pillars which is the city of Jerash 48 kilometres away from Amman will visit green forests and orchards it is distinguished by its terrain and its moderate climate you will visit wonderful historical temples in Jerash and these temples are distinguished as they are located on very high areas.

Be on a date to visit beautifully designed Roman theaters, as well as historical palaces so your visit to this place is a visit full of fun because you will see a large number of antique buildings.

Enjoy visiting the Kaws Al Nassr Temple which was built in 130 ADS to celebrate visiting the Roman Emperor Hermadalous.

You will find that this place has a huge entrance it is divided into three entrances.

When you wander around in this place it will have an entrance in the middle about 37 meters long and 9 meters wide.

You will find this place one of the greatest archaeological sites in Jordan the square surrounded by a group of high columns in the shape of half circle.

After your visit to Jerash, you will go to Amman, which is 48 kilometres away from Jerash and it is the capital of tourism in Jordan. You will enjoy visiting a large number of parks in Amman that contains places for entertainment and fun, so you will find everything you want in these wonderful parks as well as you will find games for children, cinemas and others.

Enjoy visiting King Hussein’s Hanging Gardens, which is one of the most beautiful gardens in Jordan, which has a distinctive design, wonderful green colors, and ornamental trees. You will enjoy the most beautiful designs and colors in this place.

You can also visit the Temple of Hercules. It is a Roman temple dating back to the second century AD. You will find the walls of this temple are about 8,712 square meters and have very high columns. You will see very huge statues and he said that it is a statue of Hercules.

Madaba city.
It is 30 km south of Amman You will visit it after visiting Amman and you can visit many famous tourist attractions, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Jordan and this city has archaeological areas in which you find the greatness of civilizations and wonderful views which makes it a destination for a large number of visitors from all over the world.

Start your tour in the tourist attractions in this city such as the Dead Sea Wander around this area which is the lowest point on the surface of the earth you will also an ancient map which is the oldest mosaic map of the Holy Land.

Also you will see in this city the Church of Saint George, which is one of the oldest churches.

Also, visit Mukawar Castle which is located on a high summit and an altitude of about 750 meters above sea level.

When you stand on Mukawar Castle, you will find the Dead Sea and all the wonderful views you can also see the holy places and other places inside Palestine as it is the largest ancient castle in Jordan.

The city of Karak.
You will take about an hour and 40 minutes to reach Karak, which contains a large number of wonderful tourist attractions through which you will feel happiness and sophistication, and these places are among the best places in the world.

Enjoy watching the high mountains and mountain ranges in the city Karak.These mountains have wonderful natural shapes. You can climb mountains and enjoy the scenery from above the mountain peaks and you will take beautiful memorial photos.

You will visit Karak Castle which is a wonderful archaeological castle in which there are ancient archaeological buildings dating back to the Ottoman era, and you will notice that this site preserved in all its beautiful shape. These castles have great views, and after your visit to this place you can take a wonderful tour in some of the temples and museums in these areas in this region.

After you finish your tour Karak you will take a wonderful tour in the city of Shoubak. It is one of the most important and beautiful cities in which snow falls due to its height on a mountain block.

Start your tour in this place by visiting the Shoubak Castle, and you will find these castles at an altitude of 1330 meters east of Wadi Araba.

This castle establishes by Baldwin King of Jerusalem. You will see in this castle a historical church and archaeological reservoir of water.

You can take an enjoyable tour in the valley of the palm which is a valley carved into the rocks in which you will find a number of fresh water springs and a site of great beauty. You will see rare birds. It is one of the longest valleys in Jordan. If you are a fan of adventure you should visit this place.

The city of Petra.
after completing the visit to Karak, you will go to the city of Petra, which is a wonderful archaeological city through which you can see many wonderful ancient monuments. Enjoy visiting the beautiful places carved in the rock. These places are distinguished by their wonderful pink color.

Do not leave Petra without visiting Al Khazna which is a place carved into the mountain and consists of two floors, and you will see high columns on the façade of this wonderful place.

At the end. Take your tour in Aqaba which is an area that has an enchanting natural beauty. It is easy to reach this wonderful place. You should spend fun times in this place because Aqaba contains wonderful archaeological sites.

You can enjoy the magical waters of the Red Sea because this place contains beautiful coral reefs. you can dive under the water and watch the colored fish that are rare to see anywhere else. You will take wonderful memorial photos there and you can also enjoy and relax on the beaches in Aqaba.


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