10 Things to do in Aswan


Enjoy the historical nature in Aswan and the top 11 Things to do in Aswan the land of kindness.


Activities to do in Aswan

Kom Ombo and Edfu “Take a special tour to Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples, one of the most sacred places in Egypt dedicated to gods Sobek and Huros from Aswan”.

Abu Simbel Sun Festival “Visit Abu Simbel temple and look at the rays of the sun align on the king Ramses II twice per year on the day of his birthday and the day of being a King in a unique technique of the ancient Egyptian”.

Felucca Tours to Elephantine Island “Enjoy a Felucca Tour in the Nile River on your way to visit Philae Temple of goddess Isis”.

Aswan Tour by Horse Carriage “Take a tour around Aswan by a horse carriage”.

Sound and Light Show at Philae Island “Listen to the full story of Isis and Osiris, go to the temple in a felucca boat and enjoy the journey”.

Nubian Village “See the most pure smile on the faces of the Nubian people”.

High Dam, Philae and Obelisk “Launch your day tour in Aswan and visit the High Dam, Philae temple and the Unfinished Obelisk”.

Felucca Ride at the River Nile “A Felucca Boat Ride is one of the most amazing activities to do in Aswan. Enjoy the charming view of the River Nile while taking a tour in a Felucca Boat in Aswan”.

Abu Simbel by Flight “Visit Abu Simbel temple from Aswan by Flight that captures the love story of King Ramses and his wife Nefirtary”.

Abu Simbel Tour by Car “Visit Abu Simbel temple that captures the love story of King Ramses and his wife Nefirtary”.

Places to Visit in Aswan

  1. Day to Luxor “Have short days in Egypt and want to visit more cities? Then prepare yourself to visit Luxor in one day from Marsa Alam. Feel the history and explore Luxor, visit the East and West Banks, then get back to Marsa Alam again”.
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