The 14 Best Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh


lanning to visit Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt? Here are 11 things to do in Sharm El Sheikh.


1.    Activities to do in Sharm El Sheikh: 

  1. Safari Tours “Quad Bike Safari – Desert Safari – The Colored Canyon” Enjoy a day hiking through these spectacularly colored canyons from Sharm El Sheikh - Have the opportunity to go for a Sharm El Sheikh Safari in the desert by Quad Bike.
  2. Aqua Park Tours “Sure that you like water games more than the kids, enjoy unusual trip in the Aqua Park Hurghada”.
  3. Semi Submarine “Enjoy a unique underwater adventure in Semi submarine, take photos and enjoy the underwater life”.
  4. Glass Boat “Admire the most beautiful reefs of the Red Sea in a glass boat, watching the colored fishes and take selfies”.
  5. Snorkeling “Tiran Island – Ras Mohamed” Enjoy a fantastic experience of snorkeling in the crystal water of the Red Sea at one of the most amazing spots of snorkeling in Egypt.
  6. St. Catherine Monastery Tours “If you like the adventure you should climb the Sinai Mountain and visit St. Catherine Monastery in Sinai”.

2.    Places to Visit in Sharm El Sheikh: 

  1. Petra Tours “Your tour in Egypt didn’t mean that you can’t visit another country.  Visit Petra the Rose City in Jordan, passing with the Dead Sea and back again to Sharm El Sheikh”.
  2. Day Tour to Cairo by Flight
  3. 2 Days to Cairo
  4. 2 Days to Cairo and Luxor
  5. Luxor Day tour “Have short days in Egypt and want to visit more cities? Then prepare yourself to visit Luxor by flight in one day from Sharm El Sheikh. Feel the history and explore Luxor, visit the East and West Banks, then get back to Sharm El Sheikh again”.
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