Tour to Dendara and Abydos Temples from Luxor


Visit two of the most complete temples in Egypt temple of Dendara of goddess Hathor and Abydos temple in your Luxor Tours with ETB Tours.


  1. Pick up from your hotel. 
  2. English speaking guide.
  3. Luxor day tours (Dendara & Abydos temples)
  4. Entrance fees to the above mentioned sites 
  5. One Bottle of Mineral Water to each person
  6. All taxes and services charges.

    Prices are quoted per person in American Dollars.


  1. Any optional tours 
  2. Tip.

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ETB Tours Egypt guest, have an enchanting morning on the land of Thebes (Luxor), enjoy having your delicious breakfast at your hotel, prepare yourself for such a fantastic Luxor day tour, ETB Tours Egypt expert tour guide will meet you at the hotel lounge to start a superb Luxor day tour to Dendara and Abydos temples, launching your visits with Dendara The Temple of Dendara is one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt. It was known as the “Castle of the Sistrum” or “Pr Hathor”— House of Hathor. Hathor was the goddess of love, joy, and beauty. In ancient times, Dendara was associated with healing. Patients who traveled there for cures were housed in special buildings where they could rest, sleep, and commune with the gods in their dreams. There is something else special about this temple, as well: It bears the name of Cleopatra and her son, whose father was Julius Caesar, stirring to view Abydos where you will see Seti I temple, Seti I was probably one of the least well known pharaohs of the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt. However, his temple in Abydos is among the most famous, cited by many as the most impressive religious structure still standing in Egypt. Seti’s place in history was overshadowed by that of his son, Ramesess II, you will have your lunch meal in one of our regional restaurants in Luxor, and now ETB Tours Egypt will transfer you back to your hotel in Luxor after finishing your tour to Dendara and Abydos temples from Luxor.

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